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Author Topic: The Language Overhaul - 0.6 - Forgotten Beast Edition  (Read 21212 times)


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Re: The Language Overhaul - 0.6 - Forgotten Beast Edition
« Reply #60 on: January 16, 2023, 12:50:02 pm »

The names that are missing are using my new vocabulary, but the new languages added by Spellcrafts do not have matching translations. If you want to make it compatible, you could copy/paste all my new translations from e.g. the language_DWARF file into the new language files added by Spellcrafts. That should fix it... I think.

Thank you for your reply. It worked.

Copying new words from the language overhaul raws into Spellcrafts' did the trick. The only issue I've ran into was that some symbols in some words displayed incorrectly as weird and jumbled mess. Fixed it by finding and replacing the broken symbols with the normal ones. Don't know the exact cause, but since it's been an easy fix, doesn't really matter.

Can't stress enough how great this mod is. Having good sounding names has been a real gamechanger.

The jumbled letters is because I sometimes manage to mess up the encoding of the files. Or else you did. But seems you figured it out. There's some advice on it somewhere in this thread I think.

I'm happy you appreciate my mod!
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