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Author Topic: Describe yourself in Dwarf Fortress  (Read 961 times)


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Describe yourself in Dwarf Fortress
« on: October 24, 2016, 02:54:06 pm »

Describe yourself in DF terms. I'll start.

A medium-sized creature, prone to great ambition.

He has been quite content lately. He has been stressed by homework lately. He admired a fine Ciaphas Cain Book recently. He ate a very good Hamburger recently.

He is the son of LordBrassroast's Mom and LordBrassroast's Dad.

He is a citizen of the States of Unity. He is a member of the Novelty of Hampshires. He is a former member of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

He was born on Granite 27, 2001, and is 15 years old.

He is skinny. His medium-length hair is curly. His hair is brown. His eyes are brown. His ears are slightly large. His chin is large. His brown eyebrows are large. His skin is tan-pink.

He is quick to heal, but he is somewhat weak.

He likes computers, peacoats, the color green, tabletop games, video games, history for its richness, dogs for their loyalty, and dwarves for their awesomeness. When possible, he prefers to consume beef steak and popcorn. He absolutely detests mosquitoes.

He has a sharp intellect and good creativity, but little willpower, poor focus, and next to no natural musical ability.

Like others in his culture, he holds freedom to be one of the highest ideals, values loyalty, thinks friendship is important, respects fair-dealing and fair play, values art, values cooperation, finds merrymaking and partying worthwhile activities, values a harmonious existence, values good craftsmanship, values martial prowess, respects the development of skill, deeply respects those that work hard at their labors,    believes that those who sacrifice for others should be deeply respected, sees competition as reasonably important, respects perseverance, respects commerce, values romance, values nature,  and values peace over war. Unlike others in his culture, he views the pursuit of knowledge as deeply important, sees equal parts of harmony and discord as part of life, disregards tradition, values decorum, dignity and proper behavior, values cunning, and believes it is important to conceal emotions and refrain from complaining. He dreams of creating a masterwork.

He is quick to form negative views about things, often feels envious of others, is rarely happy or enthusiastic, often feels discouraged, is quick to anger, is often nervous, doesn't handle stress well, has a greedy streak, occasionally overindulges, tends to avoid any physical confrontations, is stubborn, tends to be a little wasteful when working on projects, doesn't mind a little tumult and discord in day-to-day living, is somewhat quarrelsome, could be considered rude or quite polite, depending on who he's with, tends to ask others for help with difficult decisions, is somewhat fearful in the face of imminent danger, sometimes acts with little determination and confidence, is grateful when others help him out and tries to return favors, doesn't mind wearing something special now and again, has an active sense of humor, tends to hang on to grievances, has a low sense of self-esteem, often acts with compassion, is somewhat scatterbrained, generally assumes the worst of two outcomes will come to pass, is curious and eager to learn, is bashful, tends not to reveal personal information, doesn't try to get things done perfectly, doesn't cling tightly to ideas and is open to changing his mind, is quite comfortable with others that have a different appearance or culture, has a tendency toward forming deep emotional bonds with a few friends, but only forms tenuous bonds with others,, tends not to be swayed by emotional appeals, finds helping others emotionally rewarding, has a sense of duty, tends to think before acting, is sloppy with his living space, is slow to trust others, tends to avoid crowds, tends to be passive in discussions, likes to take it easy, doesn't seek out excitement, has an active imagination, likes to keep things practical, without delving too deeply into the abstract, and is moved by art and natural beauty.