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Let’s run this into the ground!

Hell yes.

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Author Topic: Murderflood: OPERATION PIMPSTACK (Ardentdikes III)  (Read 29008 times)


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Murderflood: OPERATION PIMPSTACK (Ardentdikes III)
« on: September 14, 2014, 03:37:02 pm »


Spoiler: The location (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Welcome to....... (click to show/hide)


We have discovered magma and adamantine. Let the excavation of the great pimpstack come underway! - CaptainArchmage

Murderflood, where aquatic life gives birth to pre-cooked meals. - Taupe

Love the door and throne, but the table is a piece of schist. - CaptainArchmage

Spoiler: Backstory (click to show/hide)

DF Version: 0.40.12 0.40.13
Tileset: ASCII

Moltenchannels has fallen! It is time for Ardentdikes III, the next entry in the series. Welcome to:
Murderflood the Fiery Enchanted Hell-Dike of Terror

Ardentdykes Principles
1. Must have a device to flood the fort with magma.
2. Ludicrously dangerous deathtraps that kill everyone are AWESOME
3. Construction should be aboveground when possible. That’s why it’s a 5x5.
4. We need dykes. Build moar dykes!

General rules:
1. Each player has one in-game year to run the fortress.
2. Each player has two weeks of real time to finish their turn. This timeframe may be changed if deemed necessary. Take as much time as necessary to complete the turn, but give regular updates, lest we throw you into the bees pit while you sleep.
3. Once the previous' players turn ends, you have 72 hours to begin your turn before we throw you into the bees pit AND then into the eternally-burning-zombie-forgotten-beast-ridden cavern. You won't get free sandwiches there.
4. If you changed the tileset in your save by replacing the raws, specify it when posting the save.
5. Try not to kill the fortress.

Dorfing rules:
1. When a dorfed dwarf (named after a player) dies, redorf them with an incremental roman number. I.e. Urist McAwesome -> Urist McAwesome II.
2. You can freely play with undorfed dwarves' professions, but try to respect changes from previous overseers and to make the names relevant to the dwarf's role/history in the fort.
3. You can dorf yourself during your turn if you aren't dorfed already.
4. You can arbitrarily name undorfed dwarves, up to 5 (besides yourself), unless there's only 10 or less unnamed dwarves available.

Player List:
1. CaptainArchmage
2. Ghills
3. Triaxx
4. Taupe
5. notquitethere
6. UristMcKiwi
7. MDFication
8. darkrider2
9. tonnot98
10. Deus Asmoth
? bp920091
? Psuedonym
?. KJC3
?. InsanityIncarnate

Dwarf List

CaptainArchmage as Captain Erzmagier
Triaxx as Triaxx2
Urist McDuck
notquitethere as Gnott QT
UristMcKiwi as Urist McKiwi VI
Taupe as The Fifth Princess, assigned to masonry and really needs skills other than fishing. Yes, she is actually the fifth princess of The Decisive Net, not making this up. [To be dwarfed, architecture, stone working, or crafting. Like to have an aesthetic sense.]
Deus Asmoth as the 8th Son of the Baroness of Moongild, wants to learn a moodable skill [To be dwarfed, any moodable skill]

bluescreen1988 [To be dwarfed, military]
tonnot 98 as Stinthad Ezumled [To be dwarfed, bonecrafter if possible]
MDFification [To be dwarfed, engineer if possible]
bigjaredmonkey [To be dwarfed as ANYTHING]
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Re: Murderflood (Ardentdikes III): Strike the Earth!
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2014, 03:37:28 pm »

-Post Reserved-

You can go ahead and post now.

Journel of Captain Erzmagier, 1st Obsidian, year 99

I normally don’t keep a journal, but today, Deler Towerquested, Queen of our nation The Decisive Net, signed the Sunken Axis Pact with the dwarven nations of The Curled Ropes and The Submerged Arrow, and as I was settling down to my +cat meat roast+ second lunch in the Great Hall of Swampoil Academy, one of the Royal Guard came to see me about a “job offer”. Our nation is sending an expedition to the equator, and I’m supposed to be the one leading it for the first year.

The site we’re going to is to the east of a human hamlet named “Spoonedshark”, at the boundary between The Uncommon Desert and The Ordered Hill, and there’s even a waterfall present! As a mechanic and doctor, my skills will be put to good use. Even better, scouts report the location is “calm”! Without significant threats from wildlife - or indeed, from the necromancers resident near The Curled Ropes, we shouldn’t have that hard of a time.

14th Obsidian, 99

All arrangements are in place. We shall be departing on the 1st of the new year. I’ve submitted the request for equipment and animals, and met the rest of the crew. I’m sure we can get this along just OK!

Le me, skilled in Mechanics, Leadership, and being a Doctor.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Le Urist McKiwi VI, who will probably be the head of our military, and is also a proficient carpenter. Curious that he seems to be the sixth in a long line of Urist McKiwis though.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Le Gnott QT, our stonemason, architect, trader, and the one who handles some high-level administrative paperwork.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Le bp920091, one of our miners, who also has some engraving skill.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Le Triaxx2, another one of our miners, also has engraving skill.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Le Ghills, a clothier, brewer, and cook:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Le Urist McDuck, who insisted I bring plenty of fowl along to the fortress. She is our farmer and weaver.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

1st Granite, 100

Amid the new year’s festivities, we’re finally leaving Swampoils! Our expedition is named The Divine Axe, and the outpost we are going to establish is named Murderflood the Fiery Enchanted Hell-Dike of Terror! Goodbye civilisation! See you in a few years!

The page is slightly stained with vomit.

The Sun! It burns!

15th Granite, 100

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

After a two-week trek, we’ve arrived! Upon this sand and soil, we shall raise Murderflood the Fiery Enchanted Hell-Dike of Terror! The sun burns down upon the landscape, and I can almost make out the hamlet of Spoonedshark in the distance! The waterfall, well, falls constantly, and in the gorge it has carved, I can make out deposits of magnetite! This is the perfect place for us to build - and excavate - a new fortress!

Wait. What? Murderflood the What What What-Dike of What? Really?


I’ve assigned Gnott QT duties as broker, Urist McKiwi VI as militia commander, and I’m going to be the chief medical dwarf around here. Someone’s got to keep everyone healthy right?

We’re going to be building above ground, but we will also need to dig down for stone. Having experienced serious solar adaptation sickness that comes of living in a sheltered environment underground where one doesn’t even need to wash their spoons, we need to ensure everyone stays adjusted to sunlight. We’ll probably also need to start washing our spoons too if we have any, though I always ate my food wrapped in bacon and ate the bacon afterwards. As there’s an aquifer beneath this grassland, I’m building a bridge to the desert area, just in case. A preliminary food stockpile has been designated, and I’ve set out a pasture for the horses. Let’s strike the earth!

1st Slate, 100

Most of the above-ground fortress as of 1st Slate.

It has now been a month since we left the Mountainhomes, and the fortress is starting to take shape. Remember when I said some of us didn’t know how to wash a spoon? That kicked in along with designer’s block. There isn’t much aquifer-free desert space on the side of the river we started out on, so I had Gnott QT design a bridge across the river using the cedar logs we brought from the Mountainhome. Trouble is, Gnott QT doesn’t do carpentry, and Urist McKiwi VI was busy cutting down trees.

Of course, Urist McKiwi VI goes for the Saguaro cactus and insists on cutting it down facing the river, which means most of the wood is going to fall down into the stream. I call him off and have him build two wooden staircases instead, which I of course have to fit to my designs for a great hall under the burning sun.

I’m thinking of calling the hall The Lone Cactus as the cactus is right next to it.

By the time he finishes the staircases, Gnott QT has finished her designs of the bridge over the gorge, but McKiwi decides to hang around the wagon for a few hours until nightfall before noticing the job orders. Meanwhile, bp920091 and Triaxx2 dig out the farm, beneath the great hall and just above the stone. This is probably the most coordinated part of the development.

Meanwhile, everyone else has brought the food out of the wagon, and we put up some workshops for masonry, carpentry, farming, and of course a loom. The farming workshop never gets built because nobody is assigned to a relevant farming labour. I then realise I may have underestimated our booze requirements, which means we’ll have to make some barrels and brew some of our plump helmets and raspberries. Finally, McKiwi VI goes off to build the bridge, and Urist McDuck gets to work weaving the cave spider silk thread we have into cloth.

These are the semi-complete farms as of 1st Slate.

Days pass, and as excavation on the farming area is completed, I have the miners dig the small staircase right down to the level above the river. They hit some bituminous coal and microcline. Meanwhile, Urist McDuck isn’t finishing the farms because she’s busy running the looms. I decide to have another staircase dug on the other side of the river, and have the remaining cedar logs used for the initial downward staircase. Oh right, I could have ordered the miners to just dig the staircase down, but then we’d have a hard time covering it up in case things went wrong, and with the way things have gone so far we can’t take that risk. The miners spend the downtime smoothing some stone, because there’s a lot of exposed stone around here.

Urist McKiwi VI hard at work in the carpenter’s shop, next to the new wood stockpile.

Having finished off the supply of wood, I have McKiwi VI cut down a proper tree up the stream and get us some wood for beds and wheelbarrows and buckets, but it is time-consuming as he has to walk a ways. I finally correct that with a wood stockpile, and most of us get to work hauling wood. The miners finally finish most of the downward staircase as this happens:

This overseer stuff is really complicated! Here’s to a prosperous month of Slate!

Oh, there goes another milkfish over the waterfall.

At this point, I’ve made another backup of the fortress, just in case something goes horribly wrong and the game crashes.

8th Slate, 100

The month started off with another milkfish getting injured falling over the waterfall. Gnott QT mentioned something strange about it, what exactly is going on here?

The willow trees have started to bloom.

The cacti have also started to bloom.

Work so far this month has been a little more organised. We’ve started to haul the stone to the mason’s shop by wheelbarrow, while Gnott QT carves the boulders into blocks. However, work in this heat is taking it’s toll, and today bp92001 and Triaxx2 decided to take a drinking break.

These are the mining plans so far: dig a hallway to a point where we can dam Chamberfills upstream. This is a little problematic, as the river has to flow somewhere. I am thinking of either diverting the river around the dam through a channel, or building a base for the dam above the river. While fortress plans call for aboveground works, I will be siting some stockpiles and workshops in the stone where it is convenient, as in this case. Later on we can install a proper staircase downwards, which should be flood-able in a worst-case scenario.

End of Month Report, 28th Slate, 101

The vaults so far.

Hallway to the dam construction area.

This month was fairly productive! While digging the hallway to the dam, we ran into some sand, so there’s probably room for another underground farming operation down there. I then dug out some vault space beneath the farms and what is to become the great hall. This yielded a bit of mudstone from beneath the grassland, some gems, and a large vein of bituminous coal. We will not have much difficulty fuelling further smelting operations or making steel.

Half-way through the month (on the 17th), a lioness showed up. She’s been prowling the grassland for a while now, so I had Urist McKiwi make two wooden cages, just in case we decide to trap her. As Urist McKiwi's wood-cutting operations have moved into the lower lands, I am not feeling so comfortable about this situation. Oh right, woodcutting operations?

This is what the landscape looked like before woodcutting started. The trees are now in full bloom, and the landscape is really coming to life.

We cut down a few of the trees, and probably have enough wood for the time being. I’ve designated all the saplings as restricted areas, because we’ll need the trees to regrow. Something’s got to supply us with the wood for waterwheels, right?

I improved efficiency in our food production by moving the seeds into the farm area. Urist McDuck has planted most of our seeds, and I can only hope this operation will produce fruit soon.

Above-ground construction has been painstakingly slow. Gnott QT was only able to build some of the walls of The Lone Cactus, and we’re almost done with our current stone supply. We may have to use some of the dolomite to progress, though I want to save that for making steel. The difficulty is that the stone has to come from somewhere, which means our mining operations need expansion in a way that will be useful in the future.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get any proper housing built aboveground, so we’re sleeping in the desert. Triaxx2 suggests that some underground quarters will be useful, since they can be more easily decorated, and I’m not even going to argue with that. I will designate some quarters for the miners along with some space for a mason’s shop in the next month.

3rd Felsite, 100

Today, Triaxx2 and bp92001 woke up and began expanding the vaults. That hallway just before the new stairwell is going to go down into the Earth, connecting whatever we build deeper to the surface fortress. There are some staircases I decided not to have dug marked, and the other yellow lines mark the join between the dolomite of the desert and the mudstone of the grasslands. I have also figured out a compromise for alternative quarters, so there will be underground vaults, and bedrooms will be underground, but dwarves will need to go aboveground to get elsewhere. For now I’m going to sleep.

End of Spring report, 28th Felsite, 100

Another much more productive month has come to an end, and it is about to turn Summer!

Half way through the month, the lioness left the area, and a flock of ravens arrived.

While Triaxx2 and bp920091 were mining, I got to work making some mechanisms and Gnott QT designed a bridge across the gorge to the South, a waterwheel, and made a millstone. Urist McKiwi built the bridge and waterwheel, so we can now access the entire area and mill our own plants.

As the month drew to a close, the miners reached the site for the main shaft of the deeper fortress, and dug a stairwell upwards into a magnetite cluster. I then had them dig down, and as they were getting started, a porcupine showed up, and we finally managed to capture it.

I had Urist McKiwi set up some wooden barriers around the bridge, and I made some mechanisms from the phyllite the miners had carved out. The porcupine was scared off by our activity, so only fell into the trap after we retreating to the horse pasture. We now have a porcupine in a cage. I’m considering setting up similar barriers elsewhere.

The miners got through to metamorphic rock and reached some marble layers. This is excellent news! We can now establish the deeper outpost in style.

A successful harvest has yielded a significant quantity of plump helmets, quarry bushes, and sweet pods. We’ll have to wait on the dimple cups though. The fortress’ food security is now on the rise.

Summer logs (to be compiled properly)

Captain Erzmagier’s Journal, Summer 100
Within are many pages and drawings regarding the day-to-day running of the fortress

It’s summer.

After mining works halted I drafted bp920091 into processing the sweet pods to dwarven syrup. I also had Ghills mill our dimple cups into dye.

As Gnott QT placed the finishing touches on our temporary surface living quarters, I hear Triaxx2 mention something about super-bedrooms for people in a depressed mood, so I came up with a new mining project.

We’re going to have these special rooms just underneath a construction on the western desert area. These will be two underground houses with space for a bedroom, a dining room or throne room, and a well.

The surface just above hasn’t been well developed yet, but this will be a self-contained building closest to what humans call a “keep” on top of it.

Our first dwelling is completed around the 11th, and I have Urist McKiwi furnish it. Urist McDuck is the first one to crash on the new beds.

15th Hematite Urist McDuck went to sleep. No more planting happening for a while now.

17th Hematite Miners finished drinking and Gnott QT went to sleep.

18th Hematite Ghills and bp920091 went to sleep.

19th Hematite Urist McKiwi went to sleep, Gnott QT gets up and goes on break, and I go out picking outdoor plants.

20th Hematite More of us are going on break. We've worked hard enough, so it's time to stand around doing nothing.

23rd Hematite The underground rooms are mostly finished, and Triaxx2 goes to sleep.

24th Hematite Urist McKiwi removes Triaxx2's bed from beneath her, causing some commotion. Triaxx2 is clearly annoyed, but gets back to work finishing off the stairwell.

25th Hematite Having finished off the stairwell and the underground houses bar the bathrooms, there are no further mining works scheduled to be carried out. I contemplate having what humans a basement dug in the mudstone, beneath a woodcutter's hut, but instead decide to start the more ambitious project I was briefed upon before arriving here.

26th Hematite Triaxx2 goes to sleep. Guess the month's project isn't getting started, eh?

27th Hematite Triaxx2 wakes up, decides to stand around the wagon. Hurr durr no jerb dude, the [classified] is right there, go dig it.

End of month report, 28th Hematite 100 by Captain Erzmagier

The month was productive but otherwise uneventful. Food supplies are acceptable, but booze is running very low. I’ll have to brew some. Urist McDuck is busy planting the sweet pod seeds from the recent harvest, but I want him to move onto pig tails and cave wheat while he can. We finished processing some blue dye. The coming months will be more devoted to the special project we need to get under way. We still need to tame the porcupine.

1st Malachite We're through to Mid-Summer! Gnott QT is now processing more stone into blocks.

2nd Malachite bp920091 is no longer on break. As the stairwell being dug is a one-dwarf job, she will be hauling things and building instead.

3rd Malachite Mining works have broken through the roof of a barren cavern. There are some rotting remains present, where small cave-dwelling animals have flown into the numerous webs, but no other life is visible. However, the floor of the cavern is coated in a thick layer of mud, and we could plant our underground farms here. There are also deposits of galena, gold, platinum, and some faint yellow diamonds! For now I will be reworking the project through one of the pillars of rock.

5th Malachite Triaxx2 has begun work on the underground hallway.

7th Malachite We hit Lapis Lazuli. bp92001 continues digging the new shaft downward as Triaxx2 goes to get a drink.

8th Malachite With only four drinks left, I have Ghills set up an emergency still and get to work brewing.

10th Malachite Masonry work is underway again on The Lone Cactus. We ran out of standard brewing plants, however, so we will have to brew our plump helmets.

13th Malachite bp920091 is helping out with the masonry work while Triaxx2 continues mining. We also have a leopard sighted dangerously close to the new works. I'm also going on break - someone can set up the southern cage traps later.

14th Malachite Now that's more like it! Triaxx2 broke through the roof of a second cavern today. This land is not barren, but full of colourful flora. Mining plans have been altered accordingly.

In other news, the upper caverns have been invaded by troglodytes. Fuck that shit.

15th Malachite Work continues on the altered mining works. I think we need to start hauling more stone back to the surface though.

16th Malachite Some migrants have arrived!

Looks like we have one family of dwarves, a cheese maker (22 years old), a fisherdwarf (21 years old), and three children (aged 7, 6, and 4), surprisingly unskilled for what we’re trying to do here.

17th Malachite 100

We have a farmer named Kumil Rigòthtashem "Craftpull", who is a novice cheese maker, herbalist, and spinner, who is  the 13th descendent and 8th son of Zasit Idenzalìs, Baroness of Maroongild, and his wife, who calls herself Avuz Limuldesis "Goldsnarls", a novice fishery worker....... And the 5th princess, apparently. Her mother is Deler Towerquested, Queen of The Decisive Nets.

Spoiler: Kumil Craftpull (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Avuz Goldsnarls (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Thob Wheelclean (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Shem Windmurder (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Asob Tombscovered (click to show/hide)

18th Malachite

Assigned the Fifth Princess to haul stone back to the stockpile, Kumil has begun to haul wood.

22nd Malachite

Urist McKiwi is now on break. Damn, I was hoping to have more barrels made.

24th Malachite

Triaxx2 hit ANOTHER cavern today! He got the staircase on the side of the cavern wall though, so we may be able to bypass it more easily. There’s plenty of water in here, and bloodthorns.

We hit some metal deposits on the way down, too.

I designed a workaround on which mining has begun, and hopefully this should be the last one before the project reaches the objective.

The Fifth Princess is known as “Taupe” and the 8th Son of the Baroness of Maroongild is known as “Deus Asmoth”. I should really have checked that earlier but I guess I did not. Taupe requested an apprenticeship in stoneworking and architecture, and I’ve assigned her to masonry. Deus Asmoth just wants to learn a useful skill, and will probably be dealing with metalworking, unless we get some more skilled dwarves in the autumn migration.

I’m no longer on break since things need to be stored away properly. The farm is also producing some pig tails, so we can get more cloth now.

25th Malachite

The trees are starting to bear fruit. Wonder if we could collect any?

27th Malachite

Gnott QT just finished a superior quality slate statue relating to events here in The Uncommon Desert in the year 60.

End of Month Report, 1st Granite, 100

This month we discovered three cavern layers during the special mining project. The upper caverns are barren, while the lower caverns are filled with life. I haven’t seen any nether caps in the lower cavern, but otherwise we have all the cavern flora expected.

We had some unexpected migrants, the eighth son of the Baroness of Moongilds, and the Fifth Princess of The Decisive Nets. Both of them expect to learn some serious skills and earn praise within dwarven society.

Farming is now yielding a consistent supply of plump helmets, pig tails, sweet pods, and cave wheat, so we should be OK in that respect.

In the next few months, we also need to begin the above-ground portion of the special project. Hopefully migrants in Autumn should provide us sufficient dwarfpower to finish it.

2nd Galena

Miners went to drink today. I'm having Gnott QT start work on the building project.

3rd Galena

Went for a drink today.

7th Galena

Ghills went to sleep today.

9th Galena

Triaxx2 tells me we've reached the bottom of the designated project. I had him dig a bit deeper, but none of the objective has shown itself. I may call it a limit and have exploratory shafts dug.

9th Galena, Later

I told Triaxx2 to dig down one more level, and we now have a clear indicator of the objective. I will carry out some more exploratory works on the level above to confirm the objective's exact position.

9th Galena, night

All praise the miners!

Triaxx2 ran out of the project works with some great news today! We have hit the great magma sea, and within it have discovered adamantine! Truly this is a great day at Murderflood! Full excavation works are now being ordered to expand the project. Just as planned.

10th Galena

Today, bp920091 went to take a long nap, despite the mining works becoming practical for two dwarves to work on. Triaxx2 is excavating the base of the project area, and whining about warm stone, so I keep having to re-designate the area.

Meanwhile, Ghills set up a kitchen area and she will be cooking our dwarves syrup and cheese into something hopefully good to eat.

11th Galena

Work is nearly finished on the structural base, which has a high capacity. Meanwhile, Ghills finished a great dwarves syrup roast, which is apparently quite valuable and would make a decent trade item.

14th Galena

Going to take a long nap. Damn, I really need to get a room finished for myself.

15th Galena

I've begun budgeting power and supplies for the underground project, code-named OPERATION PIMPSTACK, which shall build The Great Pimpstack of Murderflood to transport OBJECTIVE from an undisclosed location to another undisclosed location. I’ve discussed this with Urist McKiwi who much approved of it.

The original plan for OPERATION PIMPSTACK called for approximately 966 codename-pimps, requiring 966 each of blocks, corkscrews, and pipe sections rated to Dwarven Standard MS. It would further require over 10,000 Urists, and necessitate the construction of around 120 Water Wheels in another undisclosed location, which will require 360 logs of wood.

As these requirements are heavy, I re-calculated a minimal requirement with just 132 codename-pimps, requiring 132 blocks, corkscrews, and pipesections of Dwarven Standard MS. This would require 1500 Urists and therefor only 17 Waterwheels in another undisclosed location.

16th Galena

This is what the lower levels of The Great Pimpstack look like. The large width of the housing allows the housing of seven codename-pimps per level. It conveniently mines out a large volume of stone that will be very useful for aboveground constructions, even though the granite found at these levels does not meet Dwarven Standard MS as required for codename-pimp construction.

22nd Galena

The last few days meant picking aboveground plants for general consumption, and realising the construction project was running slow because of the distance Gnott QT had to walk. I'm putting that on hold for now and pushing the construction of aboveground dwellings. Because we’re expecting more migrants, I’m having Urist McKiwi make a few more beds.

23rd Galena

Truaxx2 is going to sleep, and I hope we get the sweet pods harvested by the end of the season.

26th Galena

Some of the dwarves syrup roast is sitting in the kitchen way too long. I'm having the pasture designated as a dumping ground and marking it as "garbage" in hopes someone will leave it in the horse pasture, and afterwards, hopefully someone else will put in the stockpile it belongs in.

27th Galena

Gnott QT just made a masterwork granite coffer! This is excellent news for Murderflood.

28th Galena

The fruit is starting to fall from the trees! Wish we could start collecting it.

End of Summer Report, 1st Limestone

Autumn is now upon us. Summer was much more productive than spring, and I attribute this to learning on this job.

The wealth of the fortress has increased considerably. We are now at 17,800 created wealth, of which a decent amount was from Ghill’s cooking. We also have our first furnishings besides beds, and our first masterwork furniture made by Gnott QT, which will be going in Triaxx2’s and bp920091’s rooms.

OPERATION PIMPSTACK has commenced following the discovering of OBJECTIVE. This will be a long-term mining and construction project, and will also yield construction materials for surface housing and another large-scale surface project. OPERATION PIMPSTACK will build The Great Pimpstack of Murderflood, which will transport OBJECTIVE between two undisclosed locations at an undisclosed rate.

Our food hauling hasn’t been looking too good recently. Remember when I marked Ghill’s second stack of roasts as garbage? I hauled that off to the horse pasture and marked it as “unforbidden, not garbage”. It’s still sitting in the pasture with the horses shitting around it. Come on guys, it’s not that bad to eat. Do you want your food with a side of horseshit? Because I do not.

2nd Limestone, 100

I decided to put the prepared food in the barrel myself, since nobody else was going to do it. Meanwhile, the young dwarves have all gone to sleep.

Since Urist McDuck had no seeds left to plant, I assigned some more weaving jobs, and Gnott QT will be making some rock doors.

4th Limestone, 100

The kids are now awake again and milling around the wagon.

5th Limestone, 100

Miners have gone to eat and harvest plants.

6th Limestone, 100

Found the problem with the mining works - I had to assign more areas to be dug out on OPERATION PIMPSTACK, as it is supposed to advance in stages if possible. I’m also having a temporary depot built.

9th Limestone, 100

Gnott QT finished the depot today. I picked up some building work in the meantime, so we can have some proper houses - they still aren't done. I also want the design altered somewhat, I want the floors to be made out of phyllite or granite and the walls out of jet. Deus Asmoth has also gone to sleep in the dormitory, hope the building works won’t disturb him too much.

10th Limestone, 100

WAT?! A Caravan? Now? I thought they came at the END of Autumn and not the beginning! I quickly order the prepared food barrel to be moved to the depot, since that’s pretty much all we have.

11th Limestone, 100

Oh no! They're here! In the confusion I tell Gnott QT to do her duties as broker instead of any masonry or construction removal, but it looks like the prepared food I asked to be brought to the depot was not, actually, brought in. This is going to be a tough month.

The outpost liason came around to find us re-arranging the walls. At least we’re visibly busy.

13th Limestone, 100

Wait. What? A milkfish has given birth to milkfish fry. The day starts off strange, and keeps getting stranger as all at once, animals begin to give birth.

Note: Savescummed here to get the Outpost Liaison conversation in full.

Gnott QT finally got the prepared meals to the depot and traded the prepared meals for the caravan's entire supply of metal, gems, bolts, food, and supplies relevant to OPERATION PIMPSTACK. Roasted cheese and dwarves syrup is considered a delicacy around here.

The meeting with the Outpost Liaison begins. The world is the same as ever you say? Well that's shocking. You mean you haven't done anything since we left the Mountainhomes over six months ago? Wow. Here we seven dwarves and now twelve including the summer migrants Fifth Princess are in the middle of the fucking desert, under the burning sun, carrying out OPERATION PIMPSTACK, and you haven't done shit.

The next dwarf to direct the fort will probably overlook all of this. I'm ordering gems, platinum, and native platinum for a good reason here. What good's an OPERATION PIMPSTACK if you don't have enough to pimp things out with? Bling all the way.

14th Limestone

The day dawns with more crazy births. Do Milkfish not lay eggs? I though they did, but these ones seem to give birth.

17th Limestone

Today our miners hit native gold. The bling is strong with Triaxx2 and bp920091.

19th Limestone

Gnott QT has started work on turning our granite into blocks again now, and I finally have a bedroom to use now.

22nd Limestone

Triaxx2 is going off to drink. There is also a creepy crawler in the trade depot.

25th Limestone

My current bedroom, and future office is now complete. The floor is mostly of sand and dirt, but it is better than nothing. Urist McDuck has gone back to sleep, while Gnott QT has gone back to processing granite into blocks.

No wait, let’s add another story.

27th Limestone

Ghills has gone to sleep, and the Ewe purchased from the merchants is in the pasture, and ready to be sheared.
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Re: Murderflood: Strike the Earth! (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2014, 06:04:50 pm »

Throw me in for slot three. I'll have to snag the new version and this is as good a reason as any.

Urist McKiwi

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Re: Murderflood: Strike the Earth! (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2014, 07:18:24 pm »

Ooooh. Assuming I survive long enough, that's going to be a fun personality on McKiwi VI. Not so keen on the flimsiness, but eh....all dwarves are flimsy. Guess I need to get myself used to the new version.

You also forgot the "Must have a device to flood the fort with magma" and "Ludicrously dangerous deathtraps that kill everyone are AWESOME" rules. :P


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Re: Murderflood: Strike the Earth! (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2014, 08:08:25 pm »

Ooooh. Assuming I survive long enough, that's going to be a fun personality on McKiwi VI. Not so keen on the flimsiness, but eh....all dwarves are flimsy. Guess I need to get myself used to the new version.

You also forgot the "Must have a device to flood the fort with magma" and "Ludicrously dangerous deathtraps that kill everyone are AWESOME" rules. :P

Rules added. Also, Dwarf Fortress block kicks in with placing the staircase. Well ****. I need to dig down for moar stone!

Alright alright I don’t care where the f’ing staircase goes. Just, somewhere it won’t punch through the aquifer. Let’s get some f’ing farms up too. Shit, we don’t have much booze.
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Re: Murderflood: Strike the Earth! (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2014, 08:17:12 pm »

Please add me to the turn llist, thank you!!!


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Re: Murderflood: Strike the Earth! (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #6 on: September 14, 2014, 08:25:06 pm »

PTW, requesting dorfing as Emdief.  :D I'd ask for a turn if uni wasn't so chaotic right now...


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Re: Murderflood: Strike the Earth! (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #7 on: September 14, 2014, 11:12:54 pm »

PTW, requesting dorfing as Emdief.  :D I'd ask for a turn if uni wasn't so chaotic right now...

I’ll see if I can dwarf you and Taupe at the summer migrant wave. Got any preferences for a name, profession, or profession title?

Haven’t progressed past 1st Slate. The real question is what to do underground when we aren’t really doing rooms for dwarves down there....... I might throw in some miner’s quarters. Are we going for an all-living quarters aboveground arrangement, or is it “player decides”?


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Re: Murderflood: Under the burning Sun (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #8 on: September 15, 2014, 02:50:28 am »

In for a turn. I think we should have as much above ground as possible, living quarters included.


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Re: Murderflood: Under the burning Sun (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #9 on: September 15, 2014, 02:57:19 am »

Underground could be used for like, just stockpiles, like say, make the workshops aboveground, but put staircases leading down there to store shit. You'll be harvesting the stone there sooner or later and leave empty space, migh as well turn it into a sort of cellar. Or VERY elaborated and classy catacombs. If we have lots of unused space, make very neat and decorated catacombs with lots of spacing and pillars, instead of just a mass tomb. It wont go to waste. This is Murderflood. People will die. Plus it'll give our engravers the illusion that they are productive members of society.

Speaking of which, just dwarf me as Taupe, and professions like architecture and stone detailing ould be nice, maybe someone with nice aesthetic sence. If that's take, a glassmaker or a random crafter is good too.

Deus Asmoth

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Re: Murderflood: Under the burning Sun (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #10 on: September 15, 2014, 03:44:54 am »

Can I get a turn and a dwarf named Asmoth? Anyone with a moodable skill besides jewellery or crafting, please.
Look elsewhere, reader. There is nothing for you here.


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Re: Murderflood: Under the burning Sun (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #11 on: September 15, 2014, 08:43:07 am »

Hey, I forgot we've got a water fall. If it's tall enough you should be able to run a staircase down the side of the falls and get under the aquifer that way. Add a couple of switchbacks and cover them with traps which need dodging and we'll have a very nastily effective defense. Stuff dodges off the walkway and lands in the water below. Could be a useful way to mitigate access to the fort. Maybe suspend the Trade Depot in the middle so all access is via trapped walkway?


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Re: Murderflood: Under the burning Sun (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #12 on: September 15, 2014, 09:09:12 am »

Those milkfish aren't very good at being fish.


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Re: Murderflood: Under the burning Sun (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #13 on: September 15, 2014, 03:26:58 pm »

They're pretty good at being rocks though.


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Re: Murderflood: Under the burning Sun (Ardentdikes III)
« Reply #14 on: September 15, 2014, 03:40:32 pm »

Can i be dorfed? preferably military.
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