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Author Topic: The Dream Thread  (Read 475721 times)

Eric Blank

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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #5040 on: December 07, 2023, 10:05:55 pm »

I dreamt that I was watching a movie, which started I out as a group of people trying to move between safe hiding areas during an "apocalypse" scenario. The apocalypse in question being dragons wrecking everything. They got stuck at a chain link fence with no tools to cut their way through and one such dragon flew overhead, turned around and looked at them. Just as it was about to start diving a a fighter jet started shooting at it, and attempted to hit it with a missile, which it dodged since it didn't have any way of locking onto an organic creature.

So the dragon and the fighter pilot get into a dog fight, with the fighter being mostly able to outpace the dragon, attempted to shoot it with his cannons again and ended up flying through its fire breath, which overheated its engines or disabled it in some way. The pilot lost all control and the dragon flew up next to it and started peeling open the side of the plane. This scene had really awful CGI, like the dragon was just a bunch of blue polygons from like an N64 game, and I remember making remarks to that effect. Anyway the pilot ejected from the plane, but before his parachute could even open the dragon swooped back around and ate him.

Then the movie returned focus to the main characters who had taken refuge again in an underground parking garage, and were trying to figure out what to do next. They tried to get into a crawlspace that only contained a plywood box with a little slot in the front and another on top, which had a shallow ramp going down into it. One guy opened the box to reveal a bunch of teeny pegs that looked kinda like LEGOs. The dream switched to a first person perspective of him arranging these little Lego peg-men, which now were proper people, to fight the two dragons living in their crate, which were also tiny miniatures. The crate had two of these little rooms there at the bottom and the rest was a maze of narrow plywood corridors. The little knights had to navigate the maze, and eventually encountered the dragons on the highest level.

The dragons went up the ramp to the top of the box, and were revealed to be hydras, with no wings or fire breath, but very long tails and necks, which could grow back if split or injured. The knights tried to fight them but many died and they were forced to retreat back into the box, with the hydras pursuing them into the maze as they descended. Eventually only one knight made it to rooms at the bottom of the maze, while many others were still lost and fighting the hydras and now apparently others. From outside the box, the viewers could only guess where they were or what was going on from the appearance of yellow or red exclamation marks denoting sounds of movement and combat, like in adventure mode in dwarf fortress. The exclamation marks showed through the box and marked the rough positions of where things were taking place in 3d space inside.

The viewers added more reinforcements and tried again to have the knights go into the maze and slay the hydras, but now in the maze the hydras and the mini/baby dragons had even more of an upper hand, because the mini dragons could ambush the knights among the dark passages and the hydras could loop their necks through the passages and attack the knights and then retract their necks back out of reach. That ended after a while, and the dream moved on to another unrelated part about being a cyberpunk bounty hunter in a team trying to catch some goons/rescue someone that had been kidnapped in the streets of a city and eventually trying to catch birds in a grassy field behind their offices/warehouse

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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #5041 on: Today at 01:58:18 pm »

I think I had my first working adult anxiety dream last night.

For context, I used to have anxiety dreams all through high school and college. They took a very specific form there.

In this dream, I was traveling to somewhere in Europe. The first part started off well enough. I feel like I was in some Scandinavian country. All snow and alpine forests. A picturesque journey so far.

After I arrive at my hotel, which is sort of a weird mix of open floor plan home and hotel, is when the anxiety set in.

I believe my reason for my travel in my dream was weed tourism. (I've been visiting a lot of dispensaries on my work trips lately, so that tracks.)

After I'd settled in though I started panicking. I couldn't remember what the next stop of my trip was, like being on a business trip but not remembering your itinerary.

So half my dream is things going on around me while I STRUGGLE to even enter my password on my phone to get at my apps and itinerary. (Because I guess FaceID doesn't work in your dreams.) Various people are in my dream doing various things and yet here I am, face buried in my phone, desperately trying to key in my passcode with fat fingers. Sometimes I get distracted, moving around and have to start over. Other times I just key it in too fast. This goes on and on and on, the constant drum beat to everything else going on around me. I have a minuscule crack on my real life phone's display. In my dream this crack begins to expand, making it harder to type things and making me think my phone is about to become unusable. Even as I and a group of people head into the city to see the sites, I'm still there, panicking, trying to figure out where I need to go next. Where I need to be when so I don't screw up my trip. (Read as: life.) At one point I even forget where I actually traveled to, and feel embarrassment at the idea of asking the hotel staff what country I'm in.

This is one of those instances where a dream really is the amalgamation of all the facets of your daily life, condensed. I've been traveling constantly, trying to keep things straight at work, going from one project to the next, to the point in real life I started feeling like I was losing the plot. There's various romantic things happening around me or to me in the dream too, and that also tracks with what this year has been about. I always hated these dreams in high school and college because I knew exactly what they were about and yet couldn't escape experiencing them over and over. They'd leave me exhausted upon waking up and I'd have no desire to get on with my day because of them.

I'd realized a few years into my job that I wasn't having them anymore, and that was a relief. So I'm kind of unnerved that they're back in a new form, tailored to who I am these days.
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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #5042 on: Today at 05:21:42 pm »

My partner presented me to supernatural society as a debutante.  It was like the Vampire Camarilla, but more fey and it took place in an urban meeting hall glittering with natural sunlight from many windows.

Our ruler, clad in gold and gems, diablerized a pair of debutantes.  I... don't think they struggled.  We were all performing a social dance, and they didn't break step.  My performance had simply been better, and I glowed with pride.

(three nights ago)
I was back in college and had joined a group of occult computer programmers.  Vaguely vampiric.  But for now I was alone in my dorm room, struggling with anxiety and confusion.  I felt unworthy of my new friends.  I wanted to tell them... I think a blood bond was compelling me to trust them, but my rational mind was saying they would eat me if I told them the truth.  Or was that just anxiety?

As I struggled to think clearly, the... Burger King... phased through my door.  I wasn't surprised to be hallucinating, just annoyed.  I told him to fuck off and shoved him, only to be astonished to find him corporeal.  He laughed and asked if I often yelled at hallucinations.  "Typical kitty..." (There was a little Fallen London in play, here- this was a Devil, and my character is an honorary cat (dream-guardian))

He was from Financial Services, but all he wanted was to congratulate me on last night... he said with a wink, leaving.  Last night?  I couldn't remember last night, it was blank.  Blacked out.  Fuck, not again.  I had broken my sobriety for one celebratory drink with my new coterie.  What had I done??

I rushed to my friends.  They were expecting me, three of them.  Dark figures, leaning against the walls of the tiny room, staring at me. 
"I think I  blacked out"
"Yeah, no shit (chuckle).  It's alright." 
The center one... was it the man or the enby?  They beckoned me forwards and tilted my chin up.  Their third eye peeled open and it was a starry void.  This was fine.  I was among friends, no, family.  Of course I didn't have their skills yet, but they would share with me.

But something was wrong.  The me to my left launched an audio file.  Instrumental, I think.  It was compelling, and it didn't belong here, in us.  It was a hypnotic trigger, a bad one, something I'd let into our mind last night.  I struggled to move, stumbling towards the phone.  Telling us not to listen.  I was beginning to remember something but it was important not to remember, to stop the song, to end this thought.

I ripped the dream apart and lay there in the dark, feeling extremely alone.  I told a friend about it and felt better.  Eventually fell back asleep, had nicer dreams. 
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