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Author Topic: Choose-Your-Own-Mafia - GAME OVER - TOWN VICTORY!  (Read 62926 times)


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Re: Choose-Your-Own-Mafia - GAME OVER - TOWN VICTORY!
« Reply #1260 on: April 18, 2014, 10:47:23 am »

I see, but since he couldn't buy into convert he'd have the same problem of being murdered by PoE after a few days.  I think converting mastahcheese and gambling on the 75% bus chance was still the best shot we had.
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Re: Choose-Your-Own-Mafia - GAME OVER - TOWN VICTORY!
« Reply #1261 on: May 06, 2014, 07:42:34 am »

Here's the complete action list. Sorry about the long delay. I've included the PM descriptions where I still have a copy of them.

D1 Actions

Jack AT flavour inspects Tack
Mastahcheese: scan tack, scan objective
P-Luke is lynched
Spoiler: descriptions (click to show/hide)

N1 Actions

Tiruin - protects MOWE, inflates resurrection
mastahcheese - does nothing
4maskwolf - does nothing
Jim Groovester - successfully santa'd Leafsnail and Jack
Tack - is RECYCLED gets seven points
NativeForeigner - successfully uses Fortune Teller
Objective - Got Changeling'd
MyOwnWorstEnemy - Investigates Leafsnail: the scummiest scum that ever scummed
Deathsword - Successfully Converts Leafsnail
Tawarochir - Successfuly Santa's Leafsnail
Jack A T - Recieved Infallible Alignment Cop
Leafsnail - Succesfully recycled Tack, recieves Protect and is Converted
TheDarkStar - Sucessfully Changeling'd

Spoiler: Descriptions (click to show/hide)

D2 Actions

Leafsnail saps Tack
Mastahcheese scans 4mask and TheDarkStar, Saps Leafsnail
Jack A T Flavour Inspects TheDarkStar
Persus is lynched

Spoiler: descriptions (click to show/hide)

N2 Actions

Jim is dead AND recycled
Cheese is converted, recycles Native and Jim
NativeForeigner is recycled
Objective does nothing (he had an opportunity to use Changeling here but he didn't)
Leafsnail sells almost everything and converts Cheese
Tiruin inflates convert and targets W
Sheep: Sell Santa, Innocent, Bloodthirsty, buy Bus. Bus Leafsnail and NativeForeigner
Wolf just inflates convert x2
Tack buys bloodthirsty
Toaster attempts to bus Native but inspects Leafsnail instead
Jack inspects dead Jim and Native (having been redirected)- both innocent
Darkstar kills Jim

Spoiler: descriptions (click to show/hide)

D3 Actions

Jack A T Flavour Inspects Leaf Snail
Mastahcheese Saps Native Foreigner for 8xp
Leafsnail commits Seppuku

Spoiler: descriptions (click to show/hide)

N3 Actions

Tack - buys immovable
Objective - Changeling on Wolf -> sapped so can't act
Darkstar - buys bloodthirsty, saps Objective -> succeeds
Toaster - buys unstoppable, inspects Sheep -> heh heh heh, inspects himself
Tiruin - Protect Mastahcheese & Toaster -> protects sheep and Cheese
Wolf - block of cheese -> succeeds
NativeForeigner - buys bloodthirsty ok
Sheep - bus toaster and objective -> fails, he buses Sheep and Toaster
Cheese - convert Tiruin, recycle Wolf -> blocked
Jack - cop Tack and Sheep-> Tack and Toaster are town.

Spoiler: Descriptions (click to show/hide)

D4 actions

Jack A T Flavour Inspects Sheep and MastahCheese
MastahCheese is lynched

N4 actions

Objective: does nothing
Sheep: randomise Jack A T and and Toaster -> magnetically hits sheep and randomises his own randomise to 4mask wolf
Native: No Action -> ok
DarkStar: Kill the sheep -> ok
Jack: cop 4mask and sheep -> inspects mask and sheep
Wolf: does nothing - > ok
Toaster: inspect sheep -> sheep is scum
Tiruin: inflate explosion -> ok
Tack: Sap cheese -> he has nothing

Spoiler: Descriptions (click to show/hide)

D5 actions

Lynch Objective

Let me know if you know I've missed anything.


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Re: Choose-Your-Own-Mafia - GAME OVER - TOWN VICTORY!
« Reply #1262 on: July 18, 2014, 06:34:20 am »

For those interested, CYOM2: Choose-Your-Own-Masquerade is now in sign-ups.
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