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Author Topic: Space Cowboys for Hire [Turn 6]  (Read 17423 times)


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Re: Space Cowboys for Hire [Turn 6]
« Reply #360 on: November 20, 2020, 12:12:25 am »

Contract Phase

Palantir Technologies

"Mr. Thiel founded this company back in the Old World to provide data analytics for counter-terrorism.  These days, they've become his own intelligence agency.  You never fully see how and where a good intellgence agency operates, but they seem to focus almost entirely on his personal glitterworld of Rivendell."


A star shines on the hour of our meeting.

Recent analysis of metadata associated with terrorist financing has identified several nodes here on Rivendell.  One node in particular presents a unique operational challenge.

Cranbrook Academy for Girls is one of the premier college preparatory boarding schools in all of the glitterworlds.  Modeled after the East Coast schools of yore, Cranbrook provides an all-encompassing environment where the luminaries of tomorrow forge lifelong friendships while receiving the best education in the New Worlds.  The traditional single-sex environment encourages young women to focus on their futures without the hormonal distractions one would find in a 'co-ed' 'institution.'  Some of the most prominent families in the glitterworlds can be found within the board of trustees and student body.

Despite this, metadata conclusively indicates a source of terrorist financing within Cranbrook Academy.  Our investigative efforts have largely ruled out the faculty, but due to political sensitivities, we have not pursued leads into the student body itself.  With Mr. Thiel now taking a personal interest in resolving the situation on Anghabar, this is a line we are prepared to cross.

We are outsourcing a clandestine undercover investigation of the student body at Cranbrook Academy.  This investigation should positively identify which students are providing aid to the terrorists on Anghabar and how.  A bonus will be paid for actionable intelligence on their terrorist contacts.

Palantir Technologies will leverage its assets within Cranbrook Academy to alter student/staff registration and housing to embed your agent(s) within campus.  However, given the extremely sensitive operating environment, this is a deniable operation and Palantir Technologies cannot risk providing additional operational or analytic support.

Of additional note, transportation is not recommended.  Students are not allowed personal vehicles on campus, and parking for faculty and staff is limited.  The campus itself is walkable, and car services provide ready access to the cross-planet rail-system. 

Estimated Profit: 40k
Contract Deadline: 1 month

Coalition Expeditionary Forces

"As much as the Founders resisted, eventually they had to go and create a standing army.  They've only been around a few years, and they're still figuring themselves out.  It's looking like Anghabar might be their first real action."



Troops in contact (TIC) reported in vicinity of (IVO) Mullaghmore, Anghabar.  Complex ambush on B/2-2 Rifle Company.  5 KIA confirmed, including CO LION-6 and NCOIC LION-7.  Enemy forces are withdrawing and TIC will close shortly.

Contractor is requested to assume command of B/2-2 until they can be reinforced by C/2-2 in 24-48 hours.  Primary contractor will be temporarily commissioned as an infantry CPT in the Coalition Expeditionary Forces.  NCO ranks are authorized for additional contractors.  Customer will provide VTOL transportation at beginning and end of mission.  VTOL will deliver additional linguist support and field resupply with contractor.

Estimated Profit: 40k
Contract Deadline: 1 month

Interstellar Red Cross

"An NGO who's had a rough few months.  As you may recall, one of their doctors has gone native and gotten their entire organization banned in the process."


Dear Ocean PMC,
'Dr. Bethune' has 'broken bad' as they say.  I have confirmed he has been formally designated a 'combatant' by AMR.  IRC let this happen and has fully renounced him.  Still, we owe him better, and I have resigned my office in protest.  Now, I am personally financing one final attempt for 'Dr. Bethune' to leave Anghabar alive.

While he and his people are wary of electronic communication, I have arranged a fixer to smuggle myself to an in person meeting with 'Dr. Bethune.'  At this meeting, I will explain to him the imminent peril of his situation.  I've known this young man since he was an intern, and he will listen to me.  The fixer will then bring us to an 'amenable' spaceport so 'Dr. Bethune' can leave all this behind him.

I'm admittedly not familiar with this kind of skullduggery, but this fixer comes highly recommended.  In addition, I've spent most of my retirement savings financing the appropriate 'arrangements' at every step of the process.  Any assistance you can provide, namely a bodyguard, could prove decisive.

Dr. Oliver Throckmorton, MD
Former IRC Head of Mission, Anghabar

Estimated Profit: 30k
Contract Deadline: 1 month

Potter Properties

"I just told them how we really hit this one out of the park.  Looks like we should be able to walk this one in."


Sounds like we made the right call hiring Ocean PMC so far.  Get the report in our hands overnight, and we'll make all the necessary corrections.  We will put you in contact with Miss Khadija Gilani, a technical writer who will perform the rewrite.

Keep up the good work.

Estimated Profit: 100k
Contract Deadline: 1 of 2 months remaining


"It seems like forever ago when that Shamrock Tavern operation went so badly.  The last time we worked with Agent Barclay, the situation on Anghabar hadn't quite boiled over yet, either."


With CoFor officially getting involved, senior officials are demanding actionable intelligence on Anghabar.  We may not be the only spooks out there, but we'll be damned if we get embarrassed by some other agency.

Our clandestine CI/FP agents posing as black market smugglers have established a relationship with the insurgency.  Having established their credibility, they will be bringing a truckload of off-world arms to a rural meeting site.  More importantly, said truckload will be accompanied by an off-world arms dealer who will be arranging their future illicit arms deals.  Implicit in negotiating the next deal(s), intelligence will be obtained detailing the insurgency's weapon systems, capabilities, logistics, and general strength.

However, our pool of clandestine agents is running shallow, and this arms dealer persona should be a one-time meet.  (Future contact with this persona will likely be done via courier or other cut-outs.)  We are therefore hiring an intelligence contractor to play the persona of a paramilitary-associated black market arms dealer.  Unless contractor provides additional resources, the arms dealer will travel in a small cargo truck with the clandestine agent handling the operation.  The handling agent has fully command of the operation on the ground.  The addition of a bodyguard or small entourage may sell the persona better, as well as provide additional tactical flexibilty.

While this is a clandestine operations, the area of operation is generally regarded as an insurgent safehaven and has been deconflicted with allied agencies as well.  While AMR Security Forces or CoFor should not be an issue, handling agent has full authorization for lethal force to ensure the success of this operation.

Estimated Profit: 50k
Contract Deadline: 1 month

"Well Mrs. Ocean, it looks like we'll be dabbling in both high society and an active warzone.  Salt may be non-deployable for the immediate future, but we still have Hoxton until the end of the month.  Minus the two fatalities, that's a seven man roster.  Both Potter and Palantir are two man jobs.  For the CoFor emergency contract, there should be enough friendly forces to send in Simon Templar solo.  That leaves a pair to be smuggled into Indian Country, by either the IRC or AMR CI/FP."

Sam's Pitch (Potter, Palantir, CoFor, AMR CI/FP)
"Dear Potter Properties,
Always glad to hear from a satisfied customer.  Put us in touch with Miss Gilani, and we'll have this all wrapped up shortly."

"Dear Palantir Technologies,
A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting, indeed.  As I'm sure you're aware, Ocean PMC is renown for our discreet female intelligence agents.  With one embedded as a student, and another as a substitute teacher, we will have more than adequate access to the student body.  Our female intelligence agents will resolve this sensitive matter with the utmost of precaution."

"Attention Coalition Expeditionary Forces,
Acknowledged.  We are dispatching infantry leadership immediately.  Captain Simon Templar will assume command of B/2-2 until relieved."

"Dear AMR CI/FP,
Who better to play an off-world paramilitary persona than actual interstellar paramilitary operators?  We will dispatch one senior operator to play this persona, backed by a heavily armed right-hand man."

Quote from: Pitch Votebox
(1) Sam's Pitch (Potter, Palantir, CoFor, AMR CI/FP): Sam
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Re: Space Cowboys for Hire [Turn 6]
« Reply #361 on: November 20, 2020, 01:52:52 am »

Niel's estimates sound about right this time. We could probably switch to the Red Cross mission if we wanted to save that guy, but I'm pretty sure his dudes shot at us. There is a whole storyline there we just kinda skipped over, it might be fun to at least see the ending.

Lets just mess with some of the prompts:

"Dear Palantir Technologies,
Could be another NORAID. I hate to see naive young people's good intentions used for evil purposes. Whatever is going on, I've got some talented woman on my payroll who can get to the bottom of this without disturbing any of the other fine young woman at this prestigious school. I'm grateful for the opportunity to send them to Rivendell.

"Attention Coalition Expeditionary Forces,
Acknowledged.  We are dispatching infantry leadership immediately.  Project Manager Simon Templar will assume command of B/2-2 until relieved."

((There. He gets a Ranking that sounds cool but doesn't actually mean anything. That way we arn't lying or embellishing anything!))

"Dear AMR CI/FP,
My grandpa was a gun runner for a couple of decades. Job hasn't changed much since they where selling sharpened rocks, I should be able to pass along a couple of stories that will help my men pass perfectly in their assigned roll. With some extra firepower just in case.
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Re: Space Cowboys for Hire [Turn 6]
« Reply #362 on: November 22, 2020, 05:44:22 am »

Not sure about doing a forth mission with 70% of manpower but the main truth lies in how we would dish out our operators
Anna for Palantir probably needs a second operator for her mission, which we say is Ethan because he is the most... nonchalant of our operators
Eric for Potters could technically do it himself, but having no one on him seems pretty scary
Simon most likely has the best bet with dealing with himself, I doubt needing a bodyguard is that needed though I don't know if these mercenaries or the insurgents that he would be facing would be sending in any so-called Assassin
AMR mission seems pretty scary if anything goes wrong, thankfully we would send James there :) as the bodyguard to Nikita, punishment for leaving us results in you getting the most likely to be wounded in a mission.

Anyways my guess with 4 Ops would be is (Palantir: Anna as Student and Ethan as Substitute, Potters: Eric and Vic?, CoFor: Simon and Vic?, AMR: Nikita as Gun Runner?, and James as Bodyguard)

As another realization, it would seem Eric would need a spotter since he's casing a building for some papers, so Nikita should be tasked in that mission while Vic would be the smuggler persona. But then it would lose any story conclusion with James and Nikita, but maybe deserved because's he leaving us?

Lastly, is the safety on not doing the last dangerous AMR contract and getting two additional manpower for us, being able for a third spotter for Eric could help and hopefully not help someone to assist in the knocking out of residents, Nikita+James would be helping out Eric. As well as Simon would have Vic as a bodyguard. But gaining 50k additional in our backpack is always desired.

My last inquiry I guess is what kind of specialization we need, Simon most likely need further training if being sent off by his lonesome. But Ethan is the "basic" op that has no training, maybe a Field Medic and could help substitute as a biology or health teacher at the school, though this may be more difficult to train with a prosthetic arm, but I was thinking of a role that would still help long-term and in combat applications
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