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Author Topic: Bitlands  (Read 21479 times)


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Re: Bitlands
« Reply #30 on: January 17, 2020, 06:13:16 am »

Your Tileset is really best for me!
Before finding Bitlands, Meph's tileset was my favorite, but I couldn't play with it, because of my small monitor.
But your tileset perfectly fits to my monitor and is more complex with many overrides than Phoebus, Spacefox, Obsidian, Ironhand and other.
Thanks for your very good work, hope you'll continue updating your project!
P.s: and sorry if I writted incorrectly, I'm not very good at English, but wanted to say thanks^^


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Re: Bitlands
« Reply #31 on: February 05, 2020, 09:28:46 pm »

Any plans on updating this for 47.01 or later? After DFhack and TWBT are updated of course. This is by far my favorite set and would love to play the latest version with it.
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Re: Bitlands
« Reply #32 on: February 15, 2020, 06:42:01 am »

possible problems with plant growths:
  • plant_new_trees, line 1954 (PLANT:MACADAMIA), "NUT" changed to "FRUIT"
  • plant_new_trees, line 2215 (PLANT:ALMOND), "NUT" changed to "FRUIT"
  • plant_new_trees, line 2658 (PLANT:GINKO), "SEED" changed to "FRUIT"
  • plant_new_trees, line 2731 (PLANT:HAZEL), "NUT" changed to "FRUIT"
  • plant_new_trees, line 2988 (PLANT:PECAN), "NUT" changed to "FRUIT"
  • plant_new_trees, line 3345 (PLANT:WALNUT), "NUT" changed to "FRUIT"
  • plant_standard.txt, line 1239 (PLANT:OAK), "NUT" changed to "NUTS"
  • plant_standard.txt, line 2184 (PLANT:CHESTNUT), "NUT" changed to "NUTS"
  • plant_standard.txt, line 2473 (PLANT:CANDLENUT), "NUT" changed to "FRUIT"
  • plant_standard.txt, line 2744 (PLANT:PALM), "SPATHES" changed to "FLOWERS"

Download links for LNP ports of Bitlands:

Download 12x18 for DF v0.44.12
Download 18x18 for DF v0.44.12

Download 12x18 for DF v0.47.xx
Download 18x18 for DF v0.47.xx

Place in your /LNP/Graphics/ folder and relaunch the PyLNP software. If you want the "2x" (aka 24x36) version, download one of these for the version of Dwarf Fortress you want and swap out the "data/art" and "raw/graphics" folder with those from the "2x" version.

I'm really excited for the Steam release! It looks like you can use more than one tile for rock walls and you can make sprites that are larger than the tiles.

That illegal!

Oh, does changing the growth names break anything in-game? Bitlands' raws are machine-generated so I swapped around some of the growth names to simplify parsing. I could add in one-off names like "NUT" or "SPATHES" but it would require me to duplicate tiles or add in an extra step when generating raws.

I have no idea. I'm just paranoid about messing with objects files and like to keep them vanilla.
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Re: Bitlands
« Reply #33 on: May 03, 2020, 12:55:11 pm »

I just want to pop in and say thank you. I found your vector tileset, which was really nice, but this got me to playing Dwarf Fortress again. It looks great and I can actually tell what is going on in the game.

So thank you for your hard work and the x2 sprites.


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Re: Bitlands
« Reply #34 on: May 29, 2020, 12:05:28 pm »

Are you still planning to vectorize this tileset?
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