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Author Topic: Spellcrafts Mod - Basic Magic in Dwarf Fortress  (Read 28997 times)

Eric Blank

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Re: Spellcrafts Mod - Basic Magic in Dwarf Fortress
« Reply #210 on: April 30, 2018, 01:06:31 am »

There shouldnt be anything preventing them from learning either from slabs or consumables, no. Occasionally stuff like that happens if you try to do something before moving, like right after exiting fast travel or waiting.

So i got a tip from ZM5 regarding that cheese bug, so the game should no longer complain about animals that it thinks have cheese associated with them yet obviously dont. To celebrate, there will be critters literally made of cheese with wax for skin. So that will be tasty.

Unfortunwtely milk bulbs can only produce creme liquor now, not cheese or milk. I still wanted to incorporate then into a series of alchemical formulas though, so they wont be completely useless. It just might take a while.
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