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Author Topic: No stockpile for pasteurized milk?  (Read 385 times)


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No stockpile for pasteurized milk?
« on: August 13, 2017, 04:12:25 pm »

Hello one and all

Product for "Pasteurize milk" action in the kitchen apparently does not get any designation in the stockpiles and thus milk gets left in the kitchen forcing people to get the drinks from the kitchen rather than stockpile.

Can I edit this somehow in the raws, so the drinkable milk gets properly placed in the food stockpile or is it hardcoded or something since this has not yet been fixed? Both Masterwork V1.23 (43.03) and Modified Masterwork V1.29 (43.05) seem to have this issue.

Kinda guessing it is just a missed bug, given that nobody drinks milk. But trying to make human hamlet without cows producing the drinks seems kinda sad.

PS. Newbie in the raws editing so simple step by step guide would be nice.