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Author Topic: Game Crashed or Save Corrupted  (Read 895 times)


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Game Crashed or Save Corrupted
« on: June 25, 2014, 02:19:16 pm »

This game is very good, even with it ASCII graphics, but the constant/random save corruption or crashes (im playing 4.07.0 release) makes me a very sad liberal.

Thats what i did in my last game:
1. Started as max. intelligence founder with skills in computer
2. Naked it, bought a spraycan and went to the garment maker to liberate sweatshop workers, also juicing them to 50+
3. Made all of them do Credit Card Fraud (if my founder have 3+ Computer and some members have less than 2, i teach with him)
4. Move to expensive apart. and make more credit card fraud till i have a decent money
5. Make expensive suit to powerlevel it while the rest uses credit fraud, while moving bases each 15 days
6. Make 6 first-class Heavy Body Armour and buy weapons (because C+ Gun Control, bought M4 and AA Guns ASAP)
7. Group hack till every member have +200 juice
8. Recruit noobs in Cyber Cafe (maximum 6, the rest if any will be sleepers)
9. Make the newbs do credit fraud while my founder (which high teaching skill in this moment) teachs tailor and computer to all.
10. At this point, i should have both safehouses maxed (with aa gun if +C gun) and moving each 15 days, everyone squadless credit card fraud while my founder goes alone in heavy armour to factory, to train dodge.
11. At max dodge, start training first aid at university
12. When having a decent first aid (more or less 6), teach "How to matrix-dodge for dummies" and first aid to all.
13. At this point the only thing that raided me was the ccs, i was just going to find a conservative to interrogation-train it in psychology, but well, captured a ccs member.
14. In the last point, i made my 5 elite to credit fraud, the other 6 to hack (for juice) and my founder to attend the hostage.

Crimesquad.exe have found a error and had to close conservatively
Seriously, that happening too frecuent now :/. Im going to restart it, but if any of you can fix/teach me how to fix those saves it would be awesome :D

Looks like i cant attach files here, so i will leave my save in mega.!qxQ0BITS!K38nGkB-EP8CtebcMZ1vdUM01b1ShpmsIvymlhYNObI


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Re: Game Crashed or Save Corrupted
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2014, 12:38:42 pm »

Try this:
Or maybe the svn code
It's not fully finished but there are many bug fixes.
I am confused are you saying you changed the kidnapping so it is less... Saw?
Did Saw consist of you beating them then yelling Ronald Reagan in their face?

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Re: Game Crashed or Save Corrupted
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2014, 02:07:58 pm »

Don't play 4.07.0, play 4.07.4 beta. 4.07.0 is very buggy. The game is much more stable in more recent versions. In fact I would call 4.07.0 a beta and 4.07.4 stable, that is a more accurate description. - version 4.07.4 beta

Also there are newer SVN revisions, you could try them out too. Go here: for the latest code, then hit the Download Snapshot button. Then go into the "trunk" folder (that's where everything is) and read the README file, it'll tell you what to do next, although I'll also post the same info here:

Code: [Select]
Files to include in Windows distributions of Liberal Crime Squad
 * The LCS executable: on Windows this is "crimesquad.exe" in either
   "workspaces\Debug" for a debug build or "workspaces\Release" for a release
   build.  Of course you should compile a new executable from the latest code.
 * The curses library: on Windows this is "pdcurses.dll" in the "workspaces" directory.
 * The "art" directory and all the files in it.
 * The "init.txt" configuration file.
 * The "CrimeSquadManual.txt" documentation file from the "docs" directory.

I'd recommend the crimesquad.exe file from the workspaces\Release directory, it's smaller and runs faster. Unless of course you want to use the program with a debugger, in which case the Debug build is for that purpose.

Anyway that's just if you want the latest build. Version 4.07.4 beta doesn't have any massive glaring bugs, it works pretty well, there are of course some minor bugs that have been fixed since then, as well as some enhancements, but if there were any huge, major bugs in that version that had been fixed since then I'd ask Jonathan S. Fox to please put out a new version... but that's not really necessary right now, 4.07.4 beta isn't that different from the current game... a lot of changes since then have been code cleanup just to make the game's source code look nicer that don't affect gameplay, just make it easier for programmers to deal with the code. Mostly since then, besides the code cleanup and small number of minor bug fixes, are improvements in the text-mode graphics, better handling of keyboard input (emptying the keyboard buffer before checking for a new key to be pressed), and various assorted fun stuff and increased variety in a couple things that lacked variety before (stuff like people's names, city names, the text in newspaper stories, etc.). Oh and there's been some stuff related to the Stalinist Comrade Squad but that option isn't shown on startup yet because that game mode isn't fully implemented yet. If people played the game with that mode enabled they would just be disappointed since the SCS would never show up or do anything and all it would seem to do is show how there are zero Stalinist members of Congress on the relevant status screens. I won't enable the option for that mode until there is something more worthwhile to show for it, if I showed that option now it would just get people's hopes up when they start the game and then they'd be disappointed when the Stalinist Comrade Squad never appears.

Umm and as for fixing the saves... just make backup copies of your savegames regularly and if your savegame is corrupted you can restore a backup copy from earlier in the game. Making backups of stuff is generally a good idea with anything involving computers. It's also handy in case you screw up something in the game and want to reload a save you made before you messed up and got your founder killed or whatever. Just remember savegames from different versions of LCS are usually incompatible. So your savegame from the 4.07.0 release would only work with that version. So if you update to version 4.07.4 beta, or to the latest SVN revision, you will need to start a new game. I generally keep 3 backups: 1) a backup from the beginning of the game on the very first day 2) a fairly recent backup from a recent day in the game at a time when things were going well 3) an up-to-date backup of the current savegame. That system seems to work. I use that system to experiment with different game scenarios for debugging purposes. If a scenario involves deliberately getting my founder killed during a car chase and seeing how the text displayed on the screen looks and whether there is any graphical corruption, well then I will need to retry that scenario multiple times with different executables until I can get the graphical corruption thing fixed, and that means using backup savegames for my debugging.

Then again, for an end user who isn't a programmer and isn't debugging, backing up savegames is more something you'd do to keep from losing the game, than to find bugs so you can fix them. That was the original reason I first backed up savegames, before I started working on this game as a programmer and not just a player/fan of the game.
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