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Author Topic: Sindari: Immortals  (Read 22959 times)


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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #285 on: June 20, 2018, 09:26:44 pm »

Amelia evaded her attackers, throwing scrolls and loose stones crying out for guards and words like “Freedom!” And “China!”  Guards soon rushes in and fought the attackers and killed them. Amelia went to her Nu-Sindari, who had begun the charging process. They hunkered down as they waited.

Octavian easily avoided the attack, sending her stumbling away. The other two soldiers collapsed as they fell on their swords. The woman got to her feet and turned back to Octavian. Her eyes seemed to clear, then widened in horror at the sight of the two dying soldiers. She fell to her knees as the memories flood back.

Prince Tal was horrified when he was brought the news of the attack. He quarantined the 6 remaining soldiers. They seemed to be free of mind control, and expressed shock at what they had done. They vaguely remembered a voice giving them orders they could not resist.

Prince Tal swore that he would provide aid whenever the Sindari need it, even if they need to keep their relationship private for the time being.

The Atlantean army mostly withdrew, leaving behind policing forces to maintain order in their territory. Over the past 30 years, the Empire has expanded massively   Their professional forces are spread thin, and discontent among conquered peoples is rising.

China is in recovery mode. The plague unleashed by Apollo has begun to die down, but the devastation it unleashed has crippled countless villages. Prince Tal has focused on using this time to train a match for the Atlantean professional army. He asks the Sindari if they could acquire several thousand lightening rifles, and perhaps assistance in training the corp. The Dragon Emperor spends most of his energy restoring the land, and increasing the defenses of the nexuses.

Japan has conquered Korea. The island nation remains strong under its empress. And rich. Even with generous terms, China has required much trade.

(Event is over, feel free to post your turn when ready! If you participated in the 2nd battle, your first year is spent at war. You can use that to gain a skill though! This turn will be 10 years/actions.  The Pharaoh event is moved to next turn. Thanks for your patience, and let me know if you have any questions!)
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Sindari Immortals Play as an immortal being trying to subvert an evil empire of (for now) stronger immortals. On *very* long term hiatus.


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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #286 on: June 23, 2018, 06:36:51 pm »

Spoiler: Zakoss (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: City Haven (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Fluffs for the fluffs (click to show/hide)

Decade time spending:

3 years training Ta - Fire magics

5 years developing a means to make a teleportation prototype for distribution and use by everyone.

2 years collecting and/or composing all knowledge from all Sindari to put into the library for later use.

town will spend time for 10 years on the following:

5 years developing and improving education level for generations to come.

5 years forming trade routes to friendly territories using vessels for projected income increase.

Desired results:

Ta - Fire 8 > 13

Ongoing research project teleportation and its results for the five years. I am trying to put up a teleport network for sindari owned nations and to develop our own teleport blocker.

Town having a higher education standard and better trade routes for income.

Intelligence 8 > 10

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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #287 on: July 03, 2018, 10:37:03 am »

Spend 2 years developing a counterspell for the madness plague. Enchant a number of coins with it, to mirror the previous method of distribution. Ideally, the effects will bolster resistance against mind-affecting magic in general.

Spend another year distributing such, using my craftsman's guild as a proxy.

Spend another 2 years using my existing knowledge of physical enhancement to develop a method to bolster the body's resistance to disease.

Spend 2 years enchanting various miscellaneous accessories such as rings, necklaces, hairpins, etc. with disease resistance, to help combat the plague in China and hamper future ones.

Spend 3 years refining Fletching.

Expected gains:
  • Relief of Cisharni plague in China+reducing disease spread in general
  • Relief of Sindari madness plague+reducing ability to mind control Chinese population
  • +6 Fletching
GM of Trespassers V2.
I'm writing a science fantasy story. Mostly hiatused due to life stuff.
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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #288 on: July 03, 2018, 11:45:07 am »

Spoiler: Start of Turn (click to show/hide)
Note: As stated previously, Agility has been improved from 14 to 16.
Year 1: China
Years 2-7: Training Stealth (0->12)
Year 8: Do research into Rigel's imprisonment and the Pharaoh's plan and preparations; potentially ask Serrana about this. Gather any equipment made for the following missions.
Years 9 and 10: Rescue Rigel and sabotage the Pharaoh's plans, ideally by finding and either destroying or stealing their black soul gem.

The Sind Confederacy should:
  • Continue recruiting more tribes
  • Build up more settlements
  • Train translators for interactions with the Japanese shipmakers and Mongol horse archers, and learn from them
  • Continue trying to find places to set up colonies in the Pacific, and set them up if possible

Also, if anyone could find a way to confirm/make certain that Serrana's mental link to the Cisharni is broken off, then based on the end-of-turn summary from the last period of time pre-China/hiatus, it seems that it should be OK to let her out of Adjilia to help in America.
Spoiler: End of Turn (click to show/hide)
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Glass is, as usual, correct.
Yep, as ever, I bestow upon Glass the expected +1
I'm gonna say we go with whatever Glass's idea is.

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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #289 on: July 04, 2018, 01:28:15 am »

Archaementes' face reddened with embarrassment as more of his fellow Sindari decried his latest scheme, pointing out the full extent of its failure. Even Rigel seemed to give off a vibe that possibly indicated that he would've turn his Greek bottom into a pincushion had Archaementes been within arrow-flying distance. Finally, it was decided that he would have to make amends for what he'd done. However, gathering the cursed coins is a daunting task as they may have already spread throughout Persia and India by now. However, what he can do is soften the blow by learning how to create a blessing that will grant the affected much fortune. It can be set to leak out of items much like the Madness Curse. Once the blessed items are distributed throughout Persia and India, Archaementes can them find someway to shift the blame to the Atlanteans. Though some of the other Sindari may feel that he's wasting his time, Archaementes disagreed since public opinion is everything whether it pertained to Sindari or Cisharni or someone else. Besides, turning even a tragedy around and into a benefit at the enemy's expense is something that such a mastermind as himself simply can't pass up.

2 years spent teaching Sophia Persuasion.

To ensure that his daughter can more successfully complete her tasks in the fight against the Atlantean Empire and their Cisharni taskmasters, Archaementes decided that she needed to become someone who can influence people of differing opinions into seeing her way of things and can turn others against each other whenever necessary. Sure attacking someone's person directly is a quick way to deal with them but such a thing is the only direct course of action for amateurs. Professionals, however; know that there are more ways to destroy an enemy than cold steel. Indeed, the right words can do a lot more damage than a thousand swords when applied correctly and if the opponent lived to see his great efforts torn by his ex-allies then the victory is much sweeter.

Teaching Sophia about the importance of information, Archaementes stressed the fact that the more that is learned of others' personality, motivations, beliefs, interests, and relationships with others, the easier it is to prod them into a certain course of action. Indeed, persuasion is an art and thus must be tailored to the recipient. For example, a person who is governed by their emotions may not care much for cold logic but their heartstrings can be pulled upon the 'revelation' of a potential tragedy a rival is 'planning' against the ones they love. By obtaining information using such tactics as asking open-ended questions, listening to gossip, or even eavesdropping just to name a few, a skilled persuader can more easier wrap almost everyone around their finger.

Once the basics were firmly taught and tips were dispensed, Archaementes let Sophia join the other children to apply what she'd learned. Though she'd had trouble with some of the children who thought of her as 'being weird', Sophia managed to get the other children to give her gifts of berries and small toys. During this time, Archaementes noticed that Sophia has a knack for swaying others to her side, her presence pulling them in closer to than what should be possible for a child of her age. Perhaps she is more of a missionary than a schemer like himself? He resolved to show her that she can be both. After all, he felt in his heart that she is worthy to lead the Shrouded Dawn should he gets slain in battle against a Cisharni. He has already made the necessary preparations for her to oversee the secret cult co-jointly with him, albeit at a lesser capacity, and to ensure a smooth transition of the leadership should he die.

4 years learning the Good Fortune Spell.

Hoping to make up for causing a clusterfuck that made Acter's mistake seem insignificant, Archaementes decided to give the Persian and Indian populaces some form of relief in the form of a blessing as he deducted that gathering the cursed coins was unfeasible, not to mention that their duration will end soon anyway. Sure it won't bring back their dead loved ones but it will help soothe their pain. The masses needed joy, after all. They also needed an outlet for their anger but more on that later.

Gathering whatever the villagers considered to be good luck charms and tokens of fortune, Archaementes mentally focused on the faint energies surrounding the objects, analyzing the tiny threads that extruded into nothingness. Positing that they're actually linked to the favorable portions of causality, possibly through the power of belief or some charm, Archaementes decided that it was more efficient to copy the threads' structural makeup than attempting to replicate whatever force that's flowing into the trinkets via the threads.

Trying on each trinket, Archaementes used his heightened senses to analyze the inner workings of the charms as he flipped a gold coin and gauged their reactions whenever it landed on either side. He found out that of the sides the coin landed on, the charms fired off and caused it to land on the face he'd desired at a certain percentage, with the percentage in question increasing the more power he diverted into them. In fact, Archaementes theorized that if the percentages were high enough, the Good Fortune blessing would be capable of warding off or even curing the Madness Curse itself, However, this would need some field testing. Feeling that he understood the workings of the charms sufficiently, Archaementes begin to copy the charms.

In much of the same way he'd tested the Madness Curse on the rats, he blessed some of their food with the Good Fortune spell. The rats who were affected soon found themselves biting into newly discovered morsels that tasted much better than the rest of the food. However, the experiment wasn't without its annoyances as most of the affected rats had somehow found ways to escape their cages and to savor sweet freedom. Some of them had even found themselves lucky enough to stumble into his food supplies and proved to be uncannily slippery when he frantically tried to catch them. As Herodias screamed in terror, Sophia covered her mouth with both hands, barely keeping herself from laughing at her parents' expense. By the end of the day, Archaementes only managed to catch three rats simply because they remained nearby when the blessing wore off. The rest of the escaped rats were likely far away from his family's house by now. Nevertheless, Archaementes considered the experiment to be a resounding success as he placed the rats back into their cages and awarded them with extra food. Replacing the ruined food, Archaementes made some arrangements for his followers to bring him items to enact the next step of his plan.

1 year spreading blessed items throughout Persia and India.

Knowing that the Atlanteans cared less about toys and agricultural tools compared to gold coins and swords, Archaementes arranged for his followers to bring those items to him. For several weeks, Archaementes blessed thousands of those items with the Good Fortune blessing, giving each blessing a run-time of at least five years before fading away completely. Archaementes also made the blessing subtle to avoid alerting the Cisharni to their presence and instructed his spies to stow the blessed items near the civilians' homesteads and fields, keeping them away from garrisons and barracks. Unlike during the case of the cursed coins, Archaementes didn't bothered telling his spies to shield their hands from the blessing. Perhaps their luck will improve enough for them to successfully complete their jobs anyway. By Sind, this had better work perfectly this time.

3 years spent putting a spin on the Madness Plague Fiasco.

Now that he was on his way to cleaning up his mess, it is time to shift the blame to the Atlantean Empire. Currently, the Persians and Indians needed someone to blame for their suffering. Sure the Atlanteans have already spread half-truths about the Madness Plague being caused by Sindari trickery but, considering that no one in those two countries had ever seen a Sindari in their lives, those demigods are more or less bogeymen set up by the Atlanteans just so that the Persians and Indians can have someone to hate. Well, he can work with that analysis.

Of course, Archaementes would have to present the propaganda in a way so that the Atlanteans would mistake the propagandists as nothing more than mere human resistance rather than the direct actions of a Sindari. This meant that no explicit references to the Cisharni or the Dragon's Dynasty should be mentioned at all since that is not common knowledge among the humans and the Sindari can only be mentioned carefully because the Atlanteans mentioned them first. As far as most humans are concerned, the Cisharni and Sindari don't actually exist.

To this end, Archaementes thought of a solution: create a phantom organization of a sort. Existing only as a propagated rumor that are occasionally backed by physical deeds, this 'organization' will function as a front for the Shrouded Dawn's own activities, a mask to be used to throw off the Inquisitor's scent. While outsiders would mistake it as a real organization, in reality it's Archaementes' very own propaganda machine that, if done right and long enough, can achieve a sort of immortality and awe most groups can only dream of. After a few drafts, Archaementes decided to name this imaginary group 'Humans Opposing Propagated Evils', or HOPE for short. Such a name makes people trust it more and would fool Atlantis. Archaementes decided not to reveal his hand in this 'organization's' creation to the other Sindari to give them plausible deniability in case they are captured by the Cisharni. Now that he has his 'organization', he can use it as a means for shifting the blame to the Atlanteans and perhaps other things in the future.

For years, Archaementes wrote notices to be secreted into Persia and India by his spies, written in languages relevant to the regions. Each notice, a product of Archaementes' legendary skill in persuasion, reads as follows:

”Attention, fellow peoples of the world! By now, you had long suffered under the yoke of the Atlantean devils and had watched as they slaughtered your loved ones. By now, you still remembered the day when these hateful people attacked your country unprovoked and subjected you to hard labor! Some of you may still remember how they desecrated your temples and burned vestiges of your culture away, only to replace them with worthless filth straight from the bowels of Atlantis herself, the whore of the world! Even now, you constantly feel their boots on your necks and their lashes at your backs. Now, as if your suffering wasn't enough, the sadistic Atlanteans have chosen to curse you and your loved ones with madness! We had just received word from an escaped slave that the Atlanteans have placed a hex on coins with notches on their edges and spent them at your towns on their way to China! We'd also learned that the curse are passed on through direct contact so if you find any of these coins, please don't let them touch your skin! Dispose of them immediately! This despicable act had been authorized by the Golden Prince, whose golden armor is naught but a gilding for his black and rotted heart! Is it just a coincidence that your poor countrymen suffered from bouts of madness the moment the Golden Prince and his horde of barbarians showed up at your towns? We think not! To cover up their heinous sin, the Atlantean have concocted fantasies concerning 'Sindari' and their sorceries, making them a bogeyman to hide their atrocity! Hah! We'd rather serve these fantastical beings than listen to one lie from Atlantis. We should know: we at HOPE (Humans Opposing Propagated Evils) come from all walks of life, yet we are united in our hatred toward the deceptive Atlanteans and the suffering we'd endured at their hands! Now we have given you the truth. Do with it what you will.”

Now that the notices have been sent to Persia and India, all Archaementes have to do is to await his plan's successful fruition because if the Pharaoh's bullshit doesn't make things worse than they already are then a catastrophic mistake in this area definitely will.

Expected Results:

2 years( Persuasion X2) = Proficient Persuader (Sophia)
4 years( Good Fortune Blessing X2) = Accomplished Good Fortune User
Persians and Indians blessed with good luck.
Public opinion in Persia and India toward Atlantean Empire greatly decreased. Public opinion in Persia and India toward Sindari brought to neutral.

Herodias, Wife, Age: 39
Sophia, Daughter, Age 19, 5/6 Sindari

Total Number of followers: 640 = +3 Attributes
Agility: 5, Perception: 8

[spoiler = Like Father, Like Daughter]
Name: Sophia

Alias: Star of Wisdom

Appearance: A female with freckles on the bridge of her nose, Sophia has her long golden hair tied into a single braid.

Class: 5/6 Sindari = Lives 200-400 longer than average. Can be many times faster and stronger, along with more intelligence, than an average human.

Abilities: Gifted (Presence)- Possessing an almost superhuman amount of charisma, Sophia can sway more people to her side whether they realized it or not.

Attributes: Strength: 2 Agility: 2 Intelligence: 2 Willpower: 2 Perception: 2 Presence: 4

Wealth/Assets: 0



Herodias (Mother)
Archaementes (Father)

Proficient Persuader

Though she'd known since birth that she is different from all the other children, Sophia embraced this because it meant that she is destined for greatness. Whether due to the subtle influence of her father or a natural inclination to stand over other, less endowed people, Sophia felt that she is meant to do more than frolic in a backwater village. However, to say that Herodias didn't also have an influence on Sophia is like saying that a bird didn't need to flap its wings to take off from the ground. Indeed, many people appreciated someone who garnered their love and respect, not a despot who'd demanded it. Carefully choosing how and what she'd say to people, Sophia was able to impress child and elder alike with her mannerisms and speeches. She'd soon earned the nickname 'Star of Wisdom' from the village elders. However, as her father always say, one must look at the bigger picture. After spending two years learning the fine art of persuasion, Sophia was ready for her first few tasks of extending the Shrouded Dawn's reach at Atlantis' expense.

1 year spent traveling to Rhodes.
3 years spent gathering devoted followers.
1 year spent returning to Belarus.

Escorted by some of Archaementes' followers, Sophia finally reached the city-state of Rhodes. According to her father, the city is known for its blacksmiths, most of whom were descended from those who'd forged beams and sheets of metal used to construct the famous Colossus of Rhodes. Perhaps she will make them see the wisdom in forging for a far greater cause than making statues. She then sought the most experienced and professional of blacksmiths.

Taking Archaementes' tips to heart, Sophia made sure to approach each blacksmith individually and discreetly to avoid drawing attention. Despite Sophia being no older than their own daughters, the blacksmiths were convinced by her rhetoric and lured in by her charisma and soon pledged themselves to the Shrouded Dawn's cause. Once her work was done, Sophia and Co returned to Belarus.

3 years spent gathering devoted followers.

As soon as she returned home, Sophia gathered more followers. Though she at first wanted to recruit only the children she'd grew up with, ever she realized that adults are more useful. Once she recruited enough followers, Sophia have them trained by her father's spymaster into the best spies she can get. Once she'd received her spies, Sophia sent some of them to Egypt and did something that even her father seemed to avoid like the plague.

For better or worse, Sophia send some of the others to spy on Sparta.

According to Archaementes, Sparta is a city-state in cahoots with Atlantis. Ruled by a Cisharni named Hera, Sparta has an upper social class consisting of her Nu-Cisharni spawn, ruling over an even bigger social class of state-owned human slaves known as helots. Sophia's reasoning was that since the Spartans could cared less about the helots, it is logical that the Shrouded Dawn should infiltrate them to  gain valuable intel on the Cisharni's movements within Sparta without raising any red flags. Just in case they get captured, they can activate the Sudden Death Mark they'd received in their initiation ceremony to avoid giving the rest of the Shrouded Dawn away. Though he was worried about the plan failing, Archaementes reluctantly gave her his blessing. After all, this is a teaching moment for the both of them and success and failures make good teachers.

Expected Results:
3 years (10 X 4 Presence) = 24 Skill 5 Blacksmiths
3 years (10 X 4 Presence) = 24 Skill 5 Spies
8 spies spent to Egypt to establish a spy network.
8 spies spent to Sparta to establish a spy network.
Total number of followers: 48 = +2 Attributes

Intelligence: 3, Perception: 3
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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #290 on: July 04, 2018, 08:05:13 pm »

Spoiler:  Wavebringer (click to show/hide)

The war was over for now.
The Cisharni had been held back a terrible cost, and Wavebringer returned to Japan to recover from his wounds.
A messenger was sent to Prince Tal informing him that regretfully the Sindari couldn't provide the lightning rifles he'd asked for as their production was severely limited, however the Sindari would provide what they could.
+2 intelligence
1.Gather soul gems and support war(+76 soul gems)
2. Rebirth keeping current identity

 The prince's request highlighted an unpleasant truth. Making magic items was slow and the Cisharni had a head start. If the mortals were going to free themselves they would need to make their own weapons.
Wavebringer had heard of alchemical compounds that would burn fiercely, so he gathered learned men and women from across Japan to see if one could be refined into a useful weapon.
He also created a team to investigate an odd event he'd witnessed. When he had been surrounded by Apollo's fire, the stopper had flown out of his canteen with a loud pop and a burst of steam. It wasn't magic but there was a power there. Who knew what could be accomplished if it could be harnessed.
3. Gather followers (60 influence * 3 presence * 10 / 5 = 360 @ skill 5)
120 Skill 5 Alchemists
240 Skill 5 Natural Philosophers
4. Gather devoted followers (30 @ Skill 0)
5. Organize followers
120 Alchemists & 120 Natural philosophers queue research: Gun power, canons, then muskets. Share results with the Chinese.
120 Natural philosophers queue research: steam power, then steam ship propulsion.
60 skill 0 worshipers train as soldiers
Violet and the crafters to assist in developing and making rapid fire lightning guns
The 100 spymasters working in China and Korea reassigned to assess and monitor the strength and capabilities of the Cisharni military particularly their ocean going navy.

Once that project was organized he turned back to his magical research, developing a powerful lightning gun and a means to keep the Cisharni from turning it against the Sindari and their allies.

Code: [Select]
Wavebringer's Mark of Trust
A magic tattoo in the shape of a wave. It's usually invisible but will glow in response to magic or if the bearer wills it. It provides resistance to mind control and allows the use of certain sindari artifacts.

Code: [Select]
Rapid-fire lighting gun
A large multi barrelled lighting gun mounted on a swivel and powered by a strength three soul gem.
It trades portability for an extremely high rate of fire.
Can only be used by a Sindari, one of Wavebringer's descendants, or someone who bears a Mark of Trust from a Sindari.
6. Develop mark of trust and Mark newly trained soldiers
7. Gather strength 3 soul gems(intelligence 16 * collection rate 8 / strength 3 = 42 gems)
8. Prototype Rapid-fire Lighting Gun
9. Train Counter-magic
10. Build R.L Guns and send to China with the Marked soldiers for shrine defense under Prince Tal
(20 skill 13 crafters making 1 blank per year for 2 years = 40 blanks
2 skill 13 lightning/enchanting(Wavebringer and Violet) enchanting 15 strength 9 guns per year for 1 year = 30 guns enchanted
Total result 30 R.L. Guns and 10 blanks.)

+2 intelligence
+ 76 strength 1 soul gems
+ 12 strength 3 soul gems
+ 120 skill 5 Alchemists
+ 240 skill 5 Natural philosophers
- 30 skill 0 worshipers
+ 60 worshiper skill 4 soldiers with Mark Of Trust. in China
research into gunpowder weapons
research into steam power and propulsion
development of a spy network providing intel on the Cisharni military
+ 30 Rapid-fire Lightning Guns in China
+ 10 Unenchanted Rapid-fire Lightning Guns
+ 2 Counter-magic
Family developments:
Mark Skills:Merchant +6
Rose Skills: Medicine +4 Magic: Healing +4
Violet Skills:Mathematics +3 Magic: Weather control +2
Namico Skills: Leadership +8
Akemi Skills: Intimidation +8
Hideaki Skills: Swordsman +2 Archer +2 Sailing +2 Command +2
Mitsu Skills: Riding +8
Takeshi Skills: Scholar +5 Engineering +3 Martial Arts +2
Makoto Magic: Healing +9
Etsu Skills: Natural Philosophy +7
32 new grand children and great grand children.
Full family record here:
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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #291 on: July 12, 2018, 09:38:37 pm »

Spoiler: I Guess Not (click to show/hide)
(So you'll notice that I folded together some of the training that I did, so I didn't have as many mostly-useless skills/spells hanging around. I also made "Astral Magic" into "Warding", because the former was useless and the latter will probably not be. Probably. I'll work more with this tomorrow if I've got time before the update.)

Turangol will spend one year (spread out across the decade) on a Japanese ship, far out at sea in the Pacific, surveying the very near futures of anyone who gets themselves in a potentially dangerous predicament, to aid them in escaping or fighting, or doing anything else that they need help with.
He will spend 3 years researching these ripples caused by sensing the future, and six researching the effects of short-term future sensing, hiding out in the depths of Canada where nobody sane ever goes.

I'll fluff things later, not that I need much fluff.
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We shall make the highest quality of quality quantities of soldiers with quantities of quality.


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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #292 on: July 14, 2018, 12:00:09 pm »

Quote from: Gains from event: Fighting Experience! 1 point of combat-related skill
Note: 1 year used for the China event

In the 111st year since Sindari creation...
All actions summarized in spoiler.
Spoiler: Decade changes (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Flavor (click to show/hide)
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Re: Sindari: Immortals
« Reply #293 on: July 14, 2018, 03:32:36 pm »

The three boys stood at the edge of their city. Sands shifted as far as the eye can see.

“Hey look at this!” one shouted. He pointed to an ancient ruin, a circular formation of upright stones. Columns, worn from the sand and wind, turned to the same dusty yellow as the rest of this desert was. Some were broken at the base, some topped, some still standing majestically, withstanding time and nature.

“There’s something inside,” the second shouted. He hopped over a square chunk of fallen stone. “It’s like… a big statue or something, and there’s words carved into it.”

“It’s gibberish,” the first answered. He ran up to take a closer look. “Like dashed I’s… and wiggly E’s… who writes like that?”

“It’s Greek,” said the third boy, gazing aloofly up at the sky.”

“You know Greek, Darius?” the first boy asked.

“There’s a guy in the village - fleeing from a place called Baiae, he taught me,” the third boy says, walking up the piece of ruin the first two were looking at. “Είμαστε οι θεοί της νέας παγκόσμιας τάξης. We are the gods of the new world order…”

He came to the end of the cracked fragment. “Where’s the rest?” he asks.

“Dunno,” the second boy answers. “Here look, this one’s complete!” He points his friends at a circular table, lying tilted in the middle of the monument. They ran to it.

The first boy pointed to a word. “Is that Atlantis?”

Darius brushes off the dust. “Ατλαντίδα. Atlantis, yeah.” He found the beginning of the text. “From the seas, Atlantis arose…”

“Atlantis?” asks the second boy. “That’s where the Cisharni live!”

“...children of the eldest god, Cisharn…” Darius keeps translating. “Carthage fell next, then Greece, and then Rome fell.”

“They say they can fly through the air and they can shoot a man from half a mile away!” the second boy says.

“...Sind fled, a bare remnant of his self. Cisharn was devastated…”

“They say no man can look upon a Cisharni without being converted by the majesty they bring!” his friend continues in wonder. Darius has to move to the other side of the disk to follow the text.

“One task I ask of you… destroy them… Καταστρέψτε τον Ατλαντί… destroy Atlantis.” Darius looks up.

“That’s impossible,” the first boy insists. “Only a god could destroy the holy city.”

“I think whoever wrote this was talking to a god… or a group of gods…” Darius answers. He looks back down at the tablet. “Wait, there’s more. Go, my children… my… ΣΙΝΔΑΡΙ… Sindari.”

The ground shook. The ruins trembled beneath his feet.

The second boy looked up, frightened. “Let’s get out of here!”

The first boy didn’t protest, running up the slope and back out of the monument. He turns back to see Darius still standing by the ancient ruins, which now glow from within, a spectral blue light creeping up almost from the stone itself.

“DARIUS!” the boys shout.

Darius doesn’t hear them. He seems transfixed by the stone, reaching out a hand to lightly touch the surface of the tablet, now seething with energy.

The other two boys run for their lives, and so are barely out of range when he does. They are blinded by the massive beam of energy that surges up out of the desert sands, crackling viciously up at the sky. Flickering holographic runes blink into and out of existence as the dying breath of a god flows up from the ancient tablet, swirling around Darius, settling into his skin, piercing into his eyes, tearing and rewriting every fabric of his being, changing the strands of soul that make him human in order to make him something else.

When he comes to he’s lying on the stone with a terrible headache. “Oh, what now-”

The mindlink snaps open.

He takes a few seconds to take in what he sees.

“Darius! Are you alright?” the other two say running down. They see him. “Stay where you are. We’ll get help.”

“No really, I’m fine…”

“You just got hit with a lightning bolt, no way you’re fine-”

“I’m FINE!” he shouts. His eyes blaze a flash of silver and his friends seem to go slack.

“Alright, you’re fine” one says.

That’s interesting, he thinks. He files through the messages going through the mindlink. So I’m one of the gods, now. I’m… a Sindari…

(and that, in a nutshell, is why we keep getting new Sindari, people just keep tripping over the summoning stone)

Assigning 13 points, X2 bonus to points put into presence, willpower, and intelligence…


#1: Chuck birds to look for anything interesting (chosen to blend into native wildlife, of course) at:
-Wherever the Pharaoh lives in Egypt
-That island where Serrana said Rigel may be
-Prince Tal’s place in China
-Spartan training grounds
-Get a seagull or something to buzz Atlantis
#2-7: Study intelligence gathering, with an emphasis on using remote agents to find out interesting things about the enemy, like I plan on doing
#8: Bind as many people as I can get that might have contact with the Pharaoh, and try to figure out his plans. Ideally shoot for people that are involved in the military, guards and such.
#9-10: Assist Octavian’s mission to Egypt, by making the guards grabbed in #8 look the other way and such.

Expected results:

1 new Sindari player
Bird planted at or near Pharaoh’s palace
Intel on the island prison
Surveillance on Prince Tal’s palace
Intel on what the Spartans are planning
One seagull shot down over Atlantis
+6 Intelligence Gathering
Small mob of mind-controlled people in service of Pharaoh
Intel on Pharaoh’s military mobilizations

Spoiler: End of turn (click to show/hide)
At least we killed the boy and hurt an old man.
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Re: Sindari: Immortals
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Turn edit: I'd like to actually directly help Glass infiltrate the pyramid, as directly as I can. Like, tag along with him using random mind tricks and annoying birds to help him break in. He's still screwed, but he may be slightly less screwed.
At least we killed the boy and hurt an old man.
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Re: Sindari: Immortals
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Sindari Turn 110-120

The little girl smiled as she held the small pin. It gleamed in the faint moonlight, intricate weaves forming the blunt end. Despite its sharpness she never seemed to prick herself. Anaya knew she would have to give to her parents eventually, but she treasured it.
   Anaya heard a faint cry. Her eyes widened and she turned to the door, facing the village. She rushed to it and peeked out. Mother warned her to stay inside the house tonight, and Father grumbled about something called the “Greeks”. Anaya didn’t like the Greeks because her parents said a lot of bad things about them.
The village spread out in front of her, lit by torches that illuminated rushing figures. Anaya gasped as flames began to flicker on top of thatched roofs.
Gruff voices nearby startled her out of her horror. She slammed the door shut and ran to the corner and crouched down, her eyes wide. The voices were now outside her door, and she clenched her pin harder. She felt the urge to run.
She lept for the window, clambering out as the door was smashed in. A voice cried out in surprise as she ran away. A quick glance behind her revealed a tall man with a spear chasing her. She began to sob in terror as she ran. Her foot slammed into a rock, sending her sprawling onto the ground. Through her tears she saw her pin tumble away into the soil.
She turned and looked at the man, malice and darkness shadowing his face. He approached, his spear slowly dropping as he reached for her . . .
Until the howls started.
They both froze, blood turning to ice as the howls echoed through the valley. The man turned to run, but was slammed to the ground by a huge wolf. He cried out, but was silenced with a sharp crack as the wolf shock him by the neck viciously. Anaya froze, staring at the wolf as it looked at her. It padded silently over, and gave her a gentle nuzzle.

Anaya walked to the village in shock, the wolf trotting at her side. It had quieted down, armored bodies littering the streets. Her friends stood around silently, eyes huge as they saw her walking down the street, as their parents rushed about putting the last of the fires out. Her mother saw her first, crying out and rushing to her, wrapping the girl in her arms. The wolf gave her a last lick, and trotted off to the side of a stranger, tall with a foreign look to him, almost greek. Anaya shrank back, clutching her pin tightly. The stranger, armored in leathers with straight sword at his side, knelt down. His face was kind. He smiled at her, and glanced at the pin. “Keep a tight hold of that pin, girl. It’s lucky.” He got to feet and turned to her parents. He told them and the rest of village to move, to hide. It would no longer be safe, but they could find refuge in the far away land of Japan. Tell the people there that they were under Hideaki’s protection. He gave them directions, and then soon he and a few other men rode off, followed by the pack of wolves, into the night.


Zakoss: Experimentation with teleportation techniques has revealed a need for linked “waypoints” connecting two points. This requires paired soul gems. An artificial connection can be forged, but this causes any soul gems used to burn out quickly. If soul gems that possess a strong bond in life are used, the soul gems could last much longer. Current designs only allow around 3 people to teleport. (Lose 20 soul gems).

The town continues to grow and thrive. The nobles focus on improving the port and shipyard, and build a small school for the children. The nobles dedicate the talented teachers for their children, while the others are mostly taught a few lessons between work.

Octavian: Rigel was difficult to track down. Octavian tried to gather information on where he could be held, but knowledge that he was even captured was not spread. In general, he did learn that most of the Inquisitor's “special” prisoners were held in his secret island fortress, that only special pilots were aware of. No maps showed its location, and it seemed that the the only option was to capture an elite Atlantean pilot. Luckily the need for that potential mess was avoided through the new Sindari Darius, who was able to use his connections through birds to locate the island. Octavian was able to pierce the fog of misdirection, and was able to scout the island. Shrouded by constant fog, the fortress sat on bare rock, with a small port host to 10 black warships, armed with gemlock cannons. The fortress is garrisoned by Atlantean elite forces, numbering around 800. Octavian was not surprised by the feeling of the anti-teleportation field over the place. A few times he risked getting close, and he heard rumors concerning the mostly rebel prisoners, and guess work concerning why the Inquisitor was visiting so often.
   The black soul gem was relatively easy to track down in comparison. Joining efforts with Darius, they were able to confirm the soul gem presence in the Onyx Pyramid. Infiltration would prove to be much more difficult. Warded by layers of defensive spells and patrolled by undead guards. OCtavian was able to overhear from a conversation between the two mages that the black soul gem is roughly the size of a human torso, and the rituals preparing it are almost complete.

Amelia: Study into teleportation has proved slow, as mimicking the teleportation ability of the Mercutia Sindari has proved difficult and costly. The teleblocker was much easier to develop in comparison. Putting teleportation devices on ships to help with boarding actions proved to be premature, as the teleporter wasn’t able to deal with the rocking of the ocean, and teleporting onto a moving object. With the help of Zakoss, a simple teleportation network was developed between Japan, the Philippines, and New Zealand. It is however extremely costly currently. Teleport Blockers have been set up around important centers of power through Sindari territories. It does hamper friendly teleportation, but the blockers can be temporarily be deactivated to allow a teleport. Cost 30 Soul Gems from teleportation research and testing.

Wavebringer: The alchemists were able to reliably produce gunpowder, however, developing tools to effectively use it them are more difficult. The cannons they developed have either been extremely ineffective, or prone to explosion. The researchers theorize that they may have something useable in a few years more time. The motive power of steam has also been proven, but outside of trinkits and oddities it has not been shown to be an effective source of power yet. The Spymasters work hard to provide information, placing men in ports and warehouses to track shipments. The Atlantean Empire has a strong navy, with around 120 warships, most kept in port but around a third are kept on patrol in the Mediterranean. Two major ship bases are being developed, one on the west coast of Spain, and another in India.

Archaementes: While the pamphlets aren’t very successful due to the people being generally illiterate, though the good fortune spell was successful in aiding the people of India. Sophia proved herself able in recruitment, though she narrowly avoiding capture when in Rhodes, as the city produces many of the arms and armor for the Greek forces in service of Atlantis. The blacksmiths soon gave her up to the questioning authorities, and she was forced to flee. The spy sent to Atlantis was able to get a job working the docks of Atlantis, and receive information on shipping to and from  the city. Any higher placement of a spy is difficult without a informant of Atlantean blood.

Darius: After consuming the Sind Stone, Darius is welcomed into the ranks of the Sindari. Gathering information from his mind controlled spies, he learns that the leaders of the government are protected from mind control, either by blood or enchantment. You also learn potential opportunities to cause havoc, either through targets to assassinate or unrest to stir.
STATE OF THE EMPIRE: The Empire has used this time to consolidate its conquered territories. India has experienced flares of uprising, and monstrous wolves that somehow target Atlanteans and their allies. Greece falls more and more under the sway of Atlantis with each day, with even Athenians adopting becoming more pro-atlantean policies.

STATE OF SINDARI TERRITORIES: The Sind Confederacy has begun to break down as tribes begin to have heated debates about the future. Many tribes now oppose pacific expansion as ships sent exploring fail to return. Others disagree with the forming of settlements and abandonment of their nomadic lifestyle.

Ahote, now older and well respected among the clans, comes to Octavian and asks to be made a nu-sindari. He argues the tribes need a powerful leader like the Japanese do. 13 other tribal chiefs come and ask the same.

Japan continues to flourish. The Empress has taken the experience from the War in China, and formed a formidable fighting core. These professional soldiers are fast, trained in both sword and bow, and excel in hit and run attacks. She has also trained a portion to use the lightning rifle produced by her husband to form a hard hitting attack force. The scouts trained by Amelia form elite units within the corp, becoming rangers that could outfight any scouts sent by Atlantis. This force numbers 50,000 men by the end of the decade.

The Philippines become a renowned center for scholarship, the graduates of the university becoming the core part of the researchers for the Sindari. Many crave the abilities of the Sindari, and competition is fierce to attract notice in hopes of becoming infused by the Sindari’s power.

China was aided greatly by the plague cures, bringing the disease under control. Sadly, much of the country’s population was lost. The Dragon Emperor remains resolute, and grants all the Sindari who aided in the restoration of his people. Prince Tal forms another professional army that is modeled after the one forming in Japan, but has more focus on heavy cavalry and footmen, one for the battlefield and the other to hold fortified positions.
The shines become ever more fortified, with the Dragon Emperor forming strong wards to protect them. The priests are ever watchful for any incursion. But the Darkness gathers.

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Re: Sindari: Immortals
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As soon as Octavian is granted any last-minute enchantments or pieces of equipment, he will move in to steal or destroy the Pharaoh's Black Soul Gem.
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Glass is, as usual, correct.
Yep, as ever, I bestow upon Glass the expected +1
I'm gonna say we go with whatever Glass's idea is.


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Re: Sindari: Immortals
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Spoiler:  Wavebringer (click to show/hide)

The Pharaoh's soul gem had been found, but getting to it would not be easy.
Octavian was planing to go in alone, but there were still ways Wavebringer could help.
The first step was to enchant Octavian's weapons to help deal with the undead. Giving them the ability to disrupt the magic of whatever they struck.

Next he began to plan a diversionary attack with the aim of drawing the Pharaoh out of his pyramid.
Octavian was obviously unavailable, so Kaito contacted the Nu-sindari teleporter Malaya to see if she was willing to help.
The plan was that they would travel to Egypt and find a barracks on the outskirts of the capital.
Then he would seek out and memorize a number of escape routes while she made preparations to teleport out as quickly as possible.
Once they were both ready he would start his attack, destroying the barracks with powerful lightning.
Killing anyone who tried to stop him, he would then begin preaching to the people. Telling them how the Pharaoh's tyranny had displeased the gods leading to the creation of the Sindari who would one day destroy him and free the people from his rule.
He'd leave when it looked like he was about to be cut off, overrun, or the Pharaoh was about to arrive. Covering his retreat by summoning a dence fog.

+2 int
1.Using 2 strength 3 soul gems enchant Octavian's tonfas to disrupt the magic of whatever they strike.
2. Provide a diversion while Octavian tries to get the dark soul gem.
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Re: Sindari: Immortals
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Despite wanting to advance his agenda of subverting Greece's governments, even Archaementes realized that should the Pharaoh accomplishes his dark plan, his own would be rendered moot. Normally, he wouldn't choose to expose himself in such a way but, considering that the Sindari now faced a potentially world-altering event, perhaps a more hands-on approach is needed. Besides, maybe this will help make up for his great fuck-up in the east.

Making sure that the transition of the Shrouded Dawn's leadership to Sophia will be smooth, Archaementes said what could be his final goodbye to Herodias and Sophia and packed up for his trip to Egypt. He took fifteen of his thirty soul gems, leaving the rest with Sophia, his twin bronze swords Secrecy and Mystery, and some essentials before contacting one of the teleportation-capable Nu-Sindari. Though Sophia would no doubt have such a heavy burden placed on her shoulders should he fall in a battle, especially at such a young age, Archaementes knew that she will eventually learn to bear it and will take the Shrouded Dawn into directions that not even he could anticipate. He fully intended to guide her in spirit until she become strong enough to manage on her own. Because he felt that she will soon surpass him, Archaementes didn't fear death at the hands of Atlantis. After all, the Cisharni will inadvertently create a bigger threat by killing him and the irony of it will never be washed away.

His death will be the beginning of their downfall.

Expected Results:
Activating five soul gems, Archaementes will use the extra power to bless Octavian's clothes with an enhanced Good Fortune blessing to aid him in his task.
He will then aid Wavebringer in his diversionary actions and with delivering the message to the people, escaping only when the fellow Tempisti is out of harm's way.


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Re: Sindari: Immortals
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Turangol is not a front-line fighter, not in a duel of Immortals. But sometimes the pivotal stroke can be decided before the fight begins, before the duel starts. Sometimes it can fall from incredible distances across time and space. And sometimes, it's just insanely hard to hit someone who's really fast and getting the occasional glimpse into the immediate future.

So Turangol will wait, far out in the Pacific with one of the Sind exploration vessels. Supporting his fellow Sindari by watching the near future, careful to change the future as little as possible by searching it.

((this has been sitting on my computer, unposted, for like two days now. Darn you, server errors))
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