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The Beast

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(No subject)
« on: October 27, 2016, 09:14:53 pm »

"Flame is not to be compared to the blade, only in beauty do they share similaritys"
As Hael was talking the sand pushed its way through the gap in the door of our inn room.
It flowed like a liquid. In no time the sand was filling my boots.
I looked at Hael, she screamed "boy get me and the book"
The soldiers boots filled with sand I trugged towards the woman with the small book in my hands.
I glanced toward the aching wooden door under the pressure of an ocean of sand, and fell into Hael.
The warmest darkness enveloped me and I fell into a estatic nothingness.
It was an eternity before I opened my eyes to a cloudless blue sky the smell of fire and a sun sitting high sand to the horizon, I sat up and saw a dark haired woman kneeling away from me, she was wearing a green hooded tunic over brown pants a few pokes and many pockets, pale white skin and blue eyes dark brown shoulder lenth hair she had very femine features but she had the apperance of a tomboy, chunks out of her hair other bits were longer.
She held a small white book, and looked disorientated, her eyes darting between me and the book and then quickly dropping it "rap that thing up; Never ravel it!"
"Who are you?" I ejaculated.
"Its me Hael im helping you, how much did you lose this time?"
"I don't know anything"
My legs strained as I stood up sand pouring off my heavy grey cloth.
I walked a few feet to grab the book, it felt like the softest skin, or a satin. Maybe it feels like cream
My skin rippled as I placed it in my poke, next to my waterskin and paper bag.
"What are we going to do, I don't know anything 'cept I feel safe around you, I dont even remember my own face"
"Hah, thats a good thing boy, what can you remember?"
I strained to even understand my own mind, it was a mess and felt like it was burning.
"I think I had a dog, at the least, I liked 'em, I remember an ocean"
She looked worried
Then shot to her feet with a dedication in her eye.
"What way shall we go then, seeing as the sun is above us and there is nothing and nobody but this sand!"
My left hand tingled like electricity and the left side of my face went numb "LEFT" I shouted.
The air had been pushed out of me and I was left winded.
"Well ok leader" said Hael "lets walk until we see the sun move eh! In the time we have how about you open your mouth you reticent bastard tell me what you do remember this time"
I felt strained looking for any memory's, they where gone like my name, "I remember a few things Hael, I like the taste of potatoes and beir, the warm water of a bath, and that I think I have a dog, at the least I like them, I don't even remember my face"
"Hah" she blurted "that's a good thing boy"
"What do you know about me?"
She stopped walking "I saw a m…boy in the market who needed help and I helped you, by then you had forgotten your name, you said you needed to get help with that book, we got into some trouble with the wrong people and we're here now"
Electricity formed in my chest and bolted toward my right arm, it reached for the hammer as  searing fire inside my skull set my senses into overdrive, my skin virtually exploded in ecstatic white electrical auras.
Hael screamed as she was forcefully blasted 30 odd feet and the sand beneath my feet began to begging to form a pit.
pulled down by the hole being created.

The earth rumbled and screamed as it birthed the abomination that was digging beneath me
once more electricity shot from my heart towards feet this time and I guided this sensation into a powerful leap that seemed to have no limit, I was 80ft in the air looking down I saw Hael running from the pits increasing radius of unstable sand.
The earth shuddered and thrashed and the creature burst from the sand, its jet beak was twisted and long like a titans lance following it was its earthen feathered body. Snapping its thunderously loud beak and its drum piercing call.
I swing towards the mountainous four winged earth bird the hammer melting with each swing "no, no not now!" the hammer had shaped itself into a long metal spear that I threw towards the earth-hawk.
Its whistled like a bolt striking the accelerating birds port side wing.
"Oh no why am I so high!" I shouted then realised It wasn't a jump and I was flying away from the bird.
I dive towards the ground to grab Hael as the bird is slowed. I spot her lying on the sand face first, I burst towards her in an effort to sweep her away, as I get close the earthen hawk shakes the air with a clap of its drill bit and lands heavily behind me, I just grabbed her arm and yanked her at high speed causing a shower of sand and dust along side a loud cracking sound, at a distance I put Hael on my back and flew until I couldn't hear that Titans territorial screams.
Desert for miles.
the heat from the sun was only relived by how quickly I could fly.
I remembered to look up and saw the sun had began to move towards the horizon directly behind me "oh what now, I don't even know why she wanted to know where the sun was going"
I landed to check on Hael, she was unconscious, I put some water to her chapped lips "wake up, come wake beautiful woman" i took a sip of water and my tongue was reconstituted and washed the dry feeling away.
She began to stir, groaning. It got louder to form a scream of pain, "my shoulder! Its dislocated push it in boy"
"I'll guide you through it, jus lay me down, grab my wrist and pop it back in"
"ok" I said and it cracked into place then Hael passed out once more "Hael"
"ok" I muttered reaching for the water
"Water" said Hael
"Yeah I know, here"
She drank like a greedy calf and threw the skin to the sand.
"Hael, the sun is going that way, the way we came"
"That's good boy it means you flew the right way"
I lost all thought looking at her, how could I know her so well without knowing anything about her, such a presence, of obvious dark tendency's yet such a bright coal burned and feed off everything it could, I trusted her to trust me and my actions.
"Ok so I thought about our next move and if I am right we should be able to find a healer if we keep going east" said Hael
"Ok I can do this"
I crouched down to allow her to climb onto my back and focused on my feet,
My skin rippled of goosebumps and static, I quickly leaped forwards with the wind on my back every now and then I would bounce off the tips of dunes eventualy mountains formed in the distance as clouds formed in the sky, sand turned to hard cracked earth with grass fighting its way from below staking its claim, this turned to lush thick blades and tall leaning trees with long bright pink fruits "ahh delicious, look at that colour" Hael exclaimed, I quickly stopped to let her inspect the fruit.
"Im going to rest Hael"
"I cant climb with my shoulder like this, you can rest after getting some fruit for us"
"ok but only if you keep me warm tonight"
I jump grabbed a the brightest one I saw, it was a long bumpy fruit as long as my arm and twice as thick, the bumps seemed to have a seed each.
"Thanks" said Hael, her blue eyes dart to the fruit and she picks at it "ugh its so sweet and sour"
Shes right it is very sweet and sour.

The sun was setting into the distant desert and an amber light cast through the trees.
I wispered "That is beautiful"
We built a makeshift shelter from branches and leaves, the heavens are kind to us tonight.
I fell asleep next to the woman.

I awoke to a sound my skull tingled I took a deep breath and tried to not escalate.
I must have focused on my hearing for hours with no result, I couldnt sleep I was wired.
The book called to me, I obediently dug it out and touched to cover, it feels soft and I opened it. The first few pages are empty but there are drawings of many things and many species, some are words I can read some are names, most of it was scribbles like a child had got hold of it.
It was a cold night that didn't stop the creeping warmth and euphoria, the book and everything in my vision blurred into one colour. Black.
I lost perception of reality, gravity and time
My ego bleed into the darkness, all trouble was healed by the heat of my burning memorys and cares, I had died and was now passing.
"You are back" echoed a wordless voice "here with me, we're here"
I tried to form words, nothing was spoke, I didn't exsist.

"Yes, I understand you, here you are of no grade. You act with ignorance flirting with the book, alas I like you and your neglect for your memorys, you make yourself a perfect puppet for anyone"
Its energy is neutral but is consuming, I feel as if its words are mine
"I can't give you a life, I won't give you your memorys, lucky I can not take your body or a life.
I will take my book, let you go, you will die out soon anyway the girl has already left your body".

"I had to leave him there, that book is fucked" I said to myself "I touched it once and I've forgotten things already"
I feel sorry for him, I can't let myself get sorry over any mage, they all go insane.
My shoulder was feeling really good I hadn't realised that I was in pain until I had walked a few kilometers towards the mountains and found a stream of brown muddied water, I reluctantly drank. It tasted metalic and dirty.
It didn't quench me, my mouth was immediately dry and my fingertips began to boil and heated my blood up My skin quickly flushed, my eyes felt like exploding.
I walked up stream on fire, sweating like a rogue in a red dragons goldpile.
The sweat was causing a fould mist and I decided to wade in the stream.
It changed little as the water just boiled around me leaving flecks of metals on my clothing and skin.
a few minutes of slogging through the murk I heard the chatter of people.
My heat suddenly dispersed and I got onto the land and ran like a chimera on skooma.
The small industrial village pumped smoke into the crisp air and its hardened citizens smelting ores and steadily chewing through the forest the mill saw splitting the trees
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Fuck off
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