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Author Topic: [50.xx] Mineral Fertilizers  (Read 1167 times)


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[50.xx] Mineral Fertilizers
« on: January 18, 2023, 03:56:33 am »

Process potassium-containing minerals into potash for your farms!


This mod allows your dwarves to process certain mineral boulders at the Ashery, converting them into useful potash for fertilizing your farms. The following minerals can be used:
  • Carnallite - a rare mineral occurring in dolomite and rock salt layers, and sylvite clusters;
  • Kainite - another rare mineral occurring in anhyrdite, rock salt layers, and volcanic rock;
  • Langbeinite - occurs in rock salt layers and sylvite clusters;
  • Polyhalite - also found in rock salt layers;
  • Saltpeter - found in sedementary layers;
  • Sylvite - found in rock salt layers.
Additionally, borax is now a flux stone that can be used in steel-making.

-- Compatibility --

This mod makes small additions to vanilla rock salt, sylvite, and borax, and to the dwarf and human entities.
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