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Author Topic: I deleted twitter and you should too  (Read 3666 times)


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Re: I deleted twitter and you should too
« Reply #180 on: Today at 02:49:42 pm »

I hope I won't regret participating in this discussion... But here goes:

In the case of an ignorant bigot and not an actual fascist, sure, they might change their mind. But it should never be expected (nor be the responsibility) of persons whom the hate targets. It's not their job to educate bigots.

Outright fascists/nazis on the other hand should be denied all platforms to spread their hate and recruit new folk into their ranks. Again, this won't make them change their minds or go away, but it will make it harder for them to grow their numbers. (Nor does it touch the underlying issues of what cause the rise of fascism, but that's a much larger topic.)

I completely agree with all of this, 100%. But I'd like to posit that while it is definitely unfair to say that an LGBTQ person should not have to be (Edit: primarily) responsible for educating people... there's not really another avenue for it to come from. It's not fair for someone to have to justify their own existence in that way, but this kind of fighting has to be done. I do what I can as a straight dude who has gained some relative understanding on the subject, but I'm never going to be the same as someone with a horse in the race, as it were.
Also, it's oddly fitting for this to tangent be discussed on a thread about social media, where a lot of this is perpetuated/echoed.
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