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Author Topic: ASOF (Game Thread) Day 1-Jao is useful  (Read 17067 times)


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Re: ASOF (Game Thread) Day 1-Jao is useful
« Reply #330 on: February 12, 2017, 04:45:25 pm »

Anders stayed back a little ways, scooping a handful of sand and adding a little mud from the river bank. It wasn't the most dignified projectile in the world, but it didn't have to be. It just needed to work, and Anders was no stranger to a little muck.

If things get hairy, which they probably will, inflict Blind on the big snake God-Thing, also, maybe keep an eye out for those reinforcements.
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Re: ASOF (Game Thread) Day 1-Welcome to the jungle, we take it day by day
« Reply #331 on: February 12, 2017, 05:09:27 pm »

"I was trying to stop people from fighting! Hmmph!"
Wen-Tsu crossed her arms and pouted.
"Fine, then!"

She stomped a foot.
"You need to learn to be more respectful of others, you... overgrown eel butt!"

Riverweeds, thick and tough as iron, sprang up to wrap around the Dragon's head and coils, tangling and snaring. With a twist of magic, thick pustules of a paralysing liquid began to swell on each strand.

Immobilise the dragon god. Using Wen-Tsu's plant growth to boost the weeds and make them release paralytic agents when he struggles to get free. It's a double whammy!
You fool. Don't you understand?
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Re: ASOF (Game Thread) Day 1-Jao is useful
« Reply #332 on: March 01, 2017, 06:07:22 pm »

Emilia was left thinking it all seemed a bit silly. Her companion's actions didn't really line up all that well in terms of intent -some placating, some aggravating- and she felt relatively content to wait. Until, of course, the dragon tried to steal the moon rabbit. She didn't like that, not one bit. Its repeated threats to the incredibly adorable girl had irritated her for sure, but it had seemed reasonable to wait for the sake of peace. And it wasn't like Wen-Tsu was defenseless, but attempting to physically snatch her had been one step too far.

The creature was large and highly dangerous of course, that much was obvious, but some unknown ancestral memory told her that there were far worse, far darker, far older things to be afraid of, and for all its bluster the worst it could likely do would be to snap her in half or eat her. She wasn't afraid. Emilia nodded to herself, pleased that her decision to fight it was probably the correct one.

Monsters were monsters, after all. Monsters needed to die.
She momentarily hesitates to wonder if that was the right attitude to take. Well, even if it wasn't always correct, this monster needed to die. That much was certain.
Or it at least needed to apologize.
The question was how. The daggers she usually used for extra range would undoubtedly be nothing more than pin pricks, but what if...?
She eyes the creature's body. It looked quite slippery, but it was also covered in places she could potentially grasp.

My body's felt so much lighter recently, could I possibly do something like that...? It would be ridiculous, and what if I fell? A disaster... On the other hand, what other choice do I even have?

Her longsword not yet drawn forth from its pocket dimension, Emilia mentally prepares herself for the difficult task she had set. It was a blessing that her weapons were so easy to access, and yet did not encumber her in the slightest. Nodding once more in affirmation, she takes a step toward the serpent.

[[Emilia plans on going all Shadow of the Colossus on this false god.]]

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