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Author Topic: What's going on in your world? (Interesting things found in legends mode)  (Read 335 times)


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I didn't look very hard, but I don't think we had a thread about this yet.

I found a guy who became a fire commissioner.

I haven't seen those before, but I like the idea of cities having fire brigades and other organizations. I looked at The New Group and they also had a road caretaker, a building caretaker, and a harvest caretaker. Looks like that was added in 47.01.

Pretty much immediately after taking the position he was convinced by a mummy* to start embezzling funds. After a few years he got caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison. After 9, he escaped, and some time later he helped the aforementioned mummy overthrow the government.

He died of old age and was brought back to life by a necromancer as a "human faint one".

*) The person was listed as "mummy" in Legends mode, but I'm pretty sure that just means that the last thing that happened to him was that someone raided his tomb, and then killed someone as a mummy, giving him a historical event as a mummy, which updates his race in legends mode.
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The best way to demonstrate it to him is take a save of 40 year old fortress with 150 dwarves in it on a good sized embark with a volcano that just breached the circus and install it on his gaming rig and watch it bring his rig to its knees.