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Author Topic: How to repair golems  (Read 7244 times)


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How to repair golems
« on: November 13, 2020, 10:57:58 am »


I ran my smiths to exaustion, to make a Squad of golem for fighint issues. After the first fight against 3 sqauds of wherewolfwrestlers half of my golems are completley mangled up. I tried to send them for helaing, but my chief medic didint even got a call for diagnosis.

I searched in the smithys for a repair golem task, but found none.

Last solution is the atomic press bridge, but i'd rather repair than kill them.

Also, all my golems share their names. One half is named Kulet oltarlikod, die others are named Moshram Nishrigoth. Funny, all of my steel moshrams are broken....

Do you know of a way to repair/hela them?

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