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Author Topic: Arel Sog (Can it be salvaged?)  (Read 2105 times)


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Arel Sog (Can it be salvaged?)
« on: July 27, 2014, 11:26:42 pm »

I - In the Beginning...

Fortress History Part 1: The Waters of Conquerors
The original seven of the first expedition seemed very eager to set up new life. The vast valley seemed promising enough, with tiger iron available for industry early, and a waterfall revealing several minerals available to the brave dwarves.
Without wasting much time, these seven (and the first wave of immigrants) were able to be content with their workloads. By their isolation and carefully placed traps and sentries, the fortress was able to be safe for a long period of time with a rag-tag military.
However, like most good countries, the immigrants came and ruined everything.
The workload seemed to be too much for the starting fort. The only vital positions were mining and masonry, with all of the picks being on duty and all of the masonry being used in construction. A military was shortly formed as a means of population control, but when the soldiers were inactive, the strange desires started to settle in. After all, how was a fort supposed to pull leather out of sand?
While many of these were fulfilled, fortress progression shut down so as to establish, leading to the moat around the mountain to fill without a bridge being constructed.
For a brief period, all was good in Arel Sog, until the Elves did what they do best (dying) and ruined everything.
An elvish caravan had wondered into the moat, resulting in the drowning of one of the wagons. The goods, still not quite drenched in 7/7 water yet, had inspired Cerol Cerolétol to rush into the waters for wealth.

Cerol's body was discovered by a miner, designated to discover her missing corpse via careful digging. However, once the miner had decided to try to recover the body, a wave of dedicated haulers, mostly made of recent immigrants, rushed into the narrow cavern to try to plunder the goodies. Our brave miner, unable to move through the crowds, was trampled under the water as several other dwarves rushed in to partake in the drowning. The event was catastrophic, with many casualties dropping their own bodies into the river for wealth, letting their greed literally lead to their demise. Mothers dropped babies in the chilling death, even. Many dwarves lost loved ones into the dreaded moat designed to protect the fortress. Worst, however, was the dropping of several pick axes into the river. With the local caravans proving how well they fare against stretches of water, production of bridges in a halt, and an aquifier in the main base, all further progress seemed naught.

This, along with the high possibility of an elvish seige during a high frequency of goblin raids at the time, prompted the withdrawal from Arel Sog before the already miserable dwarves were to tantrum.

...So says the gods as they whisper amongst each other.

Fortress History Part 2: Reunion of The Pregnancy
The second expedition, dubbed 'The Pregnancy' was greeted with the depressing image of a barren wasteland, littered about with dwarven clothing, toad remains, and several corpses (both animal and dwarven). The goblins, albeit "Friendly", were to be watched carefully.
It was easy to guess what had happened to the remnants of the previous group who never returned to the Mountainhome. A bed was placed in the field. Clothing was scattered about, including all sorts of dresses and shoes. The lost dwarves tried their hardest to survive alone, without guidance of the Overseer who had forsaken them. The dogs were killed along the edges of the wilderness. Perhaps they died scavenging, having spent most of their lives in a cave? Perhaps the "Friendly" goblins nearby unclothed and violated the female dwarves before snuffing out the last few lives of the former Arel Sog members.

Before abandonment, Arel Sog was equipped with a tomb for the dead dwarves, rarely used until this point. The bodies were rounded up and placed, with the stone industry turning quickly to creating slabs.
Cerol's body was found, and carefully extracted from the moat before being placed in the back of the tomb, isolated from the rest of the bodies.

All non-vital fortress activities were to be halted until the slab construction operation was set up. Ghosts had already started to appear, quickly sent to the afterlife by the memorial slabs being placed outside of a doorway to a room where their bodies were haphazardly thrown.
One ghost, however, seemed to behave differently from the rest.
The ghost of a child, scheduled to be last engraved didn't bother to haunt the dwarves. The child followed the Masons around, watching them engrave the other slabs, standing patiently outside as he watched slab after slab be processed.
His was the most satisfying slabs to place, sending the child to be sent to the afterlife. The Pregnancy had officially brought a child to (the after) life.
I'd like to think that he wasn't one of the children who was brutally thrown into the river during the Cerol incident.

Fortress History Part 3: Dam Busters
Operations quickly shifted towards the above-ground, in order to establish more passive defenses while the militia trained (only involving them being placed in danger when needed). Construction of the flood chamber was a high priority, especially with the existence of a were-zebra being discovered as one of the "Friendly" goblins. Constructing the drowning chamber during a siege would allow for the capturing of several goblins and stall until the Werezebra revealed, either slaughtering the entire platoon and letting the soldiers harness its weakened state to turn, or allow for the immediate drowning of all non-zebra goblins. If left unchecked, however, this easily could have been a time bomb for the fortress, for the goblins were not wondering into the cage traps placed in the wilderness.

With a high demand for masonry, Arel Sog also incorporated pumps for the usage of draining the aquifiers. Fortress progression had to rely on this vital defense being set up, involving all architects, masons, carpenters, and mechanics and pump operators to be on near-constant duty. This meant that the oh-so vital Adequate Miller, Novice Fishery Dissector, and whatever other non-essential migrants that were forced to be cannon fodder were practically useless, as the cluttered construction site led to many dwarves standing on planned construction areas, suspending construction indefinitely.
The final straw before the tantrum spiral was the drowning of a novice fisher/fishery cleaner/fish dissector.

A New Day: The Cinders

When 'Stupid' Likotalis snapped, he caused a tantrum spiral that killed about 100 dwarves, reducing the population greatly. Stupid was convicted early in the spiral, and had the pleasure of watching his madness erupt into the slaughtering of many children, sabotage of the bridges that crossed the moats, and destruction of the farms by a now deceased dwarf who shall have a flooded tomb.
After the fortress regained its sanity, The remnants of the fortress formed a new military. 'Curious' Nomavuz, both of whose children were among the casualties, arrived first of the army to bash Stupid's left leg off (with a hammer, I might add) to let the dwarf suffer before mutilating his corpse.

"She has a great sense of empathy, a way with words and a sum of patience, but she has a meager ability with social relationships and a large deficit of willpower." The angry mother bear is always dangerous.

The tantrum spiral has ended.
Curious sleeps well after this. The rebuilding can begin.

II - Can We Salvage This Mess?

A slow fortress: Nowhere Fast
Apparently the picks were lost during the tantrum spiral, probably by the same terrorists that destroyed the farm plots.
Sarvesh Erushestun, Militia Captain, is a vegetable now, standing beside a drain, not bothering to dig, eat, drink, or do anything besides "attend meeting" that has not been resolved(?)

He does not even move when a friendly goblin is in front of him.

He decided to move, but not before nearly starving to death and surviving by eating rats. Turns out the militia captain was afraid of trekking 1/7 water. He has been demoted. The fortress now faces a shortage of militia forces thanks to only having 16 working dwarves.
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Re: Arel Sog (Can it be salvaged?)
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2014, 01:59:31 am »

Good story.
And there are no such things as "friendly goblins", only dwarf wannabes...
...the greatest gift that you can give them is an axe in the face.
Jarloth Steellungs is my current dwarf wrestler, who enjoys breaking everyone's knees and elbows and then working his way down from fingers to toes to ankles to wrists to arms to legs to gouging the eyes. And if he has a knife (though he prefers sharp rocks) he'll remove their ears, nose and tongue but only after kicking their teeth out.


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Re: Arel Sog (Can it be salvaged?)
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2014, 03:33:56 am »

Well... I've seen Fortresses in worse situations recover. Headshoots comes to mind. They suffered a spiral so bad that they had to wall off the fortress to try and save about 16 or so dwarfs who were still relatively sane and wait for all the insane dwarfs to die before rebuilding.
Cause every silver lining has a cloud, and it won't be alright on the night; There's nothing at the end of the rainbow and there's a tunnel at the end of the light!


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Re: Arel Sog (Can it be salvaged?)
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2014, 11:06:00 pm »

Wow, people are actually somewhat interested? I suppose I should update more regularly.

The Cast:
Before I begin, I'd like to introduce our surviving members (with pairing numbers referring to married couples) listed as they appear at the end of the next update (to be posted tomorrow). Worth noting is that I will not add accents to these listings.
Posted in spoilers because the descriptions are based on future information.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)