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Author Topic: The Unpopular/Controversial Ideas Thread.  (Read 74595 times)


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Re: The Unpopular/Controversial Ideas Thread.
« Reply #840 on: December 15, 2022, 09:50:22 pm »

Yeah, it seems quite likely that grabbing tens of millions of images to use as training data is legal as long as the images are publicly available.

I could def see the law changing and say, Disney and Getty Images working together to make it illegal to use anything copyrighted for training purposes unless ou own it.

It wouldn't help normal people at all of course, AI art would still be huge and all the normal artists get screwed over anyways and all that would change is the models would suck since they would only be able to use 1/1000th of the stuff out there and you would have to pay 15 bucks per month to disney to use their Mickey+ model.
I do feel a lot of sympathy for artists here, because studying for years only to get kicked in the balls by new technology really sucks.
That said, I feel their position of "AI ART IS CRIME AND ANYONE THAT USES IT IS EEEEVVVVVILLL" is kind of stupid.
I don't just feel sympathy for artists by the way; but everyone AI is going to replace, which is going to be a hell of a lot of people. Hell, I'm worried that it might be able to replace the entire concept of humans brains having any real value alltogether due to simply being better and/or being OOM cheaper then having a actual human doing something.

But my worry and sympathy doesn't really matter, AI isn't going anywhere and as long as there is profit potential in AI research it won't be stopped just because its a existential threat to the entire human race.
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And with a mighty leap, the evil Conservative flies through the window, escaping our heroes once again!
Because the solution to not being able to control your dakka is MOAR DAKKA.

That's it. We've finally crossed over and become the nation of Da Orky Boyz.


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Re: The Unpopular/Controversial Ideas Thread.
« Reply #841 on: December 15, 2022, 11:26:21 pm »

It was A Crime Against Nature to outlaw Lead Paint.It may have killed the artists, but their work would live on
And How Dare They deny us the Glory of Radium. It's Glow in the Dark properties were Well Worth the increased risk of Cancer in those nearby and certain death of those tasked with applying it.

Honestly? Any traction these arguments get is NOT because Poor Starving Artists are organized, influential, connected, or even...sane enough to have a salient point.

Hell No

These arguments get traction because Rich Fucks worry THEY will lose money, so they mobilize their Spin Doctors, Paid Politicians, and Pampered Professors.
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