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Author Topic: Why I love this game  (Read 505 times)


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Why I love this game
« on: June 16, 2010, 09:38:41 pm »

I've been playing this game for a few days now, still struggling to just be able to get a fortress up and running with basic needs. (well water, food production, ale production, bedrooms).  Here is why I think this is probably one of the greatest games ever made. 

So I recently set out to start a new fortress,  probably like my 20th so far.   :)  I generate the world, I find a perfect spot.  No aquifers, good ground, and a river.  So I thought.  I finally embark and when I arrive I'm extremely happy with my spot.  Good cliffs, good flora.  Except no river! :(  I could have sworn I picked a river in my spot.  Anyways, with no river and such a good spot I figure I will just try to utilize the numerous ponds scattered about.  So here I am, digging and digging.  I build tunnels to a few of the ponds, then channel them to a specific spot that I channel down 2 squares wide.  Below that I do about a 8x8 area channeled out, then below that a 7x7 area and so on for a few levels. A nice gradient down to a big room I dug out probably 5 levels below (kind of my little reserve).  I planned on building a well a few levels above, with some flooring.  Maybe even a well on each level above, all on top of each other.  It was raining alot so I figured if I made kind of a holding tank big enough it would stay full well through the winters, and dry season.

There they were, digging away.  I had 3 miners to start with, tunnels were dug, sloped pools were dug down to my holding tank, holding tank was dug out.  All that was left were 2 block holding the water back from my little system.   I set the two blocks to be channeled out from above and resumed play.  One miner goes up to channel them out, the other two were still down in the hole.  I figured they would move up the slopes and out of the pit once the water started coming in.  I was dead wrong!  Instead down comes the water and all the rocks it's bringing with it.  :D  Clunk! Clunk! Before they could even get out, they were both knocked unconscious by the rocks swept from the tunnels from above.  There they lay, unconscious waiting for the quickly rising water to finish them off.

Anyways, at least that gave me a reason to start over and find a place WITH a river.  :D