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Author Topic: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle  (Read 207952 times)


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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7440 on: January 15, 2019, 08:28:52 pm »

N.E.M.O. - New Existance on Mars Organization

Design: UF-RCC-45 'Babel's Radio Station'
Truly a marvel of communication and the field of cryptology, the Radio Command Center 'Babel's Radio Station' was Engineer Nemonole's masterpiece; one originally intended to turn the tides against Canalla; but now it'll serve N.E.M.O.'s purposes; and to sow chaos amongst the forces arrayed against United Forenia while we're at it!

It's decryption capabilities are truly ahead of its time; and the engineer's claim that it could decrypt the 'undecryptable' may yet be true; a function enhanced by the devices ability to transmit over any and all frequencies; AM, FM and others known to man! Furthering it's competency in the field of intelligence, the 'Babel's Radio Station' is capable of intercepting and drowning out all other radio transmissions, denying the enemy vital information; and allowing the operators to more effectively sow a misinformation campaign.

This being said, the Babel's Radio Station Radio Command Center is a large complex that more or less mandates its own mostly dedicated rocket for as it occupies the bulk of the discretionary cargo space; able to field many operators at once, and with its size transmit to a multitude of frequencies independently and to a truly tremendous range: Interplanetary; a necessary function, seeing as how this is intended to serve as N.E.M.O.'s primary communications array after escaping the confusion on Earth.

Action: Sow chaos and infighting amongst the non-Forenian forces before the launch of N.E.M.O.; all while sitting in my launch chair

Spoiler: Extended Action Fluff! (click to show/hide)
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Glory to United Forenia!


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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7441 on: January 15, 2019, 08:45:34 pm »

N.E.M.O. - New Existance on Mars Organization

Earth-Chan Memorial System (E.M.S.)

I will be on board the rockets to assist in in-flight modifications/repairs as well as conversion of the system once planetside. 
Science is Meta gaming IRL. Humans are cheating fucks.
So, basically, we have a hovercraft that explodes when used.
Still, Chief, you are correct. It is an excellent dog fighter. It managed to nail the one dog present in the audience.

Powder Miner

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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7442 on: January 15, 2019, 09:50:15 pm »

Nader Jabal set his Tiger's Roar down on his desk, and a wide grin grew behind his mask. These stupid sons of bitches thought they knew how to lay a trap. They thought they knew to lay a trap on him. On him! Nader knew how to lay traps -- it'd been a core piece of his existence for years now, after tall. Whenever he was sitting at home, at his desk, and his mind was suddenly alight with a way that the Nazis or the Arstotzkans or the Soviets or the Cannalans or some other secret group of assassins could get in, a way that of course others would call impossible, because they didn't know, they didn't think like he did, they--

Nader's train of thought ran to an incoherent, stuttering stop as his own internal rambling went past him. He-- oh, he really couldn't afford to be like this right now. Well, the point was, he had spent years considering how to place traps in ways conventional and unconventional, because it had been one of his best ways of comfort. If he could never ever be totally safe, maybe he could at least be able to make it so attempts to kill him would deal casualties and take time.

"And now you sons of bitches think you can spring a trap on me, huh? Well I've got something for you..." Nader mumbled for a few moments as he stepped outside, wrenching a Horsekiller II off of a wall with a loud grunt. He had spent several minutes in a tense radio conversation with his own compatriots, and a few others -- two of whom he had seen house-arrested, and one of whom he would never have expected to get help from in the first place. It was almost enough to give Nader pause, even; he'd viewed Kot always as nothing more than some driven Arstotzkan madman, but Kot had been the one to warn him about what Andres was going to try. Did this mean that not everyone Nader had thought to be an implacable shadowy foe was? But he felt certain in some corner of his mind that almost everyone was out to get him, that wasn't going away either.

He'd have time to think about it later, maybe, if he survived. For now, he had to go counter an Arstotzkan-Cannalan strategy.

I and my squad (Kashyyk, Taricus) will, instead of killing Andres, work in tandem with the military, being the spearhead that hits the Arstotzkan column from the rear and completes the envelopment of Andres' forces. I'll try to get someone else to carry my Horsekiller II, but if that doesn't work out, fuck it, I'll just use an Osprey instead. We will also not attack Kot.
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Glory to Forenia!

Kolubaria in aeternum!


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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7443 on: January 16, 2019, 01:46:26 am »

Design: Support E.M.S construction as part of N.E.M.O

After that, take some "Noose" missiles and shoot anything getting too close to the NEMO rockets
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Damnit people, this is why I said to keep the truce. Because now everyone's ganging up on the cats.
Also, don't forget to contact your local Eldritch Being(s), so that they can help with our mission to destroy the universe.


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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7444 on: January 16, 2019, 03:41:21 am »

evictedSaint proudly presents:

Raafat Saves Forenia

Spoiler: Chapter 3: Old Friends (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: TLDR (click to show/hide)


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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7445 on: January 16, 2019, 08:55:13 am »

N.E.M.O. - New Existance on Mars Organization

Greetings fellow Forenians I am a long time lurker of the arms race games as far back as the war of Turbados, I've decided to participate in this finale for the intercontinental war.

Thermionic Heat Excess Electromagnetic Radiator - THEER
THEER is a device that radiates heat in order to maximize efficiency of the Thermionic Reactor by generating temperature differences and radiating excess heat. The device is a panel that radiates heat via aluminum heat pipes. Heat pipes are self-contained unit using a working fluid that vaporizes and then condenses giving up heat in the process, this continues on in a cycle where it circulates between the cold and hot ends of the chamber. In layman's terms it uses the difference between hot and cold to transport heat via vaporization of fluid. The working fluid is water or an equivalent. The mass is approximately 5 kg/m2 with an emissivity of 0.85; usable temperature range is limited by the softening point of aluminum. Aluminum can easily be replaced making it effective, cheap, sturdy and mass efficient, perfect for the rigors of long term space travel. THEER is an upgrade to existing cooling systems.


Use a Boot submarine to smuggle nuclear material in the ensuing chaos for the fleet and join Kot in his quest to kill Andres and protect the N.E.M.O fleet. After the ensuing battle attempt to get on a N.E.M.O rocket if possible, if not regroup with the other Forenians and then steal a vehicle capable of escaping to the United States.
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Man of Paper

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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7446 on: January 16, 2019, 10:09:44 am »

Wrote this up and apparently went to sleep without posting...

Operation: TeleVisionary

Step 1: Produce BEES
Step 2: Distribute BEES
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!

Quote from: Design - BEES (Bright Energy Emitting System)
BEES is a box filled with various cathode-ray tubes, speakers, and various other components necessary to make the first widely available fully electronic color television! The project lead, one Dr. MoP, siphoned as many resources as he could towards his personal project, paying almost no attention to the war going on around him. He doesn't care about who wins or loses, just as long as he can get a BEES! in as many homes as possible (and moneys in his wallet). The television is meant to last a few years, has multiple channels cycled through via a dial, with a second dial controlling volume. Each BEES also comes with a pair of antenna in order to receive signals.
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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7447 on: January 16, 2019, 11:29:42 am »

UFS-SSBN-45 "Wolfpack"

A proper nuclear sub, designed to show the world exactly what Forenia is capable of and final proof that Forenia can into navy. It's powered by a high-efficiency lead-bismuth cooled fast nuclear reactor, and all plans have been shared with NEMO to aid nuclear research. The submarine itself is about 100m long, in a standard teardrop shape with a six compartment design, with two waterproof Noose launch tubes and six torpedo tubes (four in the bow and two in the stern) carrying an entirely new torpedo - the UF-TPD-45 "Sea Fox". It's a very large torpedo by Forenian standards, holding a large warhead and a lot of fuel, and it has such novelties as wire-guidance. The submarine is also capable of dropping Whalesong mines. The hull is made primarily of titanium, allowing it to submerge to great depths. The Wolfpack is moved by a single shrouded propeller, which is capable of sizable speed but primarily optimized for stealth. It has a jury-rigged active sonar system, as well as an upscaled Boot sonar allowing more precise tracking. The crew complement is about fifty.

Action: Sink El Prez, then sit in Cannalan shipping lanes until they give up and cede the proper Forenian islands of Tereshkova, Saint Oros, and Titan.
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Oh gawd, it's the metallic toast making variant of Bonzi Buddy!

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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7448 on: January 16, 2019, 01:50:44 pm »

Roaring Whispering Burning Armoured Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tigers
I have been secretly raising and training Tigers. Literal fucking orange and black striped members of Panthera tigris. Raising and training them from birth to hunt and kill anyone who smells of rum.

Give each one a custom suit of Tiger Tiger Armour. Bulletproof manganese steel armour that can deflect anything short of an anti-materiel rifle round. Except with BETTER COVERAGE and THICKER PLATES and MORE SLOPING because tigers are just better and stronger than humans. I will also augment the Tiger's claws and fangs with sharpened steel.

Every suit of armour should have a modified Tiger's Roar radio and Tiger's Whisper jammer on its back. The radio will transmit the literal sounds of the tiger's roars to any radios in the area. The Tiger's whispers will jam any communications that don't come from a modified Tiger's Roar. I don't care about any AM/FM encryption whatever bullshit, just make it work.

Every Tiger will also have an automated Burning Tiger flare/chaff system mounted on their back. This will prevent anyone from using anti-aircraft missiles effectively against the tigers.

I will get an L-1 Tiger Truck with a giant cage on the back and fit as many of these war tigers in it as I can. I will drive to wherever in Forenia the most Cannalan's are, and I will set them loose.
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Highmax…dead, flesh torn from him, though his skill with the sword was unmatched…military…Nearly destroyed .. Rhunorah... dead... Mastahcheese returns...dead. Gaul...alive, still locked in combat. NAV...Alive, drinking booze....
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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7449 on: January 16, 2019, 02:32:20 pm »

N.E.M.O. - New Existence on Mars Organization
UF-ER-45 "Digboy"

The ER-45, an underground excavation vehicle, was originally an underground (heh) project intended to help Forenia push Cannala off of our rightful land. But the initial proposal got little support and was quickly co-opted by N.E.M.O. for their uses instead.

Powered by a relatively modest array of batteries with a long cable connection through the dug tunnel to another power source, it can burrow underground and under large pressure. It has a radio for communication where possible, and for other areas where radio fails communication is run through the same set of cables that power's run through.
It of course has a giant drill on the front designed to dig tunnels the size of the ER-45. In addition to the small cockpit, power, and other mentioned features, it contains a cargo space and internal small refinery where the gathered materials via digging can optionally be gathered into where they're refined into viable materials for use in construction of parts, buildings, and other objects elsewhere. It has a basic life support system and is environmentally sealed, but without a cable connection to a proper life support system it has a rather limited time before running out of air.
The refinery can be removed to expand the cargo space, and passengers can optionally sit inside the cargo space. The ER-45 is equipped with treads, and can deploy radio beacons to use in conjunction with an odometer for navigation and coordination of digging.

Several ER-45s are to be loaded onto NEMO cargo rockets and, and will dig out space underground on Mars for NEMO usage, and gather materials for whatever things need materials.

Rayiys Alfatayir, born to Moskurg in the first war and raised by Arstotzkan parents, sat tapping his fingers together anxiously in his shop. That is, he was sitting in the small hole in the wall in a Forenian city excitedly labeled "BOOKS". Sometimes it even had a visitor! How neat. Some people say it used to be a waffle shop, but those people are wrong. He sat in his shop, waiting for the handful of holiday visitors.
But instead of visitors, Alfatayir got an exciting broadcast about rebellion or something on a radio he'd lost previously in the chaos of his little shop. He swore that he'd find the accursed piece of communications equipment someday, but for now the amateur novelist knew it was time to act! The N.E.M.O. project that he got invited to (surely for his amazing talent in imagining the impossible) would be launching any time now. With his contribution stored in some of the rockets. The UF-ER-45 Digboy. Which was totally not based off of a reader contribution to a past novel. It was entirely original, thank you.

He wanted to monopolize the novel market on Mars without his arch-nemesis Raafat Al-Hayim. Even if said arch-nemesis doesn't seem to notice Rayiys' presence already. And if Rayiys were to accomplish this goal, he'd have to get on a rocket. The entrepreneur ran to the houses of people who sometimes ordered his books and gave them each a rousing pro-Forenian and anti-rebellion speech (so rousing, to record it here would be impossible). After getting something like 6 whole people along with their personal armaments, Rayiys began the next step of his plan.
A dilapidated garage in outskirts of the city. It was here that he stored his prototype Digboy. The only one not currently on a rocket about to launch for Mars.

Rayiys Alfatayir knew what he had to do. He'd tunnel into the ground before reaching the National Armory, then breach onto the surface to unload the crack squad of troopers within. Overall, it wouldn't be much, but the surprise of a vehicle suddenly emerging from the ground in a flanking position should be helpful? Maybe? Hopefully? Please?
After this, Rayiys would go back underground to get away safely before ditching the prototype for a more practical vehicle. Like a motorcycle. Obviously a motorcycle. He would then make his last-ditch effort to get on board one of the N.E.M.O. passenger rockets before launch.

Action: Use my own personal digboy to unload a small squadron of people in a flanking position to help the Forenians at the Armory. Then get to safety, ditch the digboy for a more sane vehicle, and desperately try to get onto a N.E.M.O. passenger rocket.
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Quote from: RAM
You should really look to the wilderness for your stealth ideas, it has been doing it much longer than you have after all. Take squids for example, that ink trick works pretty well, and in water too! So you just sneak into the dam upsteam, dump several megatons of distressed squid into it, then break the dam. Boom, you suddenly have enough water-proof stealth for a whole city!


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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7450 on: January 16, 2019, 05:34:06 pm »

NEMO mission plan - introductory pamphlet

Dear citizen, if you are reading this you are on your way to join man's first endeavour among the stars themselves. At the same time, it is likely a time of chaosand danger, so we urge you and your family to stay calm, orderly and well armed. The part below describes our plan with all the details you will need to begin your new life.

Step 1) Gather your belongings and any family member you may wish to save. Then proceed to the northern dock of the capital, where you will find a guard post. By presenting this paper, you will be granted entry. Due to the dangers posed by guns in space, it is strictly forbidden to bring anything above 20 mm caliber. Leave anything in excess to that to the guards, who will use them to protect the docks and the launch.

Step 2) At this point you might see several tall metallic buildings a few miles off the coast. Do not fret! they are your destination. A ferry will carry you toward the fleet and then you will be assisted in boarding together with an hundred and some other brave souls. Once aboard, a NEMO officer will start instructing you on the details of life on board and you may be assigned some minor duties for the good of the communty. Further vocational programs will be available during transfer

Step 3) Find your assigned pocket and strap inside. A comfortable pipe will be available to latch the provided buckles and belts. After everyone is boarded and systems are checked, or after a suitably inconvenient emergency occurs, the rocket will light its engines and lift off. The acceleration will be felt not unlike in an airplane an just as safely. You will hear some noise, of severe volume. However, in your pocket you will also find the provided notepad and pencil with which to communicate in case of hearing damage. You will hear 2 explosions happening during the ascents, after which the engine noise will suddenly stop. That is the rocket leaving its empty tanks and excessive engines behind. In case of a third such explosion, retreat in your pocket and wait for instruction by your local NEMO official or personal deity.

Step 4) After burning down most of the stored propellant, you will be en route to Mars. You will be on board of the fastest object ever built, but the solar system is also far bigger than any distance humans have yet explored. You will, in fact, take about 7 months to reach Mars. During the journey you will be provided rationed food and water, with limited cloth changes and the occasional personal cleaning. As the explorers of yore, discomfort is a necessary part of adventure. Still, thanks to our amazing life support system you may still eat fresh vegetable a few times during the journey, while at the same time enjoying actual air and mostly pure water. All this will require a little bit of extra work however: the reactor which provides power to the fleet is in a single rocket, while electricity is needed everywhere. Donning the NEMO standard issue survival suit, a team of engineers will run cables connecting the ships to allow transfer of power and communications. Large flexible tubing will also be attempted to allow transfer between ships without the survival suit.

Step 5) At this stage, you should see a large red disc quickly approaching. That is Mars. The power cables and rubber tubes will be removed and stored safely, then landing preparation will start. Once again, please stay in your pocket unless assigned to a critical task.  Things may be heated for a while, so keep your ice pack handy. The spaceship will enter the atmosphere and quickly lose its speed. A parachute will deploy to stabilize it in a vertical orientation, then the engines will fire a last time to land. Welcome to Mars!
If you wish to call home, The fleet's Babel radio has sufficient range to send the occasional message.

Step 6) Digboys will be lowered on the surface and begin tunneling, linked to the generator (plugs provided at the base of the starship). They will start digging habitats to transfer the population and equipment. The caves will be sealed and homes built thanks to the digboy in-built refinery.

Step 7) The rockets will be split in haf and turned into greenhouses over the next year, to provide food for the colony. Infastructure in the tunnels will be completed. Water and minerals from Digboys will provide all that is needed for industry, expansion of the EMS system, and fuel for the generator.

Step 8) with food, water, shelter and resources set up, the future is in your brave, strong hands!

Step 9) The designs for this operation were left in trusted NEMO affiliated hands on Earth. Keep Mars in good shape and clean your silverware! Visitors may be coming when the political climate allows.
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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7451 on: January 16, 2019, 06:12:08 pm »

N.E.M.O. - New Existence on Mars Organization
Assist NEMO rocket construction and launch. Possibly through design and use of exoskeletal mechanized enhancement devices, construction variant (Heavy load lifter power armor)
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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7452 on: January 18, 2019, 05:13:19 pm »

UF-RFT-1945 "Liquidizer"

The Liquidizer also known as Very Much a War Crime, is the most advance Flamethrower style device in existence, combining a napalm-style fuel mixed with large excessive amounts of finely crushed uranium dust, the Liquidizer fires from a very long barrel attached to fuel tanks. Which are in turn attached to a set of lead lined Tiger Armour, over top a chemically treated and fully sealed uniform and gas mask. The Liquidizer while seemingly a simple terror weapon, has been discovered to have the (un)fortunate side effect of liquidizing the organs, eyes, and skin of any poor soul who happens to be near the flames caused by it's firing.

For my plan I will assist Powder Miner and the other true Forenia Loyalists with their plans as much as I can, and if that fails America sounds like such a lovely place to escape too.
Long Live Arst- United Forenia!
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Re: Intercontinental Arms Race: October 1945, Post-Battle
« Reply #7453 on: January 22, 2019, 09:46:20 pm »

[insert code here] “Boomer”

The boomer is a jet powered and propelled hovertank. For weapons, it has 3 autocannons and 2 rocket launchers, as well as slots for whatever somebody else wants to use. It is built with Titanium and Vanadium steel. For armor, it uses ERA just for fun and is built to hopefully not explode with one shot from a BB gun. It has radio, a targeting computer, and the works as peripherals go. If there is time, it is built to handle running on Vodka and Alcohol in general as well as gasoline. Oddly enough, it’s temperate gauge is in Rankine, It’s weight is in kilograms, but the instruction manual is in the Deseret alphabet. In short, it is hard to tell whether it’s designers were too drunk or not drunk enough.

Action: use hovercraft to do a hit and run of the official and local army, work with ES & co to screw over Cannala. Before all this, try to see if any others want to help operate. If not, get at least two people ASAP before anything else.
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On a fun note, all of the beds just starting disintegrating
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