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Author Topic: The History Of Ritork  (Read 1689 times)


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The History Of Ritork
« on: May 11, 2017, 09:40:54 pm »

Background: I started this game in year 4, and it was a modding experiement by my friends; my reasoning for calling it Ritork is because a colossus named Rit became the most important figure in the game because of two  simple actions. Also I've lost the world save, but if I find it I'll upload it

Rits Story
Rit was a mysterious colossus, who wondered the Desert of Savages until he encountered the barbarian named Gambran. Gambran fought off Rit, sending him to the Rainy Dunes. During the summer of year 1, Rit destoryed the kingdoms of Erifia and Luut. In the year 67, Rit was  struck down by Dun-Tar.

The First Civilizations
During this time the world was very chaotic and dangerous, so at that time only 3 nations existed, Erifia, Luut, and The Diltri. The only history that was truely known was that of The Diltri, but most of that lost after the invasion of the mountain elves. The only thing that I will say about Diltri is that its first king was Astesh the Conqueror. Anyway these mountain elves I speak of were the inhabitants of Erifia, who migrated after Rit destroyed Erifia. These elves settled in the mountains, but after their poor living conditions that moved into the valley and conquered Diltri. From this point on many Diltrians would try to reclaim the Mellow Valley for many years to come. As for Luut, they were disbursed throughout the world.

The Tribes of Luut
The Tribes of Luut are only known as Kaskr, Iradrak, Detir, Tovkov and are rarely mentioned in the histories of other peoples, but it is known that they inhabited the lnads surrounding Luut.

Tale of The Dunarians
In the year 15 there was a band of warriors, whose names were Shrab, Shashee, Bahai, Dan, and Duna, and they were traveling throughout the lands of Nrigasot. These warriors were Diltrians, but those warriors had betrayed them in order to save one of their friends. So in the late summer of year 15, the Glambai raided the warriors camp. Bahai and Shrab were killed while fighting off the Glambai, Shashee was captured and killed. Dan and Duna were the only people able to escape. Dan and Duna continued to travel in fear of the Glambai returning. Later by the year 25, the children of Duna and Dan had founded a great city. This was the city of Dunari and its territory was called Dunaria, and its inhabitants were called Dunarians. Travoi, who was the 15th son, builds a dam. Finally in the year 32, the Glambai had returned and sieged the city and it fell to ruin.

The Feuding Tribes and Marduís Flood
After the city is abandoned a man by the name of Dun-Thare leads a small party eastward, where they would settle. These people founded the settlement of Zare, which became the tribes of Tarfit, Jamb, Barz, Qum, Rehace, Zaux, Srif, Nigh, Higmo, and Gurf in year 48. A Jambite named Mardu decides to settle away from the tribes, and builds a tower. In the year 57 another tribe was started, Tarkishon. Its chieftain was Tark Zondin, who ended up conquering the Nigh, Higmo, and Gurf before being killed by his own son, Tark Gobun. Tark Gobun then conquers the other tribes, while some of the Rehacians and Jambites escape to live with Mardu. After 3 months, Mardu decides to brake the dam and flood the tribes. Now while Tark Gobun was in power he changed his name to Targ of Zondin. After Mardu broke the dam, the flood water drowned all the tribes, and the Tarkonians were no more. After the floods, the Rehacians and Jambites settled in Zafrii and Mardu married a Rehacian.

The Nations of Mardu ( year 64-75 )
Mardu had 4 sons, Jarob, Hab, Sarfa, and Rohaton. Jarob and Hab left to settle southward, Sarfa was soon to follow, while Rohaton stayed behind to rule the newly built city of Mardok. Jarobs descendants were the nomadic trojabi, Cimoreans, and Urakians. The descendants of Hab settled in Jabru and Botapia. Sarfas kin conquered and exiled the trojabi, so they went east, and Sarfas kin founded Quidil. And then Rohaton founded the city of Balx.

The Age of Wars ( year 76-97 )
After the Sarfans conquered Jabar, Hab sent his youngest son ,who was Bruhhat, to overthrow the and kickout Sarfans from Quidil. But due to the death of his camel the failed to find Quidil, and continued eastward until he reached the plain of Trojaban. In Trojaban he recruits the nomadic Trojabi to join him, then the move onward to the city of Tarabon. Bruhhat then seizes and conquers the city, founding the kingdom of Bruhir. This kingdom only lasted for a few years, then fell to ruin and the people became nomads, but now as the Brujabi. This event caused the other Trojabi tribes to head even farther east. Back in Quidil multiple rebellions break out.  During this time of civil unrest, many new nations were formed based on cultural regions. One day a rebell named Badrif, who was a blacksmith, started a rebell group called the Bardians located in one of the cultural nations. The Bardians grew into a savage barbarian military force, and soon the freed more cultural regions, founding Serku, Bimishi, Axaxida, and Sharb. The rest of the culture nations became Jee in the north, Quarb in the central area, and Emit in the east. And finally Rohaton, being the least of his brothers conquered the surrounding Jambite and Rehacian city-states and called the whole of them all Rhotan.

The Happenings in Habland ( 100-157 )
In Botapia two royal brothers, Lab and Habb, decided to spread the kingdom into the southern lands. Lab heads south founding the country Laboni of the Labians. And Habb starts Habbia and its peoples, the Habbians.

The Cimoreans Conquer the World ( 169-185 )
became under new leadership and then began to spread to northern Tarkishon, northern Osu, and farther south into the Quidilian peninsula and Habland. A tribe of Cimoreans conquers Jee and then forged an entire empire called Jaro-jee. The Trojabi unite and form Burr and Burristan, and an evil regime is created. This regime is focused on the genocide of the Brujabi and the mountain elves. This race believed that they were direct descendants of Bruhhat called the Bhattans, and that the side casts needed to be exterminated. After the near complete extinction of the Brujabi tribes, a Jaro-jee named Sairgi arouse and took the position as general of their militia and lead them into Osu. After warring for 10 years the Bhattan Regime is destroyed, but the Bhattan Order of Purity still existed, but just in permenant exile. As the Jaro-jee begin to expand their territory north into Tarkishon, Balx sends out a scout to map the lands.

That of Luut ( 200-226 )
This Balxian scout continued west until he found lands that were populated by the Luut. The peoples were horsemen and some what united. After meeting the scout that stole his maps and books, then traveled to southern Osu, where they absorbed the culture of the ancient elves. This culture introduced them to carts, metal, reading, writing, and arrows and bows. These people became the Galamians,  and started warring with Burristan for Burr. And then while in war with Burristan, they invaded Jaro-jee. All the nations united and formed the United Kingdoms because Jaro-jee was resource rich. They chose Sairgi to lead the Legion of Men. After an 18 year war the Legion of Men slay all Galamians, leaving no prisoners. Sairgi then gets many books wirtten by him and goes down in history.

Sairgi's Lineage

Dundunaar            Diltri

Penong                 Jambite

Jarob                                           Sarfa
Gulan                                           Tarkon
Abrinor   Trojabite/Cimorean           Jargaron              Quidil
Kalundi                                          Kallel
Tumuthus                                      Zaraan
Ritta                                             Kardu
Kulungu                                       Marldisu
             Pontuis                Jaro-Jee

             Sairgi                   Himself


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Re: The History Of Ritork
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The Tale of Runlance - A Succession Fort in a Dying World

While the drink stocks run low and violence is rampant, the narcissistic tyrant demands a monument to his name


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Re: The History Of Ritork
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