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Author Topic: DFHack trade support scripts allbutbins and allbutbinelf  (Read 890 times)


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DFHack trade support scripts allbutbins and allbutbinelf
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:27:23 am »

These scripts select everything in the broker trade list for trade but exclude the bins (for reuse) and unworn underwear (since dwarves rely on 'import' for these, and thus aren't available in the usual dwarven masterworks quality).
The 'elf' version also removes items made out of wood and items containing wooden improvements. I suspect this will also remove fruit (from trees) and tree fruit based booze (although I haven't checked). It does not check for ash in its various forms, though (apart from the tree, of course).
The scripts set the trade flags for all items, so you'd start with running the appropriate script and then modify the list manually if you want to fine tune the selection.

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To use the scripts, copy the script code into "text" files named allbutbins.lua and allbutbinelf.lua in the <DF>\hack\scripts folder respectively and invoke them by typing "allbutbins" or "allbutbinelf" into the DFHack console.