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Author Topic: Options for fixing a borked save?  (Read 196 times)


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Options for fixing a borked save?
« on: March 28, 2021, 11:08:14 am »

I've got an Adventure mode game going that I'm not willing to give up purely due to the RNG of the names of regions, historical figures, legendary weapons, etc... I've got a story I'm working on and it will be finished.

I think I caused the problem though. I had been carrying around a silver sword for a while and was tired of looking at it so I started using DFHack to change it into a silver spear, but got bored with the process and quit halfway. I'm pretty sure the issue is the item and that if I could delete it from my inventory the save would work again.

I'd also like to know if there are any tools for editing a large slew of details. Pretty much everything you'd find in legends viewer. I.E. I gave the character the honorific of "The Buttery". Because I can. And you probably have at some point given your characters similar honorifics. This became of penultimate importance when I was browsing information about the world in legends viewer a few days ago and discovered that there was a religion called "The Buttery Faith."

If I cannot hunt down and assassinate the leader of this religion as a huckster, fake and charlatan then use some tools to make my character the new leader I will take it as a personal affront and have a good weep about it.

I've got the lazy newb pack, but I'm sure there are other utilities out there that can do what I'm describing. Even if they're old and only half work I'll figure it out.

Any suggestions for inventory and world editing? I may be asking for obvious functions, I haven't had a chance to dig through every utility in the LNP yet.

Edit: The nature of the broken save is that it CTD's at the very end of loading. Could also be a problem with the save being compressed by the option provided in the LNP menu.
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