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Author Topic: Dubya's Savage Monsters (with 16x16 graphics) [47.04]  (Read 1428 times)


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Dubya's Savage Monsters (with 16x16 graphics) [47.04]
« on: July 03, 2020, 05:49:02 pm »

Just drag and drop into your Dwarf Fortress folder.

graphics are 16x16, so they probably won't work with 20x20 or 24x24 tilesets without some gross upscaled interpolations

I wanted to make a few enemies that are a lot harder than what you normally find in Dwarf Fortress. The mod also includes a new material - alchemical silver - smelted from silver, bismuth, and platinum. It's 25% heavier than normal silver, has a bit higher shear yields than steel, and some of my monsters are specifically vulnerable to it. I know the material properties don't make sense considering what it consists of, but I wanted it to be relatively vanilla. It can be used for weapons/ammo, but not armor.

All monsters only spawn in savage biomes except the megabeast/semi megabest. I realize they aren't super original and that they've probably been made many times already in this forum, but I wanted to make my own versions of these creatures.

Monsters include:

Wendigo - a large cervid-like evil spirit. It can cause a dwarf within its line of sight to go berserk and murder fellow dwarves. It has naturally high combat skills and claws capable of cutting through steel armor. It's roughly 11 times the size of a dwarf and will need at least steel weapons to damage it. If this guy roams into your map before you have a very strong militia set up, you should just lift the gates and wait for it to go away. It only stalks temperate forests, tundra and taiga.

Muckman - ubiquitous in caves, rivers, pools, wetlands and savage oceans. They're relatively weak and are the same size as dwarves, but they have sharp claws capable of cutting through iron. They also have minor natural combat skills. You will likely run into many of these on embark, so it is wise to start with weapons and combat ready dwarves.

Vengeful Mountain - a giant stone golem with dust attacks, as well as the ranged capability of throwing sharp chunks of spinning chert at enemies. A very aggressive creature capable of great damage. Its body is soft enough that most metals will be able to damage it, but you will likely suffer casualties when engaging this beast.

Hag - extremely dangerous magic user. It casts slowing spells, spells that render enemies unconscious from pain, and spells that greatly reduce skills for a period of time. This creature can also conjure fireballs at enemies from a distance, and if your dwarves are doubled over in pain, they will be defenseless to such magic. The spells only have a limited number of targets though, so if you swarm this creature with militia dwarves, you may have little to no casualties. It haunts swamps and forests.

Wurm - by far the largest of any creature. When these beasts grow ancient, they can be up to 100 million cubic units. Their scales are harder and lighter than steel and can be made into armor. They can pretty much only be killed by legendary dwarves wielding adamantine pikes. They are relatively benign and have a very short sight distance, so it is advisable to keep your dwarves away when one is on your map. They are trainable if you somehow manage to capture one. Only present in deserts.

Barghest - a fire breathing dog. It is best to engage these enemies from a distance, or with dwarves who are highly skilled with their shield. The leather made from its skin is much more valuable, a little bit heavier, and much tougher than normal leather. It is trainable. Only present in deserts.

Azi-Dahaka - a snake headed demigod roaming the earth. Legendary in all combat capabilities. Its scale is tougher than steel and has regenerative capabilities. When you see this creature, you should lock up your fortress and hide, unless you have 15+ legendary dwarves with adamantine suits. You will not be fighting just the Azi-Dahaka, but also his herd of Nightmares.

Chupacabra - like the barghest, a relatively unremarkable dog variant. Also like the barghest, its skin can be made into tough leather. This creature has a proboscis that injects necrotizing digestive enzymes into its prey. You can find it in grasslands, shrublands, savannas, and deserts.

Nightmare - a large horse with fangs to tear into meat with. It constantly emits a demoralizing smoke around it when in combat. Its hooves are very capable of staving in dwarf heads through steel armor. It has tough leather that is much more valuable than even barghest leather. It is trainable. You can find it in grasslands, shrublands, savannas, and deserts.

Manticore - a massive flying lion with a toxic stinger on the end of a giant tail. Its powerful wings can create great gusts of wind that knock back dwarves several tiles. This makes the creature extremely difficult to surround, and given its fast gait, it will have ample opportunity to have 1 on 1's with its enemies. This creature's leather is even tougher than steel, except when facing force transferral. This creature's monstrous leather is even more valuable than the Nightmare's. While it does not have dense populations, it is very wide spread, settling in most land biomes. It is not a megabeast or semi megabeast, though it is just as strong as most. It is trainable.

Deathcap Man - a friendly creature that roams both the caverns and the surface. It has a very strong cap on its head, roughly as hard as steel when shear strength is concerned. It settles in mountains and forests on the surface. It is much stronger than a typical dwarf, but it is extremely slow. Eating its flesh destroys the kidneys and liver.

Umber Hulk - a massive beetle-like humanoid that resides in the lower levels of caves. Its carapace is much stronger and lighter than steel, and can be made into armor. Its gaze can drive a creature insane, and if a dwarf is punctured by its proboscis, that dwarf will almost certainly succumb to madness. It is a very capable combatant and should not be taken lightly.


Replace the [USE_ANY_PET_RACE] token in your entity raws with [USE_NON_EXOTIC_PET_RACE], unless you want your tree huggers to have thousands of manticores, barghests, chupacabras, nightmares and wurms in their settlements. They will be unstoppable and ubiquitous in worldgen if you do not do this!

Also, paste this    [PERMITTED_REACTION:ALCHEMICAL_SILVER_CREATION_DUB] into your entity files to allow civs to make alchemical silver.

These creatures likely won't change the way you play the game, but they're a decent addition. I will likely expand the roster in the future.

I also highly recommend sver's combat mod, as you will even find some of his edits to body detail plans and tissues in this mod (thanks btw). All of the balancing was done using that mod as well, so some things might be much stronger or much weaker with vanilla DF. For instance, vanilla DF has steel that is a bit weaker, but the weapons themselves are way stronger.

Thanks to everyone on these forums that has asked a question and a special thanks to everyone on these forums that has answered one.
Big thanks to toady for the game, and peridexis errant for the LNP, as well as any developers of the tools in LNP.
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