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Author Topic: Untamed Virus Containment Thread: COVID-19:Mask of +1 Disease Resistance Edition  (Read 104465 times)


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And yet in spite of it Florida still exists, which is the real disaster.  >:(

Right well I underestimated Harvey a bit and I'll retract "major hurricane" but let me reemphasize: I said crisis, and in the grand scheme of things hurricanes are not really a crisis in terms of what an administration actually does unless it's a very unusual incident.
Like, just to reiterate, but Michael was the highest category hurricane to hit the florida panhandle since we've been tracking hurricane strength. It was a literally historic storm for this region, fema et al didn't manage nearly enough, and the high level decision making did, in fact, get involved and was handled pretty shit.

I didn't have power outside a generator for a month straight. My area is still fixing shit from the damage. More than one of the hurricanes we've had over the course of this administration have, in fact, been bloody unusual.

This administration has been so goddamn clownshoes its consistently extremely shit response to disasters maybe doesn't register well in the grand scheme of things, I guess, and maybe the unceasing cavalcade of horseshit or the unending time malaise of 2020 has made it harder to recall the earlier fuckups, but while covid is undoubtedly the widest scale non-self-inflicted crisis trump and co have dropped the ball on it damn sure ain't the only or the first. S'all I'm sayin'.
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There's also the fact that Puerto Rico has been pretty well wiped clean by multiple major hurricanes over the course of this administration and received very little help in recovering, but I guess since they're not a real state it doesn't count.

(Yeah I'm being cheeky, but more towards the administration than anybody here. There's some bad evidence out there about the administration not giving two sheets about PR's recovery.)

Anyways, this is getting pretty Ameripol right now isn't it?


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I seem to recall a report that one of the officials in charge of the response explicitly said, in an internal communication, that was exactly the plan.

I don't remember the source, so take this with a grain of salt pour a few pounds of salt on this post.

Vanity fair is the source, stating Jared Kushner backed off on his COVID response plan after hearing it was impacting primarily blue cities.

I leave you to consider for yourself the validity of a Vanity Fair article, but this is the one passing it around.
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