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Author Topic: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - More space, more factions, more explosions.  (Read 2471 times)


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Re: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - More space, more factions, more explosions.
« Reply #15 on: January 28, 2019, 10:43:18 pm »

I like this game very much, but I disagree with some design choices. I hope they haven't been done for multiplayer while damaging single player in the process. That happened to Mordheim after all, was it a Tindalos game too? They should be brave enough to have different rules for multiplayer and single player.

For example, torpedoes and nova cannons have limited loads now. I think the number of torpedoes is okay, but nova cannons have far too few shots. Like two or three for a cruiser. This makes the admiral skill that gives -20% reload time to nova cannon pretty useless, since you can only shoot a couple of times anyway. Things like these work differently in single player, since you are often outnumbered in single player while multiplayer has you facing enemy with the same strength.

The repetation of strategic map non-storyline missions is annoying, like was pointed out before. Gothic I had more mission types like escort and intercept and whatnot, I wonder why they didn't import those? At least the battlefield conditions add more spice. There are several more, including some that destroy ships outright and some that don't affect all factions (Eldar are immune to solar flares).

I kind of agree with the limited shots. It would be nice to have unlimited uses of torpedoes and nova cannons but at the same time I haven't really had that much of a problem with it in my battles. However, against systems with spacestations or turrets I do feel the limitation more as otherwise you kind of have to grind down the spacestation while tanking the damage. That's a bit of an issue that I can see.

I would like to see more battle types added, though I think it would be best if they were for specific circumstances. If I'm attacking a system keep it a random choice between Cruiser Clash and Control Point, weight towards domination. If it's an attack on one of my systems you could have the chance for the battle to be an escort or data capture. It'd make sense if, say, the Eldar attacking a system were targeting some traders and you have to defend them.

Player Attacking:
70% Cruiser Clash
30% Control Point

Player Defending:
60% Cruiser Clash
20% Control Point
10% Escort
10% Data Capture

Some thoughts on other battle types:
Control the Space Hulk:
Both sides move to control a point near a floating space hulk. The controller gets weapons support from the hulk but has to maintain control for a time to allow teams to explore onboard.

Asteroid Field:
Large asteroids cover the map and you have to navigate through them. They don't deal damage like smaller fields but block shot and line-of-sight. More like a dense field of the neutral space stations you see.

I do like the modifiers for battles. They're a good way to go about adding variety without too much complexity.
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