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Author Topic: [44.06] Fantastic Races 7.1  (Read 6558 times)


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[44.06] Fantastic Races 7.1
« on: May 09, 2017, 09:27:20 pm »

The intent of this mod is to add interesting, original, high-fantasy style species and civilizations to the world of Dwarf Fortress, while keeping it compatible with as many other mods as possible. It adds 26 new civilizations, all of which are playable in both adventure and fort mode, have unique features such as enslaved lesser races, unique cultural weapons, unique domesticated creatures, and can be chosen individually depending on which ones the player wishes to encounter. The features of this mod include:

-the ice-infused, belligerent Yotunmen,
-the cephalodic and philosophic Kalkir,
-the quasi-undead, pragmatic Manats,
-the constantly conniving, brightly feathered Ruxes,
-the amphibious and xenophobic Silanifs,
-the cruel and frenetic Vulc,
-the divine and unearthly Hlirai,
-the lethargic, simple Ganbus,
-the unnerving and nocturnal Woor,
-the gigantic, perfection-obsessed Joghadai,
-the genetically-diseased, warmongering Baoyo,
-the eloquent and ruthless Xing,
-the flawlessly inhuman Crysanthropes,
-the infectious and disgusting Uluth,
-the gluttonous and short-lived Qaarou,
-the radiant and alien Zion,
-the mystical and enigmatic Lulots,
-the despairing yet knowledge-seeking Ekklos,
-the primitive and stoic Arthraks,
-the brutal and cursed Dolois,
-the capricious and oppressive Nrus,
-the extraterrestrial, ambitious Togriqs,
-the mercantile and cutthroat Felyrs,
-the secretive and dextrous Pasrags,
-the fungoid, emotionless Olar,
-the seductive and vain Isalites,
-a unique language for every civilization,
-and a text file containing in-depth lore of all the races.

Things to keep in mind:
-This is my first mod ever so I might have gotten some things wrong, feel free to let me know what I did right/wrong or just let me know what you think about it. I really appreciate feedback
-I did not intend for the races to be balanced, just cool. Fun may result from this.
-The actual game is not included in this file, just the files for the civs and creatures. Drag and drop the raws in the correct folder to install.

Special thanks to Boltgun, Zm5, and Lovechild for letting me use some of the resources from their mods. And also, thank you to all the various people who assisted me when I had questions.

-misc bugfixes
-Updated for 44.06. Well nothing actually needed to be changed but I wanted to be all official because I am a slave to bureaucracy.

7.0 changes:
-3 new races
-watekat no longer OP

6.981 changes:
-possibly due to game limitations or my own lack of knowledge, the heart-fruit excreted by the manat slugs is not recognized by the game and just shows up blank. The seeds, however, work fine, so the new system is that the slugmorphs produce seeds which you can either brew directly into wine using brewer polyps or plant to use as a food source, or just cook them.

6.98 changes:
-Manats can now produce bloodwine by harvesting hearts from Wine Slugmorphs. Fat-based alcohol is shelved for now.
-Leather Slugmorphs can finally (probably) be sheared for their skin.
-Charrots will be unique to Rux civs like they should be.
-Greater Molemarians have proper names.
-Crysanthropes are now terrifying, see reworked lore.
-New building and reactions for Crysanthropes (needs testing but should work)

6.975 changes:
-fixes to various creature and entity roles that needed to be readjusted.
-Minth slaves should appear in Rux civs.
-Molemarian slaves can be trained to fight for Baoyo civs.

6.97 changes:
-5 new creatures added to the Woor civ
-4 new creatures added to the Felyr civ
-1 new creature added to the Ganbu civ
-2 new creatures added to the Rux civ
-1 new slave race added to the Rux civ
-various bugfixes

6.96 changes:
-bugfixes for the new Vulc creatures
-1 new creature added to Joghadai civ
-Brewer Polyps can harvest water
-unique drink making for Manats is still broken so just don't use it until further notice
-Xing unique animals should spawn now

6.95 changes:
-Manat Flyers reworked for a more unique look
-2 new creatures added to Baoyo civ
-8 new subraces added to Vulc civ
-1 new crime against the gods added to the Crysanthrope civ

6.94 changes:
-minor lore alterations
-new workshops for the Manat
-brewing alcohol from fat is still broken someone help pls
-various small fixes

6.93 changes:
-quick fix so the mod works in the new version

6.92 changes:
-1 new creature added to Xing civ, also they should use poisonous animals now
-1 new creature added to Joghadai civ
-mixup between Arthrak and Ekklos tiles resolved

6.91 changes:
-3 new creatures added to Yotunman civ
-2 new unique drinks added to Manat civ
-1 new slugmorph variant added to the Manat civ

6.9 changes:
-errorlog completely fixed, hooray
-various other fixes, balance changes, and general alterations.

6.84 changes:
-misc improvements, changes, and bugfixes

6.83 changes:
-Manats will not use literal slugs as attack animals
-lore doc updated with religious trivia
-Qaarous have a perfectly fine and normal civ-specific food animal

6.82 changes:
-emergency patch

6.81 changes:
-Manat Noble and Boneguard caste have stronger chitin, should be fun
-misc bugfixes

6.8 changes:
-misc bugfixes and rebalancing weapons
-new cultural weapons added to the Doloi, Yotunmen, Rux, and Vulc. See lore document for details.

6.77 changes:
-Manat coal can now be properly processed I swear to god this is the last Manat bugfix
-Xing cultural weapon added

6.75 changes:
-quick balancing to new weapons
-addition of a new weapon to the Kalkir civ

6.7 changes:
-Felyr will spawn in worldgen now.
-lots of generic bugfixes.
-Silanif civ now has a unique creature, see lore doc.
-Togriq Great Lunar Moths have more viable lifespan.
-Manats, Felyr, Silani, and Ganbus have a unique and powerful cultural weapon, more will be added later. See lore document for details.

6.6 changes:
-Manat nobles fixed
-Baoyo have a new slave race, see lore doc.

6.5 changes:
-Silk slugmorphs fixed
-Manat Bone reaction fixed
-Evolved variants of flesh workshops added, need Fleshstone to make
-Fleshstone beds now fixed for real
-various small bugfixes

6.25 changes:
-fleshstone beds work properly now

6.2 changes:
-slugmorph spawn have special labels until they reach adulthood
-milk slugmorphs are milkable

-Manats should have picks now whoops
-Major additions to the Manat civ, including 3 new workshops. Check the lore document's section on Manats for details.

6.0 changes:
-All Hlira Justices can fly now
-Manat Golems should be able to do labors
-3 new races

5.5 changes:
-fixed major error where worldgen would constantly reject worlds due to an issue with one of my civs.

5.45 changes:
-balancing tweaks

5.4 changes:
-Lore document now links thematically appropriate music for each race. Just thought it would be neat. Songs subject to change.

5.3 changes:
Lulot and Ekklos crashes fixed

5.2 changes
-many, many misc bugfixes
-Lulot and Ekklos civs will crash your game for some reason, please do not install them until this can be resolved.

5.1 changes:
-fixed crash caused by cave civs

5.0 changes:
-4 new races that use kobold sites (5 civs per race max, may adjust)
-redone descriptions for many creatures to make them sound more like vanilla descriptions
-various bugfixes

!MAJOR new feature: Manat overhaul:
-Unique animals and slow-learning servants have been added to the civ, allowing you to play fortress mode in a radically different way. See the lore page for more details.
-Two new substances have been added as a substitute for the traditional normal metals and steel. Read about them in the lore page.

4.2 changes:
-Uluth infection attack recharge rate nerfed
-Only Spawner caste can use the attack (should make things less crazy)

4.1 changes:
-Uluth had a civ limit of 100 (default) set back to 1

4.0 changes
-4 new races, all hostile like Goblins, watch out!
-Manat abilities rebalanced (syndromes are stronger but last less)
-Hlira cannot become undead (too holy)
-Xing should stop becoming extinct in early history
-Spawning rates for civs have been changed. As of this version, there will be only one civ per race by default. This was to ensure they did not steal the spotlight from the main races and remain rare and exciting encounters.
-Zion natural abilities are broken and don't work right now and I can't figure out how to fix them but I'll get to that later.
(but if someone could take a look at them and figure out why the interactions don't work that'd be great because I'm at a loss here)

3.38 changes:

-Manat Faces and Fleshsmiths both have antennae now.
-Fleshsmiths can now use the same regeneration ability as Faces, but with a twist. Fleshsmiths target others for regeneration rather than themselves. This means that if you play a Manat in adventure mode, or possibly have the caste in your fort in fort mode, they will go around healing you/your 'dwarves'. Of course, the ability only works on Manats.

3.37 changes:

-major fix, lords will be able to appoint their equivalent of hearthpeople now. Captains of the guard used to be the ones who did this, but they did not spawn in keeps/castles, making finding them incredibly difficult and tedious. Each civilization has their own unique special forces you can be inducted into. Captains of the guard can still appoint generic hearthpeople if you really want to serve them specifically though.

3.36 changes:

-forgot to add rux language

3.35 changes:

-the previous language files were created using DFlang, and due to a mistake, used the 2010 template. New iterations have been generated using the most recent template.

3.3 changes:

-various changes to which civs spawned where to avoid crowding
-Hlira can now also spawn on good biomes
-Xing should stop going extinct very early and in fact should now be incredibly numerous

3.2 changes:

-Kalkir can grab things now
-Vulc babies have correct names
-misc fixes

3.1 changes

-Xing soldier tiles fixed.

3.0 changes:

-unique languages for races
-3 new races

2.4 changes:

-Manat abilities are finally working flawlessly after much, MUCH testing. These abilities can be used by the Fleshsmith and Face castes.

2.36 changes:

-fixed many spelling errors and inconsistencies in the lore sheet.

2.35 changes:

-groundwork laid for adding some new natural abilities.

2.3 changes:

-More tweaks for Manats and some slight lore alterations for the Hlira.

2.2 changes:

-Manats are no longer strictly carnivores. For some reason it made them go extinct really quickly.

2.1 changes:

-many fixes to creature tiles. Should be compatible with any saves, but make a backup just in case.

2.0 changes:

-3 new races
-fixes to soldier tiles
-numerous small bugfixes and tweaks

1.2 changes:

-Silanif creature tiles were wrong, this has been fixed.

1.1 changes:

-quick edit to Manat creature file as there were a bunch of duplicate lines and stuff. Also, general cleaning up of physical attributes that didn't fit the race.
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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2017, 10:09:42 pm »

oooh, an upstart mod. I shall watch your progress, test it after im donw with my own mods next version~ Have a nice day.
My mod:
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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2017, 11:01:19 pm »

oooh, an upstart mod. I shall watch your progress, test it after im donw with my own mods next version~ Have a nice day.

Thanks, I'll keep working on it when I'm able. I already have a few ideas to be honest, but I want to try and stabilize what I already have first.


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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2017, 09:02:33 pm »

Updated to 2.0, see changelog.


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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races
« Reply #4 on: May 13, 2017, 11:57:54 pm »

Whoops I accidentally deleted the download link, this has been fixed.


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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2017, 12:56:19 pm »

Ptw for now, looks nifty
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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2017, 06:06:32 pm »

This issue has now been resolved.

All right, so this mod is going pretty well atm but if anyone's interested, I could use some help. Basically, I've been having some problems getting a few features to actually work, and since I have very little experience modding the trickier bits and despite frequently consulting the wiki, I can't seem to get results. There are two main problems, both of which are affecting the Manat race. This race is heavily inspired by H.R. Geiger and has a strong emphasis on bioweapons and inhuman abilities. The first problem is with the Fleshsmith caste. If you look at the creature raws for them, you will see that they have two poison gas attacks of differing lethality and symptoms, but for some reason actually using the ability does nothing. I don't know why the ability isn't working, as I have successfully implemented natural abilities for the Hlira race with no trouble, so if anyone could find the cause I would be grateful. The second problem relates to the "Face" caste. The primary ability of this caste is their regenerative ability. So far, I have been trying to implement an ability I feel would be appropriate for this trait, with no success. What I did to try and implement this is use the werewolf scripts to allow a wounded Face to quickly surround themselves in a cocoon of flesh, before bursting out a few seconds later with all their wounds healed and limbs restored. But as with the prior problem, activating the ability has no effect. Both the Fleshsmith and Face abilities are already completed as best as I am able, so if anyone wishes to take a look at them they only need to look into the raws for the Manat race. If anyone could discover a way to solve this issue, I would be greatly appreciate it.
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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races (help wanted, see bottom post if interested)
« Reply #7 on: July 02, 2017, 10:12:51 am »

In retrospect, asking for help like this without offering anything in return won't get me anywhere, so here's a deal. If someone helps me with one of these problems, I will make a custom race and civ for them, within reason (IE nothing impossible with the current modding tools or something incredibly complex like a creature with dozens of castes). If one person fixes both of these problems, I will make two civs for them. The race/civ(s) can be anything you desire so long as they adhere to the qualifications described above.

EDIT: To make things clearer, I'll try and outline my two problems in a more understandable way.

1. The Manat fleshsmith caste from my mod has two syndrome inducing gas attacks with various symptoms. They are both nonfunctional at the moment and I do not know how to make them work.
2. The Manat face caste has an ability to transform into a fleshy cocoon using scripts ripped from the Werebeast transformation ability, as a means to regenerate limbs and recover damage, but this ability does not function and I do not know how to fix it.

EDIT2: Problem 1 has now been resolved.

EDIT3: Problem 2 has now been resolved.
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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races 3.0
« Reply #8 on: July 16, 2017, 06:34:18 am »

The mod has received a significant update. 3.0 adds three new races and a unique language for all 12 races.


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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races 3.2
« Reply #9 on: July 17, 2017, 03:53:21 am »


I see you're not getting much attention so far, but keep at it!
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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races 3.2
« Reply #10 on: July 17, 2017, 05:22:36 pm »


I see you're not getting much attention so far, but keep at it!

Thanks, I definitely will keep going. I already have some plans for the mod when the next update drops, since that will make adding cave-dwelling civs a lot more interesting.


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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races 3.37
« Reply #11 on: September 28, 2017, 07:28:19 pm »

New update for those interested, becoming a soldier for a civ should be much easier now.


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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races 3.37
« Reply #12 on: September 28, 2017, 10:01:58 pm »

Looks pretty interesting and unique. I'll check it out.


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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races 3.37
« Reply #13 on: September 29, 2017, 10:38:55 am »

Looks pretty interesting and unique. I'll check it out.

Thanks! Please let me know if you find any issues with the mod so I can take a look at them.
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Re: [43.05] Fantastic Races 3.37
« Reply #14 on: September 29, 2017, 04:50:48 pm »

No problem. I'm just messing around right now, started a Kalkir fortress. They seem to work well, but they don't like pants or loinclothes apparently, because they drop them right away. It's running fine, so that's good.
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