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Author Topic: Cerolidok - A completed video LP which was ended because of outside circumstance  (Read 1015 times)

Akhier the Dragon hearted

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   Using Starter pack 40_13 r4 & r5 I play a small world fort in a glacier where enemies are sparse but that doesn't stop the deaths. I will admit that the series ends because the game crashed losing progress which combined with a steadily dropping FPS caused an extreme reaction of meh on my part. Anyway the full playlist is here which is behind a link because it lets me keep better track of where people are going to it from (I find YouTube's analytics can be somewhat meh) . If your worried about that you can of course do a number of things but just to help in any future situations if you find a shortened link you don't trust I find quite useful to see what your actually going to be linked to.

  Anyway I would much appreciate any comments on the videos, both on content and quality. If you notice anything either commenting here or in the videos comments would be quite helpful to me for improving future videos.
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