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Author Topic: Possible bugs with definitons of workshop orders  (Read 3021 times)

Urist McGoombaBrother

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Possible bugs with definitons of workshop orders
« on: May 12, 2016, 12:33:57 am »

I find the new workshop order definitions absolutely great. It makes many bulk orders for certain items way easier. No more fiddling around with tedious stockpile restriction - workshop linking whatever for simply ordering 20 tables made of microcline. many thx for this. However, I found some issues. Let me split this in three sections:

1) Major Bugs with order definition menu not working at all

That's especially an issue for custom reactions not supporting the order detail menu at all

a) not working for custom reactions related to rock (tested with mason and craftwarf workshop), the detail button within the workshop is greyed out and not selectable. The detail button within the manager menu is not greyed out, but nothing happens when pressing it

One easy example for a custom reaction, which does not allow to define the type of rock selected via order detail menu

Code: [Select]
[NAME:melt any rock]
[DESCRIPTION:test melt rock any stone into one 1 bar of charcoal]
[CATEGORY:test melt rock]

However it is working for vanilla rock reactions and vanilla rock musical instruments. AND the detail menu does also work for custom reactions related to bone and wood. So it appears just to be an issue related to rock (and maybe some other materials, I haven't tested so far).

b) kiln: no detail menu for vanilla reactions and vanilla musical instruments as well; the type of clay can not be selected, also the shape of clay statues is not defineable

2) Minor bugs with order definition menu working

metalsmith forge for instrument pieces - shows all materials even those not related to metal like gems and stone; altough the display appears broken, the reaction themself seem to work -  there exists already a bug report for this one (

3) probably not a bug, just missing features?

glass furnace: does not allow to select type of glass for instrument pieces - also vanilla instruments
kitchen and still (no detail menu for selecting ingreadients for meals/drinks)

As it is pretty easy to overlook some of those things, have you encountered some more? If so please post them here.

Shall I create one big bug report on mantis or several small ones? Or might this thread gather enough attention and things will become redundant otherwise?


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Re: Possible bugs with definitons of workshop orders
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2016, 02:49:34 pm »

I think basically all of those are "custom reactions", even though they're not user-created. Musical instruments are randomly generated with the world, for instance. Not sure why the kiln is in this category, but it seems that it is. So it's just one (fairly large) missing feature as I see it.
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Urist McGoombaBrother

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Re: Possible bugs with definitons of workshop orders
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2016, 11:59:59 pm »

I made some further testing:

working: wood, leather, bone, shell, plant/wool/silk cloth, plant/wool/silk thread
working with minor issues: hoof and horn both listed under hoof and horn despite being two seperate items; metal - displayed are much more materials like stone, glob, etc.; gem - same as with metal - working, but displayed is much more
mayor things not working: stone (for custom reactions only), clay (also for vanilla reactions, statues not defineable)
other things not working: glass, food, drink, soap, tallow, sheet, all kind of prepared food (cheese, egg, prepared fish meat, nerve, cartilage, etc.), corpse, corpsepieces

when trying to process a product like a chair made of any type of wood this appears upon clicking the detail button:
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