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Author Topic: Weapons Tweak Mod  (Read 1121 times)


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Weapons Tweak Mod
« on: October 30, 2021, 01:07:38 am »

Just a few tweaks I made for myself and thought some might like to use or look at.

New reactions at the forge to craft weapons in larger batches, and utilizing wooden logs. Some are now much more metal-efficient to produce than others. All numbers below are for production batches of 10.

Maces can be made using 6 logs and 1 bar.
War hammers are made for 6 logs and 2 bars.
Spears are made for 12 logs and 3 bars.
Battle axes are made for 6 logs and 7 bars.
Short swords are made for 3 logs and 9 bars.

All civilizations minus elves had general ore and bronze reactions added.
All civilizations minus kobolds, subterranean animal people and elves had steel reactions added.

Pick velocity has been reduced to match other swung weapons, penetration has been reduced to that of a short sword stab, and it has had the requirement to wield in one hand increased beyond that of dwarves.
Axe has had the slap removed as it had more secondary than primary attacks.
Scourges and whips have been nerfed and summarily removed from civilization lists.
Flail has had a shaft strike added as it had no secondary attacks.
Mace remains with only the primary attack. No secondary (generally inferior) attack added out of pity.

Files replaced (in raw/objects) are:


Will probably need a new world genned for anything to happen.

Known issues:

The melt exploit is obviously multiplied many times over by this. Technical suggestions welcome.
Fuel usage outside of magma forges is reduced to 1/10th. Ditto on suggestions.
Impact of changes due to adding metal reactions to other civs are untested.
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