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Author Topic: Thob Goes to the Surface  (Read 1677 times)


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Re: Thob Goes to the Surface
« Reply #30 on: June 04, 2020, 06:04:06 pm »

Ouch, has it been a week since the last update? Sorry, got sidetracked a bit.

In the morning, just before dawn, Thob left Mythtin. But he hadn’t gone far from the fort when he found something odd:
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An old, half-rotten wooden hatch covered a part of the ground here, almost lost amid the undergrowth. Curious, Thob pulled on the iron handle and lifted the hatch up, revealing a tunnel crudely dug into the earth. A secret entrance to the fort, maybe, or a hidden cache of treasure or—hope against hope—alcohol?
   He climbed down the tunnel. In the muddy cave below were no treasures, but a few rusty bits of armor, some tarnished coins, scraps of ragged clothes—and one glaring scarlet eye shining out of the darkness:
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With a screech the awful creature lunged at Thob, running on its backward legs, its long tail dragging the ground. “Another dwarf,” it howled, “after so long! I’d almost forgotten the taste!”
   Thob didn’t stick around to hear more: he scurried like a mole up the earthen bank and out the hatch, letting it slam back down over the hole. Then he was away, running headlong to the south, not stopping until he could barely breathe. He stood behind a tree and listened, but there were no sounds of pursuit.
   He took back what he had thought about “tall tales”—it seemed the surface was a place of supernatural horrors.

On his way south he was more cautious. He followed an ancient dirt road for most of the way, avoiding the wilderness—not that the roads were really less wild, but they felt so, and you knew if you followed one you would wind up somewhere there was a roof over your head. But even the roads were not free of danger:
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Just after crossing a narrow bridge, two humanoid creatures, gray-feathered and wiggling their branching antennae, shambled out of the brush along the path. They made for Thob, but he was wary; quickly he dashed back across the bridge and lost sight of the things amid the trees. They, too, soon gave up searching for him, and he was able to sneak off, further downstream, and cross.

Not far off the path was, according to the Eyes he’d spoken to, the lair of the supposed “hyena,” the one they called Ïngiz. Thob had learned not to discount these stories of monsters, but the hyena piqued his curiosity: he wanted to know if it had even half the weird features they attributed to it. Soon he found the den—ominously named “the Hole of Catching”—and, sneaking as best he could in his steel armor, crept down the rocky slope.
   The den wasn’t large, and at the other end Thob saw the creature:
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He wouldn’t have said it looked like a mole rat, with or without hair, but it was close enough, he guessed. It was nearly as big as he was. He crept closer. The hyena pricked up its ears, sniffed—and suddenly leapt for him!
   Instinctively Thob threw out the iron pick, raising his buckler at the same time to ward off the beast’s jaws. This proved unnecessary, because his first strike with the pick tore into its underbelly and spattered hyena guts all over the floor. The thing collapsed in a heap; in another moment, Thob brought the pick down into its chest, bursting the heart.
   So much for the dreaded hyena, he thought. It was just a wild animal, no different from dralthas or cave crocodiles.

With the rest of the day, Thob made his way east across the valley. He was nearing his destination, Scarredpaddles. When night came down he made camp by a little stream.

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Re: Thob Goes to the Surface
« Reply #31 on: June 05, 2020, 05:04:37 am »

Its getting dangerous, what further dangers away him on his quest for booze?
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Re: Thob Goes to the Surface
« Reply #32 on: June 05, 2020, 12:57:37 pm »

Well, he's already faced supernatural threats and indirect attacks by necromancers (their experiments keep trying to clobber him), so for all I know, next he'll find a shrine and nearly get squashed by an angry titan.
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