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Author Topic: Incursion (open source) play & development  (Read 27136 times)


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Re: Incursion (open source) play & development
« Reply #345 on: January 02, 2017, 07:05:10 pm »

That... sounds about right? Iirc the first dev was in the process of rejiggering things on that front when life/lack of interest/other projects sideswiped Inc itself.

That said, at least some of the code I saw (during development, back before the source went out) didn't look that bad, at least from a content creation if not mechanics implementation standpoint. Probably could mostly figure out how to put in a new god, ferex, and I'm pretty bloody terrible at coding.

And yeah, it is a shame th'dev went on to other things. As enjoyable as Inc is, it was only ever intended to be a tech demo/testing build, ehehe. Never even really got to the good part, heh.
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