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Author Topic: The Last Dwarves of Ulolkegeth  (Read 1170 times)


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The Last Dwarves of Ulolkegeth
« on: May 10, 2017, 05:17:39 pm »

Hello, everyone. This is a community fortress that I felt like doing because of it's seemingly unique premise.
This is largely inspired by this eight year (almost nine, now!) old community fortress:
If you'd like to be dwarfed, please ask! I'd love to have plenty of interaction given that the fortress won't be populated very heavily at all.

The Journal of Riv Pagedyawn

15th of Granite, 300

About a year ago, the last bastion of our kind fell to a roving warband of savage menfolk, goblins and elves. We evacuated the fortress of Caughtclasps and left in a caravan of more than sixty dwarves, which has since dwindled to a meager seven.

Kadol and Asob are miners and masons both, breakers and shapers of stone.

Thikut works with wood, as a lumberer or as a carpenter.

Sibrek practices the most ancient art of smithing.

Sarvesh is a farmer by trade, though her charisma led to her taking command of our ill-fated caravan.

Ingish is likely the last Dwarf who will ever live to be trained in the traditional way of the Dwarven Legion. When times were tough, he and his now gone axe kept us safe.

Finally, there is me. I was a scholar by trade at Caughtclasps, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I am now a scribe and keeper of stocks.

We've found a place to settle after a year of wandering, within a vast jungle at the base of a volcano. The temperature here is hot, hotter than it was at Caughtclasps, and the others are wary. Regardless, Sarvesh decided that this would be the place where we make our stand. As the last Dwarves, we elected to name our future fortress Ulolkegeth, or, Lasthold. We parked the wagon atop the volcano's peak and took a moment to appreciate the view, sitting alongside the edge of the great natural formation. It was a feat of madness, looking back on it, but we did it anyways.
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