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Author Topic: Tunneledbronze: A Fortress Carved In Blood  (Read 1625 times)


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Tunneledbronze: A Fortress Carved In Blood
« on: May 14, 2008, 03:42:00 pm »

Journal of Omec Radiamec, Human Merchant's Guild Representative

15th Hematite, 1055
I do not have a good feeling about this dwarven fortress. This so-called "Tunneledbronze". From past reports, they have requested nothing of our traders for the past three years. They are very secretive and only seemed to trade with bone crafts, of which they had many.

17th Hematite, 1055
We have arrived at the fortress region. I cannot express my disgust at the pools of blood which cover the ground, or the half-rotten elk carcasses. There seem to be a lot of stone-fall traps hidden very discreetly. Not discreet enough for a watchful Human, of course, but good enough to fool a goblin.

18th Hematite, 1055
We have survived the long trek through mountains of bone and literal rivers of blood. I nearly thought that the Trade Depot was covered in blood, when it was merely made out of Kaolinite. I still do not like the fact that there seems to be a ballista peeking out of a fortification to the north, pointed directly at us.

Itast "Ragwhispers" Unibiklist, the fortress administrator, greets us and motions me to come inside the fortress. The entrance is a long passage, made of tall blood-stained walls, with watchful dwarves looking out from the shadows.

19th Hematite, 1055
It seems that as soon as I walked in the door, a general alarm was raised. Goblins!
I feared for the lives of my workers and contemporaries, and what would befall if they were all slaughtered. We know these dwarves. They would take everything, knowing that I cannot do anything without starting an interracial war, inevitably ending up in Human loss.

20th Hematite, 1055
Itast Unikbilist has led me to the battlements. The dwarves eye me suspiciously, while Itast shows me the scene. The goblins have still not walked into the traps, and are shooting at my men with their damnable crossbows. I already see the corpses of Lasin and Buslon, two stout pikemen who foolishly charged at the goblins. I did not know them well.

21st Hematite, 1055
The ballista starts operating. That dreadful ballista. It kills one of my men at first, before it ends up killing two goblins. In retaliation, the goblins who have shot all their bolts charge towards the caravan, but are pummeled by the traps or shot by the dwarves before they can move any further.

23rd Hematite, 1055
The last goblin finally falls. I can see four healthy men still alive and well, and one with a bolt stuck in both his hand and chest. Itast sighs, and orders the front door unlocked. We go down to his office to talk about the trade agreements. Once again, he says that he does not request anything from us, even though we are prepared to pay him handsomely for shields.

30th Hematite, 1055
Through the stone, I can hear the alarm. The goblins want revenge. With a smirk, Itast motions me to come to the battlements. I refuse, as I already know the outcome and do not want to witness more of my men fall to their deaths.

4nd Malachite, 1055
Finished with the trade agreements, I walk out of the fortress, and nearly trip on a macaque skull. One of my men is unconscious, but still breathing. I try to tend to his wounds, but he dies shortly after. I leave Tunneledbronze, along with ten good men. I begin my journey home.

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Re: Tunneledbronze: A Fortress Carved In Blood
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2008, 02:36:00 pm »

That's pretty cool. Gives a good feel of the fort, from an outside perspective. And the carnage doesn't hurt, either.

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Re: Tunneledbronze: A Fortress Carved In Blood
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2016, 08:27:33 pm »

can you do more of these?
You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain