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Author Topic: Supernatural 7 - Game over - Town Win!  (Read 171231 times)


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Re: Supernatural 7 - Game over - Town Win!
« Reply #1185 on: July 28, 2014, 07:27:44 pm »

Although, Jim, your day 1 reads list had two people you thought were scum, and while one was accurate, you voted for the other, me! :P

And yeah, Townsperson was unexpected. I guess Meph expected Persus to snag you instead of Toaster.
I was actually thinking of converting Tiruin, because of NQT's jokingly mentioning the scumteam was both of us.

The things I take away from this game is that, wow, I had an accurate read on a scum player on Day 1, finally, and that Imperial Guardsman is a genius.
YOu mainly thought I was scum because I was attacking Imperial for having a BS claim, which it was.

It also proves my point about how easy it is to fakeclaim. Same with my Fortune Teller claim, which you all basically believed until Hapah's lynch.
Congratulations Persus, now you are forced to have the same personal text for an entire year!
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