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Author Topic: Need Advice for Creating a Cheap, Fast Military  (Read 2942 times)


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Re: Need Advice for Creating a Cheap, Fast Military
« Reply #15 on: March 30, 2015, 04:50:24 pm »

Actually, its 1 cassiterite ore + 1 malachite ore (or copper nugget) gives 8 bronze bars when smelted.  It takes additional fuel, but if you bring tetrahedrite instead of malachite or copper nuggets you can turn them into bars to get (0-2) silver plus the copper you are after, giving you the materials to make bronze bars for both bronze bladed and silver bludgeoning weapons.  Using malachite or copper nuggets is definitely simpler to manage, however, especially if you need to get tools/weapons made asap.

1 bituminous coal gives 9 coke, but requires 1 fuel to make, for a net gain of 8 fuel.  Lignite provides 4, but requires 1, for a net gain of 3.  I usually embark with 1 log specifially to turn into charcoal to get this process moving without having to scuttle the wagon for wood to start the smelting process.

Ahh, good to know about tetrahedite.  I wondered by it costs 9 points.  That chance to get silver is a good deal for when there's plenty of wood in the embark site. 
Bizmuth Bronze is also doable for a extra value.  I've at least made 6x bronze serrated disc for the first caravan trade when I don't do the lavish meals trade.

If your using chain shirts and high boots you can forgo greaves according to the wiki. Saving metal.

Yeah, can save 5 bars early on without needing to make breastplate and greaves.
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