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Author Topic: DF v0.47.01+ Worldgen Cookbook Thread  (Read 65061 times)


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Re: DF v0.47.01+ Worldgen Cookbook Thread
« Reply #420 on: January 20, 2022, 12:42:20 pm »

The cause here is the ocean.  If your global ocean depth is 1, then your world will be very thick, and you'll see the problem you're describing.
If you set your ocean depth/minimum elevation to 90, instead of 1, for example, you'll see a much 'thinner' world.  I haven't seen any issues with a 5-10 depth ocean, but YMMV.

Fascinating.  Right now my elevation has moderate-high variance at '0:400:1000:1000', though I never considered that for world depth, only a patchwork surface.  Since an ocean needs 0-99 and a proper mountain needs 300+, I'm thinking along the lines of ~10-40:320-360:500:500.  If I can get my layers at the ocean under 50, I will be a happy Dorf.
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