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Author Topic: What is happening in your Liberal Agenda?  (Read 2351 times)


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Re: What is happening in your Liberal Agenda?
« Reply #15 on: December 06, 2016, 11:47:31 pm »

The color could instead show how far the person is from the liberal agenda (or whatever is the player's utopia),light green is someone cool that you wan't to recruit and/or invite to your dinning room, red is someone you wan't dead or kidnapped.

We sort of have that already, but that doesn't solve the problem of the large number of possible alignments on the liberal agenda screen (although we could work that).

First, a person's alignment in-game is not necessarily related to his or her political alignment. For example, consider gang members. Encountered anywhere but the crack house, gang members' alignments are determined by public opinion, but at the crack house, they are always conservative. This is because 'conservative' here means 'enemy', not politically conservative. I do the same for the Terra Vitae and Mafia locations for their respective creature types, despite that Terra Vitae is basically on your side in terms of how they operate in-game.

I like the idea of putting in different alignments using additional screens accessible from the Liberal Agenda screen using different command keys. That might allow breakdowns of the two big troublemakers, who are the House and the Senate (simply because they contain so darn many people).

In addition to the six alignments that we have so far, I can think of the following that I was planning to add (more would be welcome if you can describe how to include them - see below):

Libertarian - diametric opposite of Stalinist, colored probably cyan as they're mostly Liberal but not complete L+. Libertarian politicians would support congressional term limits but not want to flush the supreme court.

Conservationist - almost completely elite liberal except for being C+ on a handful of issues, and would be (indirectly) sponsored by Terra Vitae. These would be military spending (they like to use the military to impose eco-justice around the world against countries that refuse it), gun control (organizations like Terra Vitae like to keep themselves armed), and maybe nuclear power (in reality, radioactive waste is not as destructive to natural environments as it is to human societies). They would support congressional term limits but also want to flush the supreme court.

Mafia - get elected as a result of Mafia corruption, and have nothing to do with public opinion. Once in office they will behave as moderates on most issues, but are C+ on prison regulation (they control prison gangs), drug law (to hedge out competition), police regulation (to keep the cops crooked), and election reform (to keep themselves in power), but are L+ on labor laws (control the unions), and the death penalty (they don't like getting executed). They have their own constitutional amendment that pegs the above at their desired alignments and also repeals term limits if they are in effect, but does not cause the liberals to lose the game as it's possible to defeat the Mafia internally by beating them at their own game.

Now, before you suggest any more, please understand that any new political belief that has congressional representatives has to have an opinion on all political issues, not just a subset that forms the core of a party's platform (this is because they're going to be voting on law changes whether or not they care about them!). So, go ahead and suggest more, keeping the above in mind.
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