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Author Topic: Looking for intros  (Read 689 times)


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Looking for intros
« on: June 12, 2017, 03:57:24 pm »

Well, some people have been asking for a while, so us guys here at Masterwork are conceding. But we need some help to do this.
We need some help to write some introductions for each playable race, to pop up for everyone's happiness after you've made embark preparations.

This screen here, if you weren't quite sure what I'm talking about.

Now, this includes dwarves, orcs, succubi, kobolds, and humans. And no, I'm not going to just take whoever makes the first few bits. I want to see variety and creativity for each race. I would love to see a ton of them for each one. And if you get worried that showing up late means you can't possibly get yours implemented, don't worry: even if there's already an introduction for a race, we could add more, if we get enough submissions.
Now, submissions should be shorter than 200 words. The original intro is only around 100 words, just for comparison, and it is just a short little intro that most players probably fly past, but we aim to make this a bit more interesting.
Just as a quick example for dwarves...

So who feels like giving a bit more variety to this little part of the game?


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Re: Looking for intros
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2017, 04:22:30 pm »

Yesshhhhh we need more of the precioussss...

I mean yes we need several of these, hundreds, and doubters that we need it need not worry or apply, lol.  give us your best effort on a less than 200 word intro, and don't make it generic, make it race specific.  understand that there is only a few vars that can be called, these would be:
{civ name:native translation or english translation} and
{group name:native translation or english translation}

but other than that you can write what you want, indicate these 5 variables if you want, and see how quickly we can add you as a contributor to the MDF Community!
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Re: Looking for intros
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2017, 10:40:01 am »

Heya I wrote one of these for a couple of the races the other night.  Feel free to use/change/do whatever with them.  I think they are grammatically correct in most cases but might need tweaked depending on the values stored in the variables.  (IE: not sure what can be plural or singular)  I also used the Fort name in some but I am not sure if that is valid. Hopefully there are no typos.  Cheers!

Code: [Select]
The Mountainhomes grow hazy in your memory as your long journey finally comes to an end.  Your cart creeks and groans as it glides through the morning fog.  As an
expeditionary force swearing allegiance to {civ_name}, your duty is to create a new outpost rich in wealth and industry.  Your concerns drift from the {local_large_predator}
toward securing food, drink, and shelter.  There is a lot of work ahead of you, but with some careful planning you should be able to survive until a trade caravan arrives in the coming fall.
Winter is breaking and, here, at this place, {fort name}, you shall break new ground in the name of the dwarves!

Code: [Select]
Your journey has come to an end, but the expedition to colonize these lands in the name of {civ_name} has only begun.  There are
some months before any caravans pass through this area and it shall fall on you to establish here a thriving trading post in the meantime. 
From ample trade comes great profits. From great profits comes power.
Many will likely come. Like you, they seek wealth, glory, and prosperity.  Their lives will fall into your hands.  Remember that only hard work and due diligence
can bring success. Brothers and sisters, let this spot shall be christened, "{fort_name}". May this day be the start of a glorious, new era for all of mankind!

Code: [Select]
We are a proud race. Descendants of this world's mightiest warriors and wisest chieftains. Incited by our seers' visions of conquest, the clans have grown restless and
malcontent.  The migration of {civ_name} has begun.
Our long journey has brought us to this place. In the name of ancestors long dead and offspring yet born, we will lay claim to these lands. Sheer might shall carry us, for our ferocity is greater
than even the {local_large_predator} that surround us. The elders shall honor our deeds at this place, {fort name}, around the great fires for generations.
Though beset by enemies, with each trial we become stronger.  It is here we will crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of the women.

Code: [Select]
The world of mortals is intoxicating.  They foolishly mask their vices and depravity under a facade of morality.  We, however, can see what they so desperately
try to keep hidden.  How entirely easy it is to lead them astray. How delightfully satisfying...
These are the hallowed grounds where this world’s darkest desires will be made manifest.  Here shall be found a den of decadence and excess; a glistening paradise of
indulgence and ecstasy.  As we erect our spires, the mortal races of this world will gaze upon our terrible works and despair.  The sounds of wailing and gnashing of
teeth will echo throughout the eerie, glowing passages as we feast upon their souls.