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Author Topic: [Culture Shock] Beginnings of the Great War (A story based on a mod I made.)  (Read 899 times)


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(As the title of this post says, this story takes place in a version of a DF world with my personal mod of Culture Shock. It will also include future DF features, like magic and boats.)



King Dastot of the Dwarves grew ever more worried.
His army had been fighting the monitor lizard men for as long as he could remember. Their quest to gain steel had driven them to attack the icedwellers of the Northern Pole, which led to the fall of the icedwellers as a mighty civilization.

Suddenly, as the king was pondering ways of defeating his people's greatest foe, a hooded figure dashes into the throne room.

"Ah, Princess Půmila of Fere Araca. You are among allies. Remove your hood." asked Dastot with curiosity.

The creature removed her hood, showing her violet flesh and white hair. Her pointed ears twitched slightly. Her face, elvish yet not quite like the elves of the forests.

"I bring terrible news, Dastot," says Půmila rather quietly. "Father has been killed."

Dastot drops the goblet of dwarven wine he was holding, his mouth now agape.

"Not by the monitor lizard men, not by the corrupt dwarves, but by a rogue assassin." says Půmila, her words filled with sorrow.

Dastot, still in shock, thinks to himself.

"Wait," says the king of dwarves. "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be mourning your father's death back in Heartlancer?"

Půmila goes even quieter. "A-A corrupt dwarf bandit horde ransacked the city and took Mother. They want ransom for her..."

Dastot thinks for 4 seconds, then walks away.

"Wait! Where are you going?" asks the worried princess.

Dastot replies in his gravelly voice. "I cannot help you by myself. I must call upon holy forces."

Dastot walks into a corridor rarely tread upon, except for those of the magically inclined. As he walks, he sees engravings upon the walls.

It seems with each and every step, the engravings start to come to life. As Dastot reaches the end of the enchanted hall, the engravings stop moving. He opens the door at the end and walks into a room lit only by candles. A rather old dwarf sits in the middle, chanting various phrases of magic from the language of the Before-Folk.

"Aeras Levira!" cries the elderly dwarf. Dastot watches as the wizard begins to float off the ground, maintaining his sitting position. The wizard looks down at Dastot.

"Greetings, Your Majesty. What has brought you to me?" says the wizard.

"There is a problem of a grand scale, Ashok. I need your magical abilities to help me solve this predicament." says Dastot.

"What kind of problem?" says Ashok, now curious.

"Fere Acara, Kingdom of Dark Elves has lost their king and queen. The king, lost through death. The queen, taken by a bandit horde." says Dastot as he fiddles with his personal weapon, an iron dagger.

Ashok thinks to himself. "We need the help of a mighty hero. Dastot, I'd say you are that hero. You have fought many battles against our reptilian foes, once without a weapon even!"

Dastot speaks in the tone of shy folk. "I know, I know. But I have nothing powerful enough to deal with a bandit horde! That is why I came, truly."

"You require a holy weapon and holy armor, yes? Hand me your dagger. I will change it to a mighty blade fit for defeating the horde." says Ashok, preparing himself for the spell.

Dastot gives the dagger to Ashok. As Ashok takes the dagger, he takes a cyan ribbon and wraps it around the dagger.

"Alchemios Aeras Fourj!" yells Ashok.
Ashok's hands glow and suddenly the dagger and ribbon wrapped on it turn into a vaguely dagger-shaped cyan colored cloud of gas floating in the air.
Ashok puts his right hand around where the blade of the dagger cloud is and pulls, as if he were to rip it from the rest of the cloud.
Instead, the cloud extends, causing it to resemble a sword.
Ashok snaps his fingers with his left hand and the blade reforms into a solid state. The blade changed now from a flimsy iron dagger into an adamantine long sword.

"This is all you need." says Ashok, triumphant.


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  • A short and sturdy creature fond of modding.
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(Reserved for Scene 3.)


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  • A short and sturdy creature fond of modding.
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(Reserved for Scene 4.)