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Author Topic: The friendly and polite Europe related terrible jokes thread  (Read 1024856 times)


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Re: The friendly and polite Europe related terrible jokes thread
« Reply #11910 on: June 12, 2024, 04:31:37 pm »

Oh man, I don't know why I'm doing this, after a day of wrangling VB and C# code, my brain's fried, but I'll try to put together something rational.... ymmv ;)

ok, let me first precede this with a statement: IMO humanity is basically still a tribal hunter/gatherer/producer/thinker, small group social animal. we may think we're highly evolved, and maybe we are in certain respects, but socially, we're still little better than animals in packs. I'd argue that at least 75% of human activity is to further the ends of personal power, and we're still ruled (for the most part) by deep bits of brain we know relatively little about. I can't even say for certain whether I've one mind, two, or indeed, no agency whatsoever.

this leads me to believe that currently, we should not be thinking about continents, countries and world domination, but that we should be living and socialising in smaller groups/tribes, maybe even County (UK) level or smaller, we should be removing the upper levels of social organisation and implementing them in a much more regional and efficient manner. It's all pie in the sky airy fairy thinking, but that's where I am.

On the topic of immigration I believe in local organisation and action, thus, severely limited immigration based on whether the immigrant can provide a service within their desired location and a willingness to join the community and enjoy SHARING AND ACCOMODATING local ethics and morals, rather than moving for a better situation and forcing the new hosts to allow and integrate a sometimes conflicting set of ethics and morals. Yet global coordination, communication, scientific discovery and social discourse is also required.
I believe I have the right so speak my mind, if you* are offended, so be it, but you* have no right to censor me, yet I must also have the state of mind to be able to communicate and defend my position clearly. I do not want to be an animal. Hate is where things get tricky, to me, hate is an emotion, we all have them, we're mostly ruled by them, and I should be allowed to hate. I should be allowed to hate rapists, murderers and those who view human decency with no regard, what I should not be allowed to do is threaten, violate, kill, or otherwise denigrate any other human. OF COURSE I GENERALISE HERE and the devil is in the details.
I believe that rampant capitalism is as bad as state-led single party systems and consumers being fleeced by big whateveritisthatday are both willing victims and fools perpetuating their own agony, whereas "predatory" high-fliers skim the cream from the top, animals again, but legislating against this increases governmental agency and decreases personal freedom, both of which are results I would not like.

Finally, to circle back round to politics, I grew up in a Labour home, became more Liberal in my youth, and more Conservative in my older years. Of course, those labels don't mean a lot, the so called "ruling class" of my nation are a rabble of power hungry animals, throwing tidbits of reform at the masses like paper money confetti, all the while aiming to cement their power and help their own little tribe (which usually doesn't include very many people)
Personally, I'd make Governmental service similar to Jury service, no repeat terms, and if you ever express an opinion of wanting to be a politician, you should be banned from doing so, permanently. This raises many questions on how such a government could even work and I have to say that I don't know, and I'm probably hopelessly naÔve in professing my opinion.

Anyway, I've rambled, and probably not even answered half the questions, but I have to turn my brain off, or I'm never going to be able to get up and think in code in the morning ;)

*You (anyone) generally, not specifically


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Re: The friendly and polite Europe related terrible jokes thread
« Reply #11911 on: June 12, 2024, 05:02:20 pm »

I appreciate you taking the time to give more detail, it was quite an interesting read. Hopefully you manage to get some rest.

I might post a response to it at some point, if I remember to.
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the way your fingertips plant meaningless soliloquies makes me think you are the true evil among us.
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