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Author Topic: Anethalina - The Toilette Project  (Read 18579 times)

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Re: Anethalina - The Toilette Project
« Reply #105 on: November 29, 2016, 07:40:05 pm »

- Much digs?

- I can confirm you can have alcohol-flavored wells.

Dwarves still grow slow from it, but at least they're happy.

- Should have killed a trog as a-ah, there we go.

...Do you like troglodytes?

Too bad.

- Nay trees.

- Your hospital looks weak to werebeasts.

- I usually burrow children into a single room. Not unlike adults, tbh.

- Weird jail shape.

- I bet the plumbing will come in annoying for future overseers :p

Well, assuming there are any.

- A purple guy with a turban? Hm, oddly familiar.

- That's quite the improvement to bathrooms.

- Where is that gif from and who was so stupid to install toilet in the kitchen?

- Sun sickness, probably. To fix, cave-in the fortress, then obsidian-cast the rooms back in so that they're still engraved.

- Everybody is going around naked, but at least they're clean?

- Can you even make Furats?
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