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Author Topic: [44.12] Slaves to Raius: God of Nimeria 1.4.2  (Read 1706 times)


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Re: [44.12] Slaves to Raius: God of Nimeria 1.3.8
« Reply #30 on: January 05, 2019, 07:32:03 pm »


Mostly bugfixes this time. There were apparently a lot of bugs that I somehow missed.

I also fixed up numerous positions (particularly for the Bremans and Agerans), and tried to make things run smoother.

Feral vampires now have an attack trigger, so they'll no longer just show up and slaughter your entire village before you've even seen your first merchant caravan.

I removed the Sun-Drying Workshop and all of its reactions, because it served no real purpose; even making clay bricks could be much more easily and better done at the Kiln.

I fixed the Thatchery reactions as well. They're actually useful now and not laughably terrible.

Oh, and graphics for the tropical civs have been fixed, so papermakers no longer look like elite warriors

This will probably be the last update for this version of Slaves of Raius, unless something pressing comes to my attention. Most likely, next time I post will be for the two alternate versions, Slaves of Raius: The Dark Age, and Slaves of Raius... I dunno, I still need to think a name for the other one.

Links in the OP always lead to the new version, but I'll still post direct links to the Standard and RAWs Only versions in this post, for sake of... convenience?
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Re: [44.12] Slaves to Raius: God of Nimeria 1.4.2
« Reply #31 on: January 10, 2019, 12:47:20 am »

!!FINAL UPDATE!! (probably)

There were some bugs left that I've fixed, specifically with the caste profession names. I fixed those.

On a larger note, I removed the slave castes from the playable Agerans, Akhadians, and Vods (no more having half your starting party be uncontrollable pets), and implemented a full slavery system. Those slaves still exist, but entirely separately from the ones you play as, and alongside slaves of every human and elven race, along with dwarves and goblins. Slaves are traded by the Agerans and Akhadians above all (particularly the latter), bought and sold by merchants, though the Vods also participate in the slave trade and, though not trading in fellow Raians or peoples of distant sun-baked lands, such as Akhadians, Sarvanians, and Sand Elves, they do have some slaves unique to themselves -- slaves taken from the races of the North. In addition, Agerans, Akhadians, Demerians, Sarvanians, and Vods all have slave markets, at which free citizens can be forced into slavery, and slaves can be freed.

Slaves are, of course, considered livestock little different from cattle and thus are largely unable to be directly controlled, but they do all have a number of useful skills that they will automatically perform. Male slaves are suited for heavy, backbreaking labor such as mining or farming, while female slaves are useful as weavers, gatherers, singers, dancers, and cooks. However, note that the slaves of some cultures have different skillsets than these; for instance, dwarven slaves of both sexes are fine miners, smiths, and crafters of stone and metal, but are suited to little else, while goblins are adept butchers, leatherworkers, bonecarvers, and strand extractors. In addition to these slaves, however, are ghulams; elite combat slaves trained from early childhood, with useful (though slightly different for each race) military skills.

In addition, the language of the Snow Elves is changed, and the glaciers are now inhabited by Ice Gnomes.

In addition, I further edited and (I think) improved the graphics of the Akhadians. They now have much more of a consistent, classically Arab feel.

In addition, I got rid of a couple of creatures. Namely walrus-men. No, there was no deep lore reason for there to be walrus men, I just sort of accidentally left them in.

As before, all links lead to new (since I'm essentially just overwriting previous uploaded versions rather than making each version a separate upload, but I'll still post direct links to the Standard and RAWs Only versions in this post as well.

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention. I removed the random cooking skill from the male peasant farmers. It was there by mistake.
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