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Author Topic: Booze from Milk  (Read 352 times)


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Booze from Milk
« on: September 19, 2017, 05:54:56 pm »

Quote from: The Dwarf Fortress Wiki
Because milk is not considered a drink, dwarves will not drink it, even if they are dying of thirst. [...] What is for certain, however, is that unlike in real life, dwarves have yet to discover how to make alcoholic fermented milk beverages, such as kumis or kefir.

Milk-derived alcoholic drinks are not commonly known, because the more typical results of fermenting milk are yoghurts, creme fraiche and similar. However, they are not unknown - the wiki's examples of kumis and kefir are not the best since their alcohol content is low (comparable to small beer) but distillation results in beverages such as airag or blaand, whose alcohol content is comparable to that of wine. I decided a small mod was in order to make milk useful to dwarves for something other than cheese.

In the real world, unlike grain and fruit alcohols which tend to have specific names depending on the fruit of origin, producers of milk alcohol drinks will happily switch from one milk to another and continue to call the booze the same name. As such, I opted for the neutral name "milk beer", and I wasn't picky about which milks could be brewed since I reasoned dwarves would absolutely try to make booze out of any milk they could find upon making it from one kind of milk.

This mod should be reasonably compatible since it's based on the vanilla raws; however:

  • If you're using mods which add new milkable animals you'll need to copy and paste the milk beer definition from one of the vanilla milkable animals; otherwise I think the game might default to the generic "alcohol" when brewing their milk.
  • This mod changes the "make mead" reaction to make it work with other brewable animal extracts; it's not compatible with any mods that change it, but mods that change apiculture itself shouldn't bee a problem.

I don't know what form DF mods are typically distributed in; I'm accustomed to working with the Unix diff(1) and patch(1) utilities; the patch file to be applied to your raw folder is in this spoiler box. I would hope there are Windows ports; otherwise, the format is not that tough to apply manually - for each file listed, remove lines marked with - and add lines marked with +. (I would be indebted to anyone who helps provide this in whatever format people are accustomed to.)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Sadly, none of these beverages are available at embark - I assume the game is hardcoded to only provide milks and cheeses, but if there's a way to make them available I'd love to know how. I look forward to finding out how you use this mod if you choose to - perhaps an embark with nothing to eat but milk which can now be made into both food and drink?


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Re: Booze from Milk
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2017, 05:16:34 am »

Hey Ketsuban - I thought this idea was really cool so I wrote a version of this mod for PyDwarf. The PyDwarf version automatically adds the reaction to every milkable animal, not only the vanilla ones. You can see the mod script here: And you can try it out by installing and running PyDwarf.

Thank you for making this!


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Re: Booze from Milk
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2017, 10:55:50 am »

Theres a alternative way around it that Random-Dragon provided (im not sure further on where he could have referenced it) that allows you to embark & produce real alcohol out of milk without milk-beer. Simply you apply a process to turn the milk into alcohol via brewing it, taking it straight from barrels/buckets into the brewery, meaning it splits your production between cheese makers & alcohol down the middle.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
^ The milks modfied material file (i haven't experimented with it much) ^
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
^ Individually assigned fermented milk products, with generic or special names, this one is a example of a cow ^
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
^ The product so you can prevent it appearing in civilisations that shouldn't have access to it ^

Its throwing out consistent errors of the animals not being configured correctly, but ignoring that it works perfectly fine since it defaults its confusion into making it the desired drink (advice on how to improve or make seamless is appreciated)

I take 0 credit, i attribute it all to RandomDragon where i learnt it from via adapting his kefir code, i use it only for my own purposes, for example i made goblins able to milk beak dogs to create really nasty booze from beak dog milk that also goes into making equally disgusting maggot cheese (which in real life ironically is a delicacy) so i can sustain goblin only fortresses with something to drink in taverns.


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Re: Booze from Milk
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2017, 05:56:24 pm »

Very interesting, I never heard of booze being made from milk. And if I did I quickly forgot it, can now make wild nomad mountain dwarves.

I've heard of several "modding" applications so I imagine PyDwarf would make adding a Drink material to all milkable critters, however I feel you could have PM'd that info to Ketsuban as it almost looks like you're using his thread to advertise (hijacking) but PyDwarf does sound interesting.

Since every critter that can be milked would need a drink mat added to them for this to work 100% you could make a creature hold a generic "milk booze" material and have the Material Template just point to that creature, now you'd lose the "Rattle Snake Milk Beer" but in the end it would work (without modding all creatures that can be milked)