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Author Topic: [44.12] Dwarves claim ownership of any item they like and never drop the items.  (Read 11529 times)


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Can anyone suggest any way to force dwarves to drop an item? Ideally and clear the ownership flag, as well?

My (admittedly vague) memory is that sometimes simply forbidding the item works.  At other times it is necessary to dump the item - the dwarf in question won't do it but another should, eventually.  (I think the ownership will not be cleared yet though.)  If it still doesn't work then it is dfhack territory, probably cleanowned and/or autodump...?

It certainly should be possible as I remember in an earlier 4x.xx version going for a hardcore naked dwarf start, and although it was fiddly I was able to relieve them of equipped clothing.  It might have taken a couple of different commands and I don't remember the specifics of which followed by which.  Definitely used dfhack for that though.

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@gchristopher: cursor isn't a valid pos - you need xyz2pos(pos2xyz(

Though I'd prefer dumping to ensure game sets all things correctly.
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