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Author Topic: MODcrazy's writing, brainstorming for it and conceptual drawings  (Read 332 times)


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Hi dear people of the twelfth bay.

You know, I seriously consider writing a novel, or something like a novel.
To be honest, I still am in the process of worldbuilding. (Alternate history from over 10,000 BC onwards)
And so I am designing.

And while thinking about the kite shield, pike and halberd, and longbow, I thought, why not combine them for your imaginary main setting culture.
And I tried making a kind of military tactic/formation, described in the following picture:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

They all wear kettle hats with a kind of chin-protecting visor attached, save for the archers, mail coifs and shirts (long for normal, short for archers), melee fighters have greaves and vambraces, save for their shield arms. The ones with the half-pike/long spear also have a metal and wood circular plate on their chest, since I think the are in a stab-likey place, maybe also a small shield strapped to the left arm. The kite shields are hold in the center here normally, not strapped on, though they should have the ability to be worn strapped to. Riding archers/commanders only get a shirt of mail like foot archers and a helmet similar to theirs, but with a visor with (large) eyeholes.

The axe has a hammer-like back end. The shieldbearers' swords are straigth and double edged. The other swords are more like falchions. Yes, one side of the crossguard is pointy.
The riders have a horsebow and a saber of some kind as well as a riders axe. All archers have falchions. All axe/swordsmen have daggers.

The rest should be obvious from the picture.

The numeric relations would be:
2 riding archers/ commander
5 swordsmen with shield
5 axemen with shield
10 spearmen with shield
10 half-pike-men
10 halberdiers
30 longbowmen

Order of Formation:

Spearmen with shield -> Half-pike-men -> Halberdiers -> Axemen and Swordsmen with shields -> Longbowmen -> Riding Archers -> Longbowmen -> Longbowmen


- At the beginning of a battle, others may make passages for archers to shoot through, then they retreat.
- Spear and Pike form one row of blades, the short pikes are more actively used in attacking then they would usually be.
- At later points, Sword/Axemen and Spearmen change position in order to let them rest.
- Agressors who break through are taken down by halberdiers, if they get further by axemen/swordsmen.
- Cavallary archers are mainly commanders...

So, do you think this system would be practical? (Opponents eg. alexander-macedonian-like, hoplite-like, empire-roman-like, viking-like, crusader-like, english-archer-orientated-like ?)
Criticism? (On the system I mean, NOT the crappy drawing!!!)

I would be glad to hear your opinion!