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Author Topic: One Dwarf Against the World  (Read 213729 times)


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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #60 on: March 01, 2007, 07:24:00 pm »

Originally posted by Solara:
<STRONG>With the way things have been going I really don't see the fortress getting enough immigration to make a mood even possible, so I really doubt there's anything to worry about.</STRONG>

If anything, it will be a good test of whether moods really do require 20 dwarves...



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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #61 on: March 01, 2007, 07:27:00 pm »

Not 20.  I've gotten a mood with only 16 before.  Never with less than 10 though.  I prefer playing with small numbers of hyper-efficient dwarves outproducing the human/dwarven/elven nations.


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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #62 on: March 01, 2007, 07:39:00 pm »

^yes, I definately prefer to try having as small a population as possible..
et out of my signiture!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #63 on: March 02, 2007, 10:37:00 pm »

I played for a bit, but I was really tired as I didn't get much sleep, and I forgot to take screenshots... so I force quit to play though that again... but not today. On the plus side, I've got some really great ideas.

I will give a brief update as promised from what I played earlier...

(Now if only I can find the wrapper I wrote their names down on... it's really not a very reliable system...)

Oh, and brace yourselves, the human artwork is my own, and obscenely basic! Don't be to hard on it...


Posa was restless. She had joined up with the caravan from Anthat Mubo (The Confederation of Minds) as a merchant several years ago. She had wanted to see the world, but she didn't think she had what it took to be an adventurer... Figuring that she'd see what she'd see as a merchant just as well, and considerable less risk to life and limb, she'd dedicated her life to trade.
But she was restless. Over the years she'd seen all of the major cities, and different cultures- she wanted to see something new...
"Isn't this near where those dwarves said the Mad Dwarf lives? Ursht or something?" She was talking to her friend Sacath, who happened to be resting in the wagon with her.
"Urist. It means dagger, I think..." Sacath would know more about dwarves, her husband...
"Yeah that was it. Wanna check it out?"
"Well... this isn't the safest of jungles, and they say the Mad Dwarf is pretty homicidal too... Not to mention the fact that it's not directly on our way..."
"You haven't actually said if you want to."
"We could make it a trading mission!"
"Trade with one dwarf?"
"Well, didn't they say that the little fellow was hoarding treasure?"
"I'm pretty sure that was just a rumor..."
"Naturally one dwarf alone would be struggling to provide the basic necessities, so we'd probably be welcomed, so long as we're respectful and helpful..."
"You're not listening to me at all are you?"
"It's decided- we'll take two mules and a couple of the guards, as I was listening to you and it probably would be dangerous!"
The danger only seemed to make Posa more gleeful.


The ninth day Urist's first plans were to improve the alcohol situation. Not a single brewable herb had been gathered all spring and summer, so Urist had no choice but to grow her own.


As with everything else she tried, Urist was tediously inept at first... She'd never farmed before in her life! She didn't really know how it worked except the basics. But failure wasn't an option... failure vindicated them. At the though Urist burned with a spiteful passion... Agriculture was nothing for her! It had to be nothing for her if she was to prove them solidly wrong!

She would produce all the alcohol she needed with her bare hands, and she'd prove them wrong!


Posa's mood was notably less cheery as she trudged behind the mule, hacking through the sinister jungle... Her surroundings had nothing to do with her irritation, in fact she found the jungle rather interesting, it was because the guard she was assigned for her little expedition was Xidel... and Xidel was an ass.
"Oh gods! Look behind you! There's a zombie baboon!"
"I didn't fall for that the first three times, Xidel, what makes you think I'll believe you now?"
Xidel laughed just as if she'd fallen for his trick... Was the Mad Dwarf worth putting up with this?

"This looks like it," Sacath was speaking with a decidedly businesslike manner.
There were a couple tunnels, but they were pretty sure from what they'd heard that Urist lived in the one with a door.
"So... what now? Do we just walk up and knock on the door?" Xidel said it as a joke. Posa did it just to spite him. Much to her surprise it worked, as the door opened shortly after they'd begun debating what to do next.
"Yeah, I'm a genius, you know it." Posa was mildly annoyed, but she was more interested in this tiny creature who'd emerged from the cave, squinting in the sun.
"Humans!" The Mad Dwarf seemed to be otherwise dumbfounded by her unexpected visitors.
"Hey there," Posa said, as if to a child, "Are you the dwarf Urist we've heard so much about?"
"Lies! Whatever you heard, Lies!" It immediately declared. Xidel guffawed, and Posa quickly jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow, shutting him up...
Smartly Sacath took over, having more experience with dwarves. "Don't worry, we're merchants, and we heard that you might have some valuable goods... Perhaps you'd like to trade?"
"I told you... Lies..."
Posa cut back in, "So you don't have anything to trade? We have some Swamp Whisky," she pointed to the barrel her mule carried, "We thought perhaps you'd need some help surviving out here... We know how much dwarves depend on booze, and I thought it might be really difficult for you to... make... here.." She trailed off as the dwarf flashed the most peculiar expression- it was like intense rage, fear, and loathing all at once... But only for a split-second before adopting a strangely calm expression... Posa was, to say the least, a bit concerned. "Did I say something wrong?"
"Oh no... Swamp Whisky... mm... sounds good! I... I... uh, rock... crafts... I made some for you... Er, no... not you... merchants... to trade... as I need to trade for Swamp Whisky... "booze"... It's hard to make... yes... You need the plants... and when they run out... to grow... so much work... I could never do that of course!" The dwarf said the last sentence with clenched teeth and fists, but quickly regained calm. "Through here... I... that is to say... I have a place set up for you... merchants... to trade."
Posa and Sacath exchanged glances. Something was clearly up.
"I'll tell you what," Sacath proposed, "Posa here wanted quite badly to meet you, so how about I go down there while Posa and Xidel stay out here to... talk with you. Is there any reason that wouldn't be okay?"
The dwarf shook its head after a pause, and Sacath went with her mule and guard down the tunnel Urist indicated, while Posa watched Urist to make sure nothing funny happened.


"He's not nearly as insane as they made him out to be," Xidel said while Urist stood right in front of him.
"He?!" The dwarf bristled.
"Yes you little fellow! I'm saying you don't seem mad!" Xidel raised his voice to talk to Urist.
"For goodness sake," Posa tried to undo Xidel's diplomatic blunder, "He's a dwarf, not deaf. He can hear just as well as you or I."
"HE!?" Urist declared again.
"'He' is also as female as you or I," Sacath's voice came from the tunnel.
"What!?" Posa was surprised too, but it was Xidel that had exclaimed in disbelief. He then started laughing, "It's not just the Mad Dwarf but the Bearded La- OW!" Posa had kicked him in the shin. Hard. Urist was bright red.
"I'm going to-! I'm... I'm going to... get the rocks... crafts, I mean..."
Urist stalked off into the cavern.
"Way to go, Posa."
That was it! Knee-to-the-crotch time!
"It seems there's actually a trading facility down here," Sacath's echoing voice interrupted from the cave... it doesn't look like there are any traps, it should be safe."
"Aah-ee!" Posa gave Xidel what he deserved before she stalked off into the cave. Xidel did his best to follow, attempting to remind Posa that she'd left the mule behind, but his voice wasn't quite right.

Then the wall came down. They all died instantly.



Urist had never met a human before today, but she already counted them among the most loathsome creatures in existence.

That one... That one... she was one of them- she had put Urist down, denied her abilities... and she had never met Urist before! Clearly, humans were all, by instinct, them. Such loathsome creatures, looking down from their height, with their elf-like bare chins... Clearly, humans were by nature like them. Before today Urist had planned on ignoring any humans who came snooping around, but now... Now, she would not suffer a single human to leave this place alive!

Urist sat brooding for hours until her cat came over... It was still cheerful... it became clear why when it deposited a dead cave spider at Urist's feet... That's right... She didn't need to brood. They were dead. She'd killed them, just like they deserved...

Now, what was the situation in the wake of those arrogant meddlers? They weren't dealt with as cleanly as the dwarf merchant had been... It seems the human near the trade depot had begun unloading her goods, and a bag of flower and some tasty looking cow meat were sitting there... At the entrance, the merchants had forgotten their mule, which had promptly managed to shed its burden somehow and wander off into the jungle...


The undead elephants would probably kill it.
And its burden that was left behind?
A couple of trinkets, an animal of some sort in a cage and... a barrel of Swamp Whiskey.
Damn it! That's what Urist had been doing! That's exactly the accomplishment that those arrogant humans had tried to take away from her! And they were still trying after death, by leaving this barrel to cheapen her achievements! Well she wouldn't stand for it. She purposefully marched inside, locked the door, and vowed never to open it again. She grumbled as she continued to search inside for plants, and tended her little garden, but the day was almost over. She was tired, so she slept.

The Ninth Night.


Well that was a bit longer than I meant it to be... No harm though, right?

Looking up the names in the objects files for fun (and because it looked like I'd written Posn on the notewrapper, when I didn't think that was it...) Posa means radiance, Sacath means leader, Xidel means point, and Ulet means wisp. I though Ulet was particularly accurate, as he was Sacath's swordsman who didn't ever get mentioned by name in the story (not planned).

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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #64 on: March 02, 2007, 11:34:00 pm »

Well that was a bit longer than I meant it to be... No harm though, right?
I see no possible way any harm could have been dealt  :)
et out of my signiture!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #65 on: March 03, 2007, 07:08:00 am »

"That was it! Knee-to-the-crotch time!"




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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #66 on: March 03, 2007, 04:26:00 pm »

Great update! I was wondering when the next one would be.  :)

Seems like Sacath might have been able to get them out of there alive if Posa and Xidel had just kept their mouths shut...still, listening to the two of them royally screw themselves over was the funniest part of the update.  :D



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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #67 on: March 04, 2007, 06:17:00 pm »

Brilliant writing, I eagerly await the next episode!


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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #68 on: March 05, 2007, 08:56:00 pm »

Ha ha, I'm a filthy liar. No updates Saturday or Sunday!
In my defense, I was having way too much fun just playing on Saturday, and I told myself I'd write an essay due Monday before any update on Sunday... I wrote the essay at midnight...

So now that you've heard my sniveling excuses, we return to the story:


The Tenth Day

Food: More than she'd ever need.
Alcohol: Stable as soon as the pig tails are harvested.
Security: Nigh invincible.
What more did Urist need? Well... She did have a fondness for Dwarven Rum... She'd keep searching for wild sweet pods, but no shrubs grew now...

Noticing that somehow the cat had left a couple cave spiders alive long enough to cover the whole shore-cave in silk, she decided to make all the silk cloth she'd ever need.

She began working, first gathering up at least a dozen webs, when she noticed a strange and most unpleasant smell...

Well, it seems the cat had finally caught and killed the cave spiders... in every room... and then stood in the doorway to allow the stink of their rotting corpses to waft all about...

If Urist hadn't had so many quarry bush leaf biscuits, she might have cooked the cat then and there... As it stood, she... didn't feel like killing the useless troublesome cat (which struk her as odd)... She could do something about the intermediate cause of the stink- the spider corpses. She decided to extend a tunnel farther into the mountian with the aim of throwing the stinky spiders back there before they rotted...

"This is your fault you know," Urist uselessly told the cat as it sat behind her watching as she dug.
The cat did its best to look bored, groomed itself for a while, and then walked back to kill some more cave spiders.

After the better part of a days digging, Urist thought her tunnel was just about deep enough (probobly more deep than it needed to be she decided on reflection), but she had noticed the rocks sounded funny when her pick hit them... All of a sudden they crumbled, and she stumbled.

It appeared to be some sort of large chasm... This would be a perfect place to dump the spider corpses! She'd never smell them again after they fell in there.

Pleased with herself she returned to her little river home... to find the place covered in cave spider corpses, with the cat sitting, looking as innocently as physically possible...

Well, that's why Urist had dug the tunnel after all...

After she'd finished chucking them all in the newly discovered chasm, she found it was rather late... Well, she'd found an interesting chasm today at least...

The Tenth Night.


Urist drove the mule through the dense foreboding jungle where so many had died before... One could see corpses littering the forest, well, remains at least... Animals had been picking over most of the corpses for the better part of a year...
"Hey... Hey, Urist?" Zuglar the axedwarf was visibly disturbed by his surroundings, "Do you... Do you think we're going to die here too?"
"Oh, grow a backbone," Zan the merchant responded, "The Mad Dwarf is probobly already dead."
"Indeed," said Urist, "There's no way the Mad Dwarf could have survived the winter..."
"He's right," Zan continued to attempt to comfort the distressed axedwarf, "With any luck there'll be a small outpost of perfectly sane dwarves with all sorts of valuables they'd be willing to trade for food."
"With any luck..." Urist echoed.

They journeyed a while longer in silence until another axedwarf, Unib, asked, "Isn't 'Urist' the Mad Dwarf's name?"
"Yeah, that's right!" said Zuglar in surprise, having not previously noticed.
"I know, weird ain't it?" Urist responded, "'Urist' is a common enough name though..."
The merchant Urist at the head of the caravan continued to drive his mules through the dark jungle.



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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #69 on: March 05, 2007, 08:57:00 pm »

The Eleventh Day

Urist first noticed that the cave river had flooded while she slept. Maybe now she'd get some sweet pods! Though, looking at the cluttered food stockpile Urist decided a little cleaning was in order. First thing she did was to start clearing out some of the stones. She did that by cutting them into blocks for storage in the mason's workshop...

The work would take a while, she'd have to wait before she actually checked the entrance-area for plants... or other things.


Urist the merchant's caravan of three merchants, three mules, three axedwarves approached the cliff face.

"Hello!?" Urist shouted... No response but his echo, which actually caused Zuglar to wince, causing Unib to snicker.

"What's that on the ground? in front of the tunnel?" Unib asked.

"Hey, those are some pretty spiffy crafts!" Zuglar was rushing over to pick up the (=Deer Bone Bracelet=).
"Stop!" Shouted Urist... the merchant.
"What? Why?" Zuglar was already holding the crafts.
Urist put palm to head. "It could have been a trap- we're dealing with a very crafty dwarf here who's already used a trap to kill at least one merchant and escort. Anything here could be rigged."
Zuglar gulped, "I... I though you said she was dead!" His knees started to shake.
"Oh, yes, she's undoubtedly dead, of course." Zan did her best co comfort the burly axedwarf...
"Can't relax. Traps might be automated." That was the third axedwarf Mafol, who hadn't said more than four words previously on the journey...
Zuglar began to whimper. "I don't want to die!"
"Gods, why'd you have to go and scare him like that?" Zan was tired of calming their ostensible protector.
"..." Mafol didn't talk much.

Urist got back to business. "In any case, Zuglar seems to have proven that these crafts aren't rigged... however one might rig a... bracelet..."
"Pitfalls?" Udib was trying to be helpful... but he wasn't.
"... Right... In any case, as I was saying, these seem to be safe so-"
"Hey, what's this!" Zuglar had tripped over a barrel have submerged in mud... he promptly opened it, took a sniff, and then a sip, "Swamp Whisky! Tasty."
"... I thought you said you didn't want to die..." Urist made a mental note that his caravan only had two guards.
"For all you knew, that could have been poison."
"Uagh!" Zuglar jumped away from the barrel as if it was poison...
Zan did her best to keep Zuglar from freaking out, "But it's not! Calm down, you're fine... it's fine... everything's just fine..."
"Could be a delayed effect." Unib was trying again...
"AS I WAS SAYING!" Urist shouted, "As I was saying, these crafts... and I guess this whisky too, seems to be safe, so we can load them up on the mules-"
"Not the whiskey," Unib interjected, "Too heavy."
Well, at least there was only one dwarf interrupting Urist, as Zuglar was curled up in a fetal position, quietly whimpering about how the poison was going to kick in any second.
"Just be quiet! Anyway, lets take these crafts so at least we've got some profit out of this..."
"Humans," Mafol said.
"What? What about humans?" Zan asked.
"Muck root, walrus bone, that foot." As he named these objects Mafol pointed at the barrel the bracelet and the cave respectively.


Ah, this meat seems to have finally gone bad... it took long enough, it had been sitting on the ground for well over a year...

Urist would start gathering plants soon enough.


Of course, they could all see what Mafol meant, but Udib felt obliged to explain it all. "Sure enough, muck root is the plant used in Swamp Whiskey, and isn't native to these parts, and only humans would ever gather it. The (=Deer Bone Bracelet=) menaces spikes of walrus bone- an animal that only humans would hunt! And the foot... wait, what foot?"
Mafol pointed more specifically at a boot sticking out from under a slab of rock that served as the floor of the nearby cave... it was a human's boot...
Udib poked it with his axe, "Yep, that's a human foot, looks like the rest of him is under this rock slab- Waugh! What! How!? That's just nasty!"
The stone slab had begun to pivot upwards to the left wall... revealing the rest of the human... humans it seemed.
"What happened? What happened?" Zuglar came running out of a nearby alcove that nobody had seen him go in. "Oh gods, that's... that's terrible!" He ran back in, and the slab shortly fell back down.
"A little explanation, please?" Urist had no idea what just happened.
Shaking nervously Zuglar explained: "There... was a lever... I mean, you pull levers... right? So I did... and... oh gods, the blood!"
"Okay, I guess this all makes sense now," Urist said.
"Wait, what, in what way!?" Unib was rather perturbed by not being the smart-ass for once.
"The Mad Dwarf must have somehow lured the human traders into that tunnel, pulled the switch and killed them- that seems to have been the fate of Ablel that we've all heard so much about. Now, there's probably more human goods inside. It looks like the Mad Dwarf wasn't interested in their goods, so we should find some interesting stuff." Urist was quite happy about managing to speak for so long without interruption.
"Issue!" Udib raised his annoying hand, "What if that's what the Mad Dwarf Wants? What if she's just waiting somewhere for us to go in there in order to crush us?"
"But... the slab's down, right? It couldn't fall on us like those poor humans." Zan's point was half calculated to keep Zuglar from having a nervous breakdown.
"Getting crushed against the wall slowly isn't that much more preferable," said Udib.
"The Mad Dwarf is probably dead by now in any case," said Urist.
"Fresh blood." Mafol said.
"I don't want to get crushed! I'm not going in there" Zuglar cried out.
"Good!" replied, Urist, "That solves everything- You stay out here and gaurd the lever to make sure the ghost of the Mad Dwarf doesn't pull the lever to kill us."
"Ghost?!" Zuglar shouted.
Ever helpful Udib added "But what if there's ano-"
"SHUT UP EVERYONE!" Urist was growing weary, "How long have we been standing here discussing this! It's pointless, I'm in charge, we're doing as I say. Let's just get it over with." He went in first, before anyone could object to his plan, driving his mule before him.


Urist was brewing a bit more alcohol, she had realized she'd run out just a while ago as she had some quarry bush leaf biscuits. Finishing up now, it was time for her to actually begin gathering plants. She headed for the entrance.


"Okay," Urist the merchant said, "Not bad at all." He had just finished repacking the mules with what they'd found. There were signs of rotten meat, but there was also a bag of longland flour, several trinkets, as well as a caged mule. It was a great accomplishment, but the merchants had managed to actually fit the mule on... another mule... They had to leave behind a bag of Dwarven Sugar, and they couldn't take one of the trinkets, a raccoon bone scepter, but it was clear that they were leaving with a great profit.

After everything was arranged the merchants left back through the tunnel they'd come, when all of a sudden Zuglar came running down the tunnel.
"It's terrible, terrible!" He was shouting, "It's the Mad Dwarf I'm sure of it!"
Everyone froze in panic.
"If the Mad Dwarf is out there... what are YOU DOING IN HERE AWAY FROM THE LEVER!" Urist was furious, he was probobly about to die because of this boob!
"I just though... Oh god's I didn't think!" He promptly started running away screeming. The rest of the merchant band followed in comperable panic.


Urist was furious, "I'm going to kill you! I'm really going to kill you, Zuglar!"
Urist the merchant chased Zuglar as he ran around, giggling like a moron. "You should have seen the look on your faces, even Mafol was about to piss himself!"
Mafol stuck his foot out as Zuglar passed, the latter falling face first in the mud, Urist landing on top of him.
"You are a dead dwarf!"
"Mercy!" His pleading wasn't very convincing, as he was still giggling uncontrollably. In fact it was pretty damn ridiculous. Ridiculous enough that Urist began to laugh... though he quicly regained his composure. "Okay, we got what we came here for, and the Mad Dwarf seems to have died or gone away, though there are none of the other settlers still here. Let's get back to Liruksibrek and sell these goods, and this information."

The dwarven band made their way back through the jungles to the mountain homes, surprisingly alive...


Urist had gathered quite a bit few nice plants, but no sweet pods yet... She had stuck her head outside briefly, having thought she'd heard something, but hadn't seen anyone... She had a faint notion that she'd seen something dart into her trade-depot cave, though she decided she'd imagined it...

Today was another moderately productive, rather uneventful day.

Eleventh Night


Now I must apologize again, as I hadn't intended this non-event to be covered in so much detail... As a result, the real interesting events will have to wait... with any luck though, I may still get to them tonight, as I have no work and plenty of time... I've just been writing for too long straight.



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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #70 on: March 05, 2007, 10:05:00 pm »

Non-event? Merchants actually escaped the fortress ALIVE. Not only escaped alive but also apparently started an impromptu circus act with a pair of mules. Seems pretty notable to me.    ;)

Awfully brave of you to start chucking refuse into the chasm like that - the amount generated by one dwarf and one cat hopefully won't attract too much attention, but one lucky monster is all it would take to end this story.

EDIT: I am a little curious as to what exactly happened there, gameplay-wise. Did you actually trade with the merchants "off screen", or just wait for them to leave? If the former things might get really interesting next time migrants arrive...

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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #71 on: March 05, 2007, 10:20:00 pm »

Liked the update, was a little disappointed at the lack of any confrentation.
et out of my signiture!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #72 on: March 06, 2007, 01:13:00 am »

Originally posted by JimmyJ:
<STRONG>Liked the update, was a little disappointed at the lack of any confrentation.</STRONG>

Heh, hence me calling it a non-event... It doesn't look like I'll finish the update like I planned... It's got more action at least, I didn't want to write it when I'm tired though.

You'll probably like the next part more as it's got lots of running and screaming and fun stuff like that.


Originally Posted by Solaria:
<STRONG>Awfully brave of you to start chucking refuse into the chasm like that - the amount generated by one dwarf and one cat hopefully won't attract too much attention, but one lucky monster is all it would take to end this story.</STRONG>

To tell you the truth, this is why I brought the cat along, at least in the preliminary planning stages. The story potential is of course the end reason.

I was going to dismiss your concerns out of hand- I'm fairly sure Urist, an adept or better miner, could take down a troll more often than not, but I do admit... any relatively serious injury, and she's dead. Even if she can move, she'll rest, and there's no one to bring her water...


<STRONG>EDIT: I am a little curious as to what exactly happened there, gameplay-wise. Did you actually trade with the merchants "off screen", or just wait for them to leave? If the former things might get really interesting next time migrants arrive...</STRONG>

Yes... it's actually quite funny, I should have kept a behind-the-scenes shot of it, but Urist was actually just out of camera in all the merchant shots, busily dragging goods to the depot... (Hope I didn't ruin the illusion)
I actually traded with the main concern being loading the merchants up with all they could carry...
It's even more ridiculous when you realize that in addition to the mule I gave them they were already carrying a bull... lord knows how...

Its great how everything worked out like it did- I had to get rid of the human contaminants, the four-dwarf immigration waves were getting boring... One problem solved the other, at the minor cost of restraining from slaughtering these merchants.

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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #73 on: March 06, 2007, 11:21:00 am »

It was good despite the lack of dwarven deaths.
And I think that the merchants just stealing everything the old merchants had is a good enough excuse to trade them all that crap  :)
But what do I know?
Everything I say should be taken with atleast 1 tsp. of salt, and another liter of Dwarven Wine is recommended.

"I thought it was the size of the others!" said Vanon. "I guess it was just standing further away!"


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Re: One Dwarf Against the World
« Reply #74 on: March 06, 2007, 12:55:00 pm »

Bravo! Keep the updates coming. Very entertaining.
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