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Author Topic: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [42.06] - Breadbowl Ends  (Read 184269 times)


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #300 on: October 09, 2015, 11:11:23 am »

Chapter 16 (On the Sixth Day)

Then Armok looked over all he had forged, and he saw that it was very fine! Thus evening passed and morning came, marking the sixth day.
-- Worlds Of Forging, unknown scribe

Goblin Assault, 3rd Squad
  • ‘Mob’ - Kutsmob Slazstodno, Goblin Crossbowman (uninjured, shooting from moat)
Goblin Regular, 1st Infantry
  • ‘Osnun’ - Osnun Uksossnodub, Goblin Bowman (injured vs Zefon, draltha bone bolt in left upper leg)

It is now the 8th of Granite, 240, Early Spring.

Tekkud is swimming in the moat 4 paces to the south west.
She manages to jump away and not get hit by bolts and arrows.
There are 5 trolls and 17 goblins left in the siege, less one caged goblin.

Bowman Osnun just swam a submerged tunnel below the moat and into the inside murky pool.
Crossbowman Mob is likely to follow suit for he too is swimming just south of the west gate.

The death of SQman is quite sobering and fills everyone’s thoughts of revenge. 
The immediate issue is Tekkud being alone in the moat with arrows and bolts raining down on her.

Taupe orders, “Earthen, pick them off the murky pool when those archers surface,” pointing at Osnun and Mob.  “Shafts gather on the north side of the west gate, out of sight. Watch, regroup with us.”

The question Taupe ponders on: do we drop the bridge, or have Watch exchange bolts and thin them out some more?  The answer depends if Tekkud climbs back inside, or climbs out the other side of the moat.

Sanctume runs for the hall and orders the creation of Corpse Retrieve burrow to tend to SQman.  Hiddenleafguy says, “Oh, hey, clear glass project buildings are complete.  The orders for Bags, Sand, Ash, Potash, Pearlash, and Raw Clear Glass are starting.“ Sanctume nods and he runs back to the west gate.


Tekkud Betankulet, "Tekkud Calmabbey", Spearmaster has left the martial trance.

Alath reports, “The Goblins are on the move, and heading west.  The trolls remain gathered in the moat on the northwest still.”

Osnun climbs into Breadbowl.
Taupe stabs Osnun in the right leg with this iron spear, “This is my fight too. I will take revenge.”
Sanctume bashes Osnun in the head, jamming the mace in the skull, “This cannot horrify me.”

Alath reports, ‘Seven Goblins remain in sight, and the five Trolls are wading in the moat heading south towards the west bridge.”

Mob jumps out of the inside murky pools.
Marksdwarf Alath shoots Mob in the right lower arm with a silver bolt, severing motor nerve.
Kubuk does a bone fracturing stab at Mob’s left upper leg.

Marksdwarf Kogan shoots Mob in the left hand with a silver bolt, severing nerves.
Mob loses hold of the iron crossbow and falls over.

Kubuk’s repeatedly slashes on the head that are deflected by the iron helm, until the iron helm fell off.


“Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye citizens of Breadbowl.  Ahem.
The duke Gwolfski Uristirtir Daggerdangles mandates a creation of Millstone.”

A burial team retrieves the mangled remains of SQman and heads for the tombs.


Tekkud is now on the submerged upslope to the southwest of the moat and seems to climb out of the west bank.

Taupe bellows, “Pull the lever, we are going out!”

faiy eyebrow

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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #301 on: October 09, 2015, 10:14:10 pm »

If the next overlord is unusually cruel they could swap out the gorlak in Sq's tomb for a giant hamster that happens to be sitting around... just saying


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #302 on: October 09, 2015, 10:36:24 pm »

Chapter 17 (Vengeful Thoughts)

Goblin Regular, 1st Infantry
  • ‘Gas’ - Xuspgas Ugsnormato, Goblin Crossbowman (uninjured, shooting from northwest moat bank)
  • ‘Mac’ - Nako Aturemzu, Goblin Maceman (injured vs Zefon, disarmed, draltha bone bolt in left hand)
Goblin Regular, 2nd Infantry
  • ‘Aslot’ - ‘Aslot Omosponga, Goblin Lasher (uninjured, sighted in west moat)
  • ’Snodub’ - Snodub Zogastsstosbub, Goblin Hammerman(uninjured, sighted in west moat)
Goblin Regular, 3rd Infantry
  • ‘Usbud’ - Utes Usbudusmud, Goblin Maceman
  • ‘Stas’ - Stasost Ostaat, Goblin Recruit
Troll Shock Troop, 1st Pack
  • ‘Dos’ - Dosntgosp, Troll (uninjured, sighted in northwest moat, moving south)
  • ‘Nom’ - Ngom, Troll (uninjured, sighted in northwest moat, moving south)
  • ‘Uslu’ - Ngnuslu, Troll (uninjured, sighted in northwest moat, moving south)
  • ‘Stro’ - Strodno, Troll (uninjured, sighted in northwest moat, moving south)
  • ‘Ogg’ - Olngo, Troll (uninjured, sighted in northwest moat, moving south)
Marksman Kogan begins shooting as soon as the bridge retracts out.

Hammerman Snodub is unhurt and in the moat, south of the bridge.

Maceman Usbud’s head is cut open, bruised upper spine and neck.  He is in the moat, north of the bridge.

Recruit Stas’ left lower leg is cut open and bruised. She is swimming in the moat next to Usbud.

Taupe orders, “Shafts and Earthen, cross the bridge to West Road. Watch will support from the bridge”  Two steps on the west road, Taupe bellows, “Armokdamnit Alath, stay on the bridge!”

Recruit Stas and Maceman Usbud swim towards Alath on the bridge.
Alath blocks a swipe of an iron morningstar with her shield.
Alath then dives dive in the moat after Usbud with thoughts full of vengeance.

The Watch focus fire on Usbud.
The Shafts picks off Stas being nearest the west bank of the moat.

Stas punches Alath in the lower arm.
Alath gurgles, “Death.. this is truly horrifying.”

Usbud effectively uses his shield to block the barrage of bolts from Watch

Angus pommel strikes Stas in the lower body with her bismuth bronze battle axe, bruising guts.

Usbud bashes Alath in the upper body with the iron morningstar, and bashes in the left upper leg, bruising both times.

Usbud bashes Alath in the head, fracturing the skull and tearing the brain.
The iron morningstar has lodged firmly in the wound.
Alath Ardeskonos, Marksdwarf has been found dead in the west banks of the moat.

Angus screams with vengeful spittle and chops down mightily on Stas’ head, her bismuth bronze battle axe lodged firmly in the skull.


Usbud steps on Alth’s corpse in an attempt to climb out of the west bank.
Marksman Zefon strikes Usbud’s lower arm with draltha bone bolts.
Usbud loses hold of the copper shield.
Axeman Olon hacks Usbud in the head twice but attacks are deflected by the the iron helm.

Usbud swims away and heads to the bridge scrambling up and strikes at Angus, missing.
Angus chops down and cuts off Usbud’s left foot.
Angus punches Usbud in the left leg, fracturing bone.
Angus hacks Usbud in the head.
Usbud loses hold of the copper helm, copper shield, and iron morningstar .


Troll Dostngosp “Dos” lumbers close towards the bridge from the moat.
Marksman Likot’s silver bolt strikes Dos in the neck, bruising the spine.
Dos dives in the water and emerges at the banks.
Dos swings at Sanctume twice, both misssing.
Dos swipes from the moat at Angus and misses.
Marksman Likot’s silver bolt strikes Dos in the head.
Angus slaps the protruding bolt deeper into Dos head with bismuth bronze battle axe.
Dos has been knocked unconscious in the moat and drowns.

Recruit Atu with Troll Uslo is at the western edge of the forest looking back one last time as she joins her fleeing comrades.

Axeman Tode in the cage trap howls, “No! No leave me!”


12th Granite, 240

Sanctume orders to expand Retrieve Corpse burrow to out here in hopes of get Alath’s corpse out of the moat’s bank.

Three trolls left: Ngom, Nguslu, and Olngo dumbly remain bathing in the banks of the moat to the north.

Tekkud Betankulet, Spearmaster has bestowed the name “Tenshed Idith” upon a bronze spear!
Tekkud reports on station at West Road.

Taupe orders, “Time to kill the trolls. Kill on sight in that area!”

Troll Ogg likes moat and watches Captain Vortex move closer, then suddenly he lunges on the banks swipes his meaty right hand but misses. 
Vortex kicks Ogg in the right hand, then hacks the left foot.
Vortex slaps Ogg’s the right cheek with the flat of her iron battle axe, and finally kicks the left upper leg and groin.
Ogg gives into pain sinking in the bottom of the moat.

Angus sprints at the order to kill on sight hack Troll Stro in the left leg, then hacks the right foot so the troll can no longer flee. 
Tekkud stabs Stro in the lower arm pinning her.
Angus raises her iron battle axe high and swings down mightily, decapitating Stro’s head.
Axe Lord Ezum of Earthen sprints at the kill on sight order, with thoughts of vengeance, she grips her iron battle axe and leaps in the air, swings, and lands firmly with her back to Troll Nom.  Ezum did not have to look back for she know she hits true.  Slowly, Nom’s head rolled away as his body slump down into the moat. 

So thus ends the Spring Siege of Breadbowl, in the 240th Year of Armok.

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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #303 on: October 10, 2015, 12:05:42 am »


And He said, "Cast your burdens upon Me
Those who are heavily laden,
Come to Me, all of you who are tired
Of carrying heavy loads,
For the labor I will give you is easy
And My burden is naught,
Come to Me and I will reforge your rest."

Chapter 18 (Honor Thy Fallen Heroes)

13th Granite, 240, Early Spring

Breadbowl is safe for now, but at significant loss of its great members. It is often said that burials are for those who survives.  It is ours, the survivors, to take on the tasks of remembering the fallen and to honor their sacrifices for all dwarvenkind.

Alath has been steady vigilance in providing reports, the ever watchful of the Neighborhood Watch.  She is survived by her husband Kumil Archtreaty, and two daughters Ustuth Flagentrance and Urdim Fenceshaken.

SQman, words are mere shadow to the greatness of his honor.  He oversaw the growth and abundance of Breadbowl in its entire fourth year.  He established the Neighborhood Watch to bolster both security and meat source of Breadbowl.  He is survived by his wife Imush Wheelscarred, and two children: Dastot Tinchanneled, and Feb Calledracks.


The Ace Actions, worth at least 62400☼. I like the motiff of Splatterstroke being depicted twice. That symbolizes... I don't know what. I like this while "art", but damn, I'm bad at those things.
You know what's really funny? There isn't even a single dwarf who can swing a mace in this fortress. I've assigned a guy I've met at the fishery to the Shafts of Fortifying and gave him this mace. I wish there was someone more worthy than that, but gotta take what I can.

We've been securing the caverns when suddenly an uninvited guest showed up. The military dealt with ogres, so a troll shouldn't pose a threat.

Well, it's been a long year. I may not be a great architect, politician, or manager, but this outpost needed someone like me. Someone who would take their time herding animals into their pens, someone to ensure that traders can enter safely, someone who's not afraid of caverns.
I've spent my last days in the office to oversee the construction of the walls. Hopefully the next overseer will complete them.


The citizens of Breadbowl gathered in the grand tombs to honor their dead.

Spoiler: Grand Tombs (click to show/hide)

Zefon Lolokdoman is promoted Captain of the Neighbourhood Watch.
Later the afternoon, Zefon submits a report of the likely tracks of Zolak into Breadbowl.

Spoiler: Zolak Tracking Report (click to show/hide)


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #304 on: October 10, 2015, 12:40:38 am »

That's a very nice touch, the burrow in the crypts for the burial.


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #305 on: October 10, 2015, 12:50:26 am »

I laid my hands on SQman's coffin, as the gorlak looked at me with its beady eyes. But words escaped me. I could already feel the rumble of impatience building up in the crowd behind me; dwarves didn't like waiting, and a funeral service was not about to be an exception. Just say what you really feel, they nudged. And make it quick.


"You opened the caverns, even when I explicitly told you there was a gem titan running loose down there. You flooded the entire noble quarters, the one that I spent nearly four seasons carving out. You repealed my law banning all civilian hunting, even as goblins and ogres roam the hills. You built a wall where there was a moat. Sliced my pastures into even more pastures, because why not. And you chopped down May's tree. That was her bloody office, did you know?"

I sighed.

"I'll miss you, you mad bastard."


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #306 on: October 10, 2015, 07:41:35 am »

ooc What is the rule regarding the use of minecarts for Quantum stock piles?


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #307 on: October 10, 2015, 08:02:15 am »

I'd vote preferably not, but it's up to Quasar to decide. Space is hardly at a premium anyway.


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #308 on: October 10, 2015, 04:55:48 pm »

Chapter 19 (The King’s Mandate Remains)

A note, "Life in Breadbowl continues and the King’s Mandate remains. My time for sparring diminishes due to the demands of overseeing duties. The spring season report is attached." -- Sanctume

(Year: 240) [Granite - Slate - Felsite] - Hematite - Malachite - Galena - Limestone - Sandstone - TImber - Moonstone - Opal - Obsidian

Barony of Breadbowl Quarterly Report
  • 1st Granite, 240.  Population: 160
  • 31st Felsite, 240. Population: 158
The King’s Mandate
Trade Summary
  • Total Prepared Meal: +1009
  • Total Drink: +1156
  • Transaction Date: 15th Granite, 240
  • Merchant: A elven caravan of Lenicamela.
Trade Report  Bookkeeper ‘May’ reports the total of Food Storage: 10,020
  • Meat: 255
  • Fish: 4
  • Plant: 4,874
  • Seeds: 1,071
  • Drinks: 1,763
  • Other: 2,054
Note: A delay in the transaction occurs when Safe Indoors is activated for a few days.
Likot of Watch reports, “A cloud of profane smoke has drifted from the northeast heading towards Breadbowl.” 
Likot observes the cloud of profane smoke smothers over both the stray dogs in the northeast building trap to no apparent effect.  Repeat, no apparent effect.

Before trade stocks
  • Prepared Meal 1957 (0)
  • Drinks 1847 (75)
  • Total Value: 89,134
After trade stocks
  • Prepared Meal 947 (1009) +1009 prepared meals
  • Drink 691 (1231)  -> (1231 - 75) = +1156 drinks
  • Breadbowl accepts token offerings of fire clays, a most hopeful breeding pair of Giant Hamsters, and wooden buckets. Value: 2,607
The document is signed by Mayor Quasar and is also indicated as the authorized broker of the completed trade.

Mandate #1 Clear Glass
Goal: Produce 420 clear glass blocks to construct ceilings for below ground farming.
Goal: Implement Drink and Food Production (revision 1)

(completed) Buildings to produce clear glass blocks.

(in progress) Produce clear glass blocks.

(in progress) 15 clear glass blocks for Column 2.2: Maize
Commence digging area for farm 2.2.  Lay 3x5 clear glass blocks.
Set seed feeder and seed stockpile for Maize.
Set plant feeder and plant stockpile for Maize.
Build “road’ foundation for Still.

Mandate #2 Expanded Burrows
Goal: Maintenance of Burrows
(completed) Safe Indoors, expanded to include new mining areas
(completed) Outside In-Wall, include production buildings no indoors within moat walls.
(completed) Wall Construction, expanded z+3 high for higher moat walls.
(completed) Corpse Retrieve, adjust as needed.
(completed) Grand Tombs, created and deleted.

Mandate #3 More Stone
Goal: Produce more stone blocks for construction materials.
(ongoing) The Miner’s Union worked throughout the siege to the satisfaction of the Mason’s Guild with the abundance of stones and metal ores alike.
(ongoing) The Mason’s Guild went full production of stone blocks as per Mandate
(complete) The Mechanic’s Union are re-located with 3 new shops.
(complete) The Gem Guild has 2 new Jeweler’s workshops.

Mandate #4 Metal Equipment
Goal: Evaluate current military equipment needs.
(ongoing) Smelt metal bars, iron and steel bars specially.
(ordered) Create minecarts from magma-safe nickel bars.
(task) Establish a secure armory.
(task) Establish magma forge.

Mandate #5 Moat Wall Construction
Goal: Construct Defensible Wall around Breadbowl
(complete) Construction of southwest wall quadrant.
(task) Evaluate second level wall
(task) Evaluate second level fortification wall
(task) Evaluate roof construction on third level wall

Mandate #6 No Dirt Floor Below Constructions
Goal: Ensure vigilance that no trees growing into any construction in the world.

Sanctume dreams of Armok destroying the world in front of his very eyes.  Mushroom trees from below grows and breaks not just the foundation of Breadbowl, but also the very crust of earth and swallow the world to oblivion.

Upon waking up from the nightmare, Sanctume Mandates that all dirt floors must be constructed over with flooring immediately.

Thank Armok, days pass and the nightmare did not return.

This mandate is not fully completed, however.  Some lazy worker designated empty stockpiles to hide the dirt floors.  But upon closer inspection, some are still there and poses a world ending situation.  I suppose, it’s acceptable for now and the mandate shall continue to be in effect.

(complete) Hospital basement 2 flooring
(complete) Hospital basement 1 flooring
(complete) Hospital flooring. Architect: “S” Sanctume.
(task, cheesed) Basement apartments covered in empty stockpile.

Mandate #7 Corpse Duty Services
Goal: Assign dedicated workers to undertake the grim labor of collecting and proper disposal of all sentient remains, mandatory dump orders, and other refuse hauling.

(complete) Atom smasher tower. Architect: “A” Sanctume.

(complete) Chose four happy peasants to have “Corpse Duty” profession
(task) Evaluate current Corpse Duty personnel, and adjust accordingly per season.

Mandate #8 Moat Clearance Services
Goal: Remove dirt and trees in moat  to ensure body of water water is at least 3 tiles wide. 
Goal: Remove dirt and trees in moat adjacent to walls. 
(task) Lumberjacks will cut trees even near the walls and moat banks, even outside.
(task) Consider removing walls with adjacent dirt or trees; cut the trees and miners channel the excess dirt.

Mandate #9 Subcommittee: Moat Drain Project
Goal: Provide a means to drain moat in the most efficient method.
Goal: Provides solution to mandate #7 Corpse Duty Services
Goal: Provides solution to mandate #8 Moat Clearance Services
(completed) Plan to use existing aquifer for power reactor
(completed) Plan to use drain parts of moat into existing aquifer
(completed) Plan to use existing aquifer to fill moat
(pending) Awaiting approval from subcomittee on submitted plans.

Mandate #10 Fisherman’s Wharf
Goal: Centralized Fishing Guild to use wharf, and streamline fish production line from Wharf to Kitchen.
(task) Evaluate location of Fisherman’s Wharf

Mandate #11 Apartment Expansion
Goal: Build homes to the growing population of Breadbowl.
(completed) Third floor apartment, wall phase 1
(in progress) Third floor apartment, wall & floor phase 2

Mandate #12 Duke’s Mandate
The duke Gwolfski Uristirtir Daggerdangles
(complete) Mandates a creation a Millstone.
(complete) Mandates a creation of 3 Battle Axes.
(ongoing) Prohibition of exports: Battle Axes.

Mandate #13 Mayor’s Mandate
The mayor Quasar
(complete) Mandates a creation a Bolt.

Mandate #14 Royal Jelly
Goal: Include royal jelly in lavish meals
(complete) Order rock hives, and rock jugs
(complete) Build 2 Screw Press
(complete) Build hives next to existing bee hives
(complete) Construct floor on termite and ant colonies

Mandate #15 Murky Pool Safety Initiative
Goal: Remove threat of murky pools inside Breadbowl.
(complete) Place screw pumps to 3 sites, build necessaries: grates, walls
(complete) Pump out murky pools

(task) disassemble pumps upon completion

Other News
  • ‘Child’ Ushat Erarmistem, ‘Ushat Leadportals’ has grown to become a peasant, and recruits into the ranks of Neighborhood Watch with Hunter, Animal Handling, Butcher and Tanner Labor.
  • Udil Likottatlosh transfers to Neighborhood Watch from Civilians (Ranger).
  • The Neighborhood Watch is back to 10 strong.

End of Quarterly Report


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #309 on: October 10, 2015, 10:00:17 pm »

A cloud of profane smoke has drifted from the northeast heading towards Breadbowl.
Likot observes the cloud of profane smoke smothers over both the stray dogs in the northeast building trap to no apparent effect.  Repeat, no apparent effect

That is quite possibly the absolute pinnacle of anticlimatism. I demand more SCIENCE to be done! More species! Of different bodysizes! Burrow a dwarf in there! By Armok, we must find out what this evil weather does....

I'd be amused if it turns out to be a verrry slow-acting syndrome.

Urist McVoyager

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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #310 on: October 10, 2015, 10:17:35 pm »

Woohoo! I've gone from goofing around to three kills at the end of the siege. Angus is on fire now! Literally. Someone should, I don't know, put that out or something.


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #311 on: October 10, 2015, 10:25:48 pm »

So the smoke is an actual thing, and not a storytelling device? Any chance that it be actual dragonsmoke?


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #312 on: October 10, 2015, 10:57:15 pm »

The "cloud of profane smoke" spawns from the NE corner, then drifts over the evil biome, over the NE part of Breadbowl walls, even up to over the forge.  Speaking of which, I should roof that forge building.

I stretch myself with too many mini projects.  Maybe a daycare penthouse above the doghouse.


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #313 on: October 10, 2015, 11:26:58 pm »


It has been determined that Trump is an average unladen swallow travelling northbound at his maximum sustainable speed of -3 Obama-cubits per second in the middle of a class 3 hurricane.


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Re: Breadbowl: a Succession Farm [40.24]
« Reply #314 on: October 11, 2015, 09:43:57 am »

Meanwhile, in yet another alternate universe Breadbowl, disturbing things are happening...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
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