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Author Topic: HappySlapp's Everything I do is here thread  (Read 329 times)


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HappySlapp's Everything I do is here thread
« on: September 10, 2016, 10:56:57 pm »

Ha Ha! I totally forgot about all of my old threads I've made.
So guess what? I am just going to use this one thread to talk about EVERYTHING I do, instead of making a new thread just to abandon it a couple of days later. So yeah, let's get the party started!

My Imgur (I'll update this thread AND my imgur whenever I make new things that are imgur worthy)

My RedBubble (Again, I'll update it when I make new shirt designs or other things related to RedBubble)


And finally we come to my old and notable threads on these very forums, I've had a lot of great memories on here :D

HappySlapp's Totes Original Pixel Art a Day (sorry Cinder/DigitalDemon)

Let's Play: Fallout New Vegas (Smoke me a Ripper, I'll be back for breakfast!)

Ad Victoriam (XCOM 2 Mod, Side project)

UnityLog: My quest to learning Unity.(Feb 2nd - 7th: Movement (2D))

(42.06)[The Windy Universes] Turn 10a, Terrapin | Turn 11b, Bearskie [Adv. Suc.]

This is gonna be my only thread, because once I make another, I rarely go back to the other. So, anything I make that is worthy of note will be posted to this thread, and on other relevent threads, instead of being jumbled about every which way. This'll make it a LOT easier to keep track on things I wanna do, goals I wanna achieve, and overall just make everything simpler to process.

Currently, I am working on getting my website established, and trying to make it look all nice and pretty, will update sometime later with what I'm doing with the website and anything else I plan on doing.

For now I'll leave you with my favorite review I've done on my site so far.
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