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Author Topic: Community Webfortress - Now 40.16!  (Read 11080 times)


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Re: Community Webfortress - Now 40.16!
« Reply #45 on: January 22, 2018, 05:39:04 pm »

Is this still up or is there an alternative?  I'm trying to setup the 40.16 but can't find the correct Windows DF Hack version.  Can anybody possibly point me in the right direction to this?  I mostly just want DF available remotely without having to go through Linux.

Also am I supposed to just paste all the DF Hack and Webfort files into the original DF installation?  When I tried it with the version 34.11 as mentioned in the INSTALLATION.txt, DF Hack didn't print out the string described as:
Code: [Select]
[WEBFORT] [2014-11-10 06:11:06] [application] Web Fortress started on port 1234
So I assumed it didn't work, appreciate any advice.
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